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  • APRIL 30, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 30, 2006

    wow – what a wonderful show last night! meeting the people of Imnet, Independent Magazine, and seeing our friends in Touch Music again, and all the wonderful bands who played last night (papa jack RULES – that singer has a great voice!…hardpack’s new song “Wake UP” is one of the best songs i’ve EVER heard – every time i hear that song i feel like crying…but that could also be because too much negative crap is going on and has been going on this past year.)  i was also so surprised that SO many people were there to watch and support this show! amazing…there were SO MANY new people at the show! and so many people came to the back and bought our music, t shirts, and things like that…incredible…to see brand new people supporting us regardless of what HK’s websites say about us, is wonderful.

    昨天晚上的表演是非常surprising! 氣氛很正…organizers 也是很好人…第一次見Imnet, 獨立雜誌的人…也是非常好人非常真誠想幫地下音樂的社會…加油朋友!!! 昨天也有一個女仔有幫我們賣東西 – 叫charlie – 非常好人也是非常專業! 如果每場表演可以找她幫我們賣東西就好了! hahaha…昨天所有的樂隊也是amazing! papa jack主音的聲音令人非常舒服! 每次聽hardpack的新歌”wake up”我都想哭(可能是因為剛剛過了這一年已經有太多不好的東西發生(幾個禮拜後我會upload多一個不開心的新聞 —- 我們這年的不開心的新聞不是太多嗎? 我同意…可是怎麼辦? 不會放棄…所以沒有別的選擇… 要keep going…所以你應該明白為什麼hardpack的小小”emo”-feel的新歌會令到我想哭.)…太多網上面的廢話攻擊我們…如果是每幾個月攻擊我們, 我可以接受…但是如果是每天—-我開始累了…慢慢我的心會放棄.)

    可是昨天晚上的觀眾的反應是好好”ging”! can’t believe it…我們昨天玩的歌差不多全部是新歌…通常玩新歌不會有特別好的反應..可是昨天我聽得到你們的聲音…AMAZING! 還有看到很多新人! 謝謝你們的支持! 特別想謝謝你們因為我們知道在網裡面有很多bullshit, 可是這垃圾沒有影響你們…所以更加有謝謝你們…如果現在是你們的第一次看這個網頁—-歡迎來這裡!!!

    最後要謝謝幾個朋友有穿king ly chee的t-shirt…我不知道這幾個朋友為什麼特意的穿我們”breakdown squad”的shirt…但是看到非常感動…我以為身邊的朋友都放棄了我們…看到你們還是與我們一起…是非常開心的事. 謝謝你們那麼多年的支持…

    …thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. these words  probably don’t mean much…but its been a long 7 years – these past few months i feel like things have changed a lot for us, for HK’s once familiar underground scene, and with our friends…everyone can give up on us, but if our friends give up on us too then there’s no use to continue. thank you for showing us, and me, that you guys/girls are still here with us…thank you…

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  • APRIL 29, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 29, 2006

    show’s on today!!! can’t wait to see you all there…i don’t know where this place is and how to get there. so if you know – then good luck! :-) hahahaha…we’re playing:
    End of Suffering
    see you all in a few hours!!! :-)




    去建立新一代對少數民族 開放思想

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  • APRIL 28, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 28, 2006

    yo yo yo…got a message from G – she’s back home and out of the prison she said that she was in! hahahaha…speaking of G, our friend Mian Bao says that she’s finished the video! woohoo! she’s going to give it to me tomorrow…but i have to find a way to make the video available for the internet…

    show tomorrow…

    we’re playing Skinless first tomorrow…learn the words…especially for the end part:
    我們明天玩的第一首歌是SKinless…希望大家支持我們的會一起來唱這首歌…如果你不會唱全首歌, 請大家準備最後的位 :-)




    去建立新一代對少數民族 開放思想

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  • APRIL 27, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 27, 2006

    yo – my lovely girlfriend told me i forgot a very important character yesterday…of course you know i meant 不公平…

    hey – speaking of Shai Hulud…2 days ago i found live video’s of a band that was a big influence on that band…the band’s name is Strongarm – and they RULE!!! But this band broke up a long time ago…these video’s are from i think they’re last show…click here and enjoy! listen to how LOUD the audience is singing the words ! incredible…兩日前我找到一個非常出名的hardcore樂隊叫Strongarm的video – 他們有影響shai hulud. 這個video是他們最後一場show的兩首歌…希望你們可以享受這樂隊的歌…看這video的時候你可以試下留意觀眾的聲音! 唱的非常非常大聲! 很像你們上個禮拜幫我們唱sisters :-) !!

    also…our bro Sascha of Subdermal Abrasion uploaded music from a new band called On the Verge that he’s in…if you’re into awesome-mellow-melodic-emo then check out the music from this band…我們的好朋友subdermal abrasion的鼓手Sascha在myspace加了一個新band的音樂…如果你喜歡小小emo feel的音樂你可以試他的新band:

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  • APRIL 26, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 26, 2006

    DUDE – 非常開心! 因為我們其中最愛的樂隊, 其中最影響我們的樂隊剛剛upload了新歌!!! 你可以上Shai Hulud的myspace聽他們的新歌!!! one of our all-time favorite bands (shai hulud) have uploaded a new song on their myspace page!!! woohoo!!! its SOOOOO good…similar style to their latest record…check it out here:  YES SHAI HULUD!!!

