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  • MAY 30, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 30, 2006

    man – it always so scary when someone new emails or MSN’s me and says “hey – i read your website everyday to help improve my english” :-) that puts a lot of pressure on me! hahaha…only because i usually type this thing right before i go to sleep – and i’m usually HALF awake when i’m typing this thing. which explains all the spelling mistakes, and the grammatical issues too… :-) SOOOOOOOO – please bear with me…

    dude…watched 足 球 小 將 yesterday!!! so happy to be able to watch this cartoon again. it was the first episode so i don’t know if any of you remember it – buts its when Tai Chi Wai’s team wants to play on a soccer field but the team of that super cool goalkeeper doesn’t let him play. then they challenge his team and Tai Chi Wai scores a goal at the end…SOOOOOOOOO good! hahaha…i’m going to miss it today because i have to teach guitar after work! sucks!!! but my girlfriend says that this whole series is probably on DVD somewhere. doh! didn’t even think about that…

    went to the arcade again last night with glenn…but not before we both bought the new Terror DVD!!! SOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! there’s SO much video on this thing its crazy!!! but its all awesome…they’re such a great band…the video has funny interviews with the band…and they also have video of the new songs which will be on their coming album. they also have one part where they’re recording all the gang vocals. its so funny! but reminds me of when we recorded the gang vocals for “she” and the songs on “under one flag” :-) that stuff is always SOOOO funny because people sing out of time, or they crack their voices, or forget the words…hahahaha…awesome…

    i was talking to Shing of local band Die in Velvet last night and i noticed his awesome display picture on MSN! hahaha…its the CUTEST picture! its a picture of his next door neighbors daughter…check it out…SOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!

    hope you all enjoyed the nanahara shuya interview!!! :-) pranjal did an awesome job answering those questions with honesty and sincerity…check it out if you have time!!!

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  • MAY 29, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 29, 2006

    my bastard of a friend glenn turned me on to a game in the arcades yesterday…the game is called Maximum Tune which is this awesome racing game…i even have my own frickin’ card to insert to the machine with my own personal car that gets modified every time you win a level! that’s how geeked out i am right now on this game!!! we were there in the arcades for over an hour just racing on this game…to find out more about this game:

    i picked up the new Angels and Airwaves yesterday…i think this record is awesome…the intro is a bit TOOOOOOOO long – but other then that, i think the music is just awesome thinking and relaxing music…very influenced by U2 i think – guitars sound like they might have actually got The Edge to play and produce it! hahaha…

    now – the thing that i’m MOST excited about!!! the other day i saw an advertisement on Broadband TV that said that starting TODAY they’ll start airing the old soccer cartoon called:足 球 小 將 every monday to friday at 5pm!!! it’ll be on the 511 channel on Broadband TV!!! i’m SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!! this is cartoon is seriously a part of my childhood. i remember watching this thing when i was younger – i couldn’t speak or understand chinese then but i LOVED soccer and this cartoon got me so excited to play soccer. i remember that the next day i would go to the playground and pretend to do the special kicks like “mang fu se kao” or “chung lik se kao”!!! HAHAHAHA! i didn’t even know what that meant – but all the cool soccer players (like “tai chi wai”) would do this in the cartoon right before they kicked the ball…i even remember using my old G.I. Joe figures to play “tai chi wai” at my home!!! hahaha…i used all my old G.I. Joe figures to play  足 球 小 將 on the floor in my room…SO MUCH FUN!!! ANYWAY – i’m so excited to come running home after work today to watch this!!! :-)

    LASTLY!!! i’m so excited to let you guys read an AMAZINGLY insightful interview with a new HK band called Nanahara Shuya!!! they’ll be releasing a CD in a few weeks so read about this band to find out more!!! click HERE!!!

    also – our good friends Becky and Chantal have just uploaded an amazing interview with Die Young when they were here!!! check it out DIE YOUNG IN HONG KONG!!!

