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  • JUNE 21, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 21, 2006

    let me ask you a question – why does Mariah Carey always have to be almost naked in her videos? is that the only way/reason that her videos are so popular on MTV? its a good question i think…

    anyway – Through The Eyes of the Dead have posted up a video from their new record – this is easily one of the worst video’s i’ve ever seen. anyway – if you’re STILL interested after my great (sarcasm) review of their video then click here:

    also – someone super nice posted the entire new Envy CD up on our forum too!!! go to our forum to find that link…the songs are pretty good – BUT, after listening to all of it yesterday, i don’t think this is their best work at ALL. the first two songs are great – then the rest of them all sound the same to me.

    second night of late night skateboarding…so much fun…we skated up at the peak last night and it was pretty cool because these construction workers got really excited about some trick that i was trying. but it was really dark where i was skating, so they let us borrow their industrial strength light! hahaha…that was nice of them. what i landed last night is going to be in a new Hong Kong skate video that will be shown in a bar in early july…

    okay – bed time…

    also – good news!!! HK’s unemployment rate is below 5% now!!! wow! its the lowest it has been in over 5 years…CONGRATULATIONS HONG KONG!!! that of course doesn’t mean that everyone is working in jobs that they enjoy. :-( i know many people who hate their jobs…actually, i know more people who hate their jobs then people who actually enjoy their jobs. what a horrible reality…

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