    also – 還有我們的好朋友chantal昨天upload了幾張相片. 相片是關於上個禮拜六Die Young的show! our good friend Chantal uploaded photos of the Die Young show (minus KLC because Chantal was busy singing every word to our songs! :-) …check them out PHOTOS ARE like SO COOL DAWG…

    香港的天氣真的好古怪…一時時很熱一時時一點冷…我不明白這樣的天氣有什麼意思呢? 是不是天想跟我們說”the end is near”? 還有昨天我坐bus的時候在roadshow看到一個節目領到我非常sad…節目是關於Philippines其中幾個孩子怎麼樣作生活…他們是非常poor…他們每天只有一個方法找錢…他有在很多垃圾的area有找的東西可以賣…非常”chaam”…這個世界很公平-很有錢的人是非常有錢…沒有錢的人是非常沒有錢…為什麼沒有小小的balance?

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  • APRIL 25, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 25, 2006

    okay…our next show is this saturday – here are the english directions for the venue: we’re excited to play this show with such awesome local bands…

    hope to see you all there…

    pong was at my house yesterday for like 2 hours trying to fix up his CV – which looks awesome by the way! :-) …and then he made me realize that my PC being 3 years old is a total piece of crap. i SERIOUSLY need to buy a new one…its so DAMN slow…but that’s also cause i only have 4GB’s left of this damn thing…

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  • APRIL 24, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 24, 2006

    GOD!!! i’m so tired…i spent the entire day yesterday taking Die Young all over HK! all by myself…too much work for one person to do. both pong and andy were busy so they couldn’t help…glenn volunteered to help but i didn’t feel like bothering him.
    anyway – they have fallen in love with hong kong! hahahaha…the love this city, love the architecture, the mix of the old and the new, love the buildings, and then love the beaches, the hills, the peak tram, the ferry, the MTR…

    its 12:30am and i need to upload the new band interview – with our friends in 22 Cats! click HERE to check it out!

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  • APRIL 23, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 23, 2006

    THANKS EVERYONE FOR LAST NIGHT!!! it was awesome!!! 謝謝大家!! 昨天晚上的show非常好玩還是昨天晚上的氣氛非常非常舒服! 我有留意有幾個新人過來支持這場show! 還有我們玩新歌的時候也有我之前沒看過的人有跟我們一起唱! 謝謝你們的支持!!! the atmosphere, the music, the bands, all of YOU were amazing singing along…i also noticed that their were a lot of new people at the show! thank you so much for coming along and singing to our songs. i saw one guy that i had never seen before at our show and he was singing his heart out to “End of Suffering”! that was amazing…

    昨天錄了sisters這首歌. 現在錄了的錄影帶給了我們好朋友麵包. 她有這個禮拜之內她會幫我們剪sisters的video!!! :-) 然後會在這裡upload那片video! so we recorded “Sisters” last night and gave it to our friends to edit…she said that she’ll have it edited and we can upload it some time this week!

    okay – next show is next saturday…see you then! 我們下一場show是四月二十九號!!!

    有人在我們的forum有說我在這裡寫的中文是非常難看. 如果你們也覺得真的是很難看, 我有說對不起. 可是我希望大家會鼓勵我. 我只是想學好一點怎麼可以寫中文. 我的grammar一定是不對了因為我不是在學校學中文. 是我每天跟我的朋友談, 每天跟我女朋友談, 每天在這裡想試一下怎麼樣可以用中文表達我的心聲…sooooo-大家請給一點時間我…我 有信心如果你們可以鼓勵我, 一天我可以寫的非常好!

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  • Sisters

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 22, 2006

    SONG NAME: Sisters
    Recorded by: Jess
    Date: April 22, 2006
    Venue: Warehouse
    SOUND: is LIVE on a DV camera…
    Special Note: this is a video she took with a small camera of a song that we dedicated to our sweet sister G who got hit by a mini-bus two days prior to this show…

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  • APRIL 22, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 22, 2006

    FINALLY! 到了﹗今天三點鐘左右die young會到香港. 我要去機場接他們所以我的兄弟andy會負責soundcheck還是準備的東西! 我非常愛我的兄弟! :-) today’s the big day! Die Young will arrive today at 3:30pm and i have to pick them up and then run to the warehouse so they can soundcheck. my dear sweet brother andy is going to take care of the soundcheck and bringing our equipment to the show because i can’t do it. i love this guy… :-)

    昨天G有send我一個好的新聞…她說有好過一點點. 現在可以walk..可是她還說醫院吃的東西是非常難吃! hahaha…okay – G sent me a message yesterday and told me that the doctors are letting her walk around, but she says the food still tastes like shit! hahahaha…ANYWAY: 關於錄Sisters的表演我們昨天收到一個朋友的興趣想幫我們作這個禮物! 多謝麵包!

    今天晚上見!!! 記住練好一點sisters的歌詞…還記住, 如果你不會唱都沒問題! dance, mosh, stagedive…sisters最後的mosh位我們想看我們想感覺到你們的對G的支持! TAKE OVER THE LAST MOSH PART OF “Sisters”…turn the place upside down!

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