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  • MAY 27, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 27, 2006

    GREAT NEWS!!! remember that movie called “Crash” that i talked about a few weeks ago? it discusses ALL types of racism in the states…not just between black and white but with asians, hispanics, EVERYONE…INCREDIBLE movie…

    anyway – its going to finally be on the movie theatres in HK!!! here’s a link from our UK friend Dave who posted the info on our forum: AWARENESS ABOUT RACISM

    YO – Anson Chan might run for Chief Executive of HONG KONG!!! HOLY CRAP!!! that’s going to be SOOOOOOOO awesome if she does! but i highly doubt the higher powers up in beijing are going to be pleased to have her in charge…HK people would be SUPER happy though…

    i am so excited that there is so much conversation going on our forum…the topics that most people are discussing are:

    1. PETA’s animal rights issues
    2. Avenged Sevenfold vs. Dillinger Escape Plan

    ALSO: i know i’ve already mentioned how much the new Ignite album rules…but i’m being serious – it is one of the best records that has come out this year in terms of punk/hardcore i think…if you have time – really check it out…check out the lyrics too…and the vocals…the album actually has an AWESOME cover of “Sunday Bloody Sunday” by U2, it also has an acoustic song that is amazing…they have a hidden song that sounds like a mix of opera!!! amazing band…great album (called “Our Darkest Days”)…

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  • MAY 26, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 26, 2006

    oh dude – i’m SOOO psyched! has given me a free 21-day trial of their newspaper online! thank GOD! that’s the only way that i have time to actually read the newspaper with my crazy daily schedule…so that’s rad…

    other AWESOME news for our good friends band…our friend Mike (the dude who left a few days ago) has a band called Fill the Void…yesterday – he dropped the biggest news!

    on August 31 – his band is the opening band for this show:

    Shai Hulud
    Remembering Never
    Parkway Drive

    CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!! his band is opening up a show with those 3 bands!!! DAMN!!! lucky bastard!!! :-) especially to be able to open up for Shai Hulud!!! so rad…

    on international band news – have you read this argument going on between Avenged Sevenfold and The Dillinger Escape Plan? check it out!!! its actually SOOOO funny!!! that singer from Avenged Sevenfold has such a big mouth…when he said he supported George Bush – i lost all respect for this dude. anyway – i hope this fight that’s going on online turns into a full REAL fight!!! :-) hahaha…like they should make it a WWF special or something!!! Avenged Sevenfold vs. The Dillinger Escape Plan Wrestlmania XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXVVV! :-)

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  • MAY 25, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 25, 2006

    okay – i’m linking two things today…one is SUPER exciting and awesome…one is so disgusting that i cannot force myself to watch it…

    the first link is the FULL album stream of Ignite’s latest album called “Our Darkest Days”…here’s the link: this is easily the BEST hardcore release i’ve heard this entire year of 2006…so much passion, so much meaning in their lyrics, such a beautiful voice (one of the best and most unique voices in hardcore – once you hear him, you know its Ignite), the music is straight and to the point, and a legendary band that isn’t just playing old stuff to their fans – they’ve kept it up since 1993 and this year they have released easily one of their best albums EVER…the myspace page even has videos (one of them is a video of them covering Misfits “Skull” – remember when Himsa covered that song here in hong kong! :-)

    check out the link and enjoy some quality hardcore…

    next a link to something disgusting…i can’t watch it because i’ll get sick. but maybe some of you can watch this stuff…its a video from PETA so you KNOW its something gruesome about the torture and cruel treatment of animals. the link is here: ANIMAL RIGHTS

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  • MAY 24, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 24, 2006

    dude…Gorilla Buscuits is back together – and they’re touring…Comeback Kid is supporting that. what the hell?!?! that’s so weird that Gorilla buscuits is back together. i remember growing up and always hearing about this band. they were legends – a band that defined “positive” hardcore. i remember millions of hardcore bands covering at least one or 2 gorilla buscuit songs as a tribute to their hero’s. now guess what? this legendary bands actually back together. that’s just a crazy thought…almost as crazy as say one day Minor Threat got back together…

    Lifetime has been back together for awhile too and that rules…they’re touring, and recording an new record soon…nuts…

    here’s an awesome old-school style hardcore record that you all NEED to get (of course you don’t actually NEED to get it – i’m just joking! :-) …the new This is Hell record called Sundowing. dude its SOOOOOOO good!!! sounds like American Nightmare/Give Up The Ghost…if you’re fans of that band then you will absolutely love This is Hell…personally, this is probably the best thing that Trustkill has put out in a long time (…the new Terror DVD that’s 3 hours long will be available next week!

    here’s a link to an interesting upcoming documentary about the war on iraq through the eyes of some US soldiers…check out the link – i wonder if it’ll actually be on in HK.  WAR ON IRAQ!

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  • MAY 23, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 23, 2006

    last night we said goodbye to our dear sweet friend Mike from the UK…he arrived in HK in september last year and immediately became a member of our small little family here…in that time he quickly became a very close friend and over time, i forgot that he had only been here since september. it felt like i had known this guy my entire life…

    anyway – our good friend leaves today to move back to the UK where he lives. we’re all going to miss this guy and i hope he keeps in touch. he plays in an amazing hardcore band out in the UK called Fill the Void (they’re going to be playing with Remembering Never soon after he moves back!). that’s a link to our bro’s band’s music – so check them out, leave them a message and say hello!

    thanks mike for everything – can’t believe  you’re actually leaving today bro! time flew by and i can’t believe your time’s over in HK!!! i hope you’ll always remember this tiny place with our shows, our bands, and the atmosphere of this city…

    i know our paths will cross again soon bro! :-) so this really isn’t “goodbye” – more like a “see you later”!!!

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  • MAY 22, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 22, 2006

    hey – finally uploaded a new interview with a local band so i’m super excited about it!!! its with an awesome local band called Partyolk who have been playing and building a name for themselves for the past few years…check out the interview here

    i watched Carmen yesterday – its an awesome opera that’s playing in HK…i can’t believe all those actors/singers had to learn french for this thing!!! the whole thing was sung in french!!! they even had a group of children be a part of the production and they were all singing in french too…a 3 hour opera but with frequent breaks so i was okay…the two people i went with wanted to sleep though! hahahaha…

    can someone explain to me why it rains so hard when there is NO typhoon? last week when we had the typhoon it didn’t rain at all – but this past weekend it rained. what? strange shit…

    dude – rules…they have all these LIVE Bane videos that RULE! i love this band…they also have With Honor videos up as well…

    okay – bed time…

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  • MAY 21, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 21, 2006

    man – this year is going to go down in history as one of the craziest EVER i think…here’s some more negative news for you all:

    you probably don’t know this person – but in the history of King Ly Chee this guy has helped us so many times by organizing shows for us up in Shenzhen. he is a close and dear friend of ours…his name is patrick. he told me a few days ago that his wife was mugged a few days ago in shenzhen. not only mugged, but she was stabbed with a knife!!! she went to the hospital immediately. luckily a week has passed already and now she’s in Hong Kong getting treatment for it…he says she is MUCH better now but she is scared.

    i can’t believe that happened…

    then a few days ago i found out that a friend of ours Viv has been diagnosed with cancer!!! our poor brother!

    hope that all our friends can stay strong and extra vigilant this year through all of this stuff that is going on. 2006 seems like a year full of bad news and tough situations…

    i watched the Da Vinci Code last night – i haven’t read the book so i think the movie is pretty damn impressive…it really makes you wonder about the catholic church and christianity as a whole. what has happened in history we’ve only heard pieces of…the truth of the amount of things that are hidden, or things that that have been erased from the world in order to protect this religion, we’ll never know. its a scary thought…a few weeks ago i watched a program on National Geographic about the Gospel of Judas – that talks about how Judas was actually asked by Jesus to betray him. but this book was discarded and almost destroyed by the church hundreds of years ago. man – i don’t know what to believe anymore…its crazy.

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  • MAY 20, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 20, 2006

    watching Da Vinci Code tonight…can’t wait – but the reviews for this movie have NOT been good…that sucks. but oh well – still got to see the movie and decide for myself whether or not its good.

    check out this link for the new 18 Visions album’s Press Kit. its a pretty cool press kit…and in the kit you can tell how obvious it is that these guys want to leave the metal/hardcore world. which is the right move for them i think since they’re getting closer to becoming a pop/rock band. i think they’re a GREAT band – all the pop-oriented songs on obsession were SOOO good compared to the heavier songs on that album. the Press Kit has little bits from the new album and i think its going to be AWESOME…anyway – here’s the link:

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