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  • MARCH 31, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 31, 2006

    Song title: “Its too tech for me”

    If it all ended today…
    At the lowest we possibly could go
    I won’t lie…my heart would fall apart
    And never beat for this ever again…

    Are we alone? Are we alone? It surely feels so…

    Nothing we say has changed,
    Its just comes out this way…
    So where did you go?
    You’ve left an empty shell where your heart once smile…

    Are we alone? Are we alone? It surely feels so…

    When this rain…keeps falling…all around me…how do I hope it’ll shine again?
    It used to be…that I could count on you…now you’ve run away…so far from home.

    Could this…possibly…be the end.

    jammed with our old dawg kevin the master li back behind the drums last night…da good ol’ times…also: not that you care, but we’re doing an interview with Inti tonight…don’t know when she’ll put it on the radio – but once we know we’ll tell the 10 or 12 of you in HK who care.

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  • MARCH 29, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 29, 2006

    had a good talk with pong last night (had the same talk with our good friends nic and ben of thelovesong a few days ago)…talked about how we really just need to have a rearrange our way of thinking when it comes to playing shows etc…definitely made me feel comfortable after talking to him – and realizing that he is also annoyed by the same things that i am…we just have to look at playing shows like we did when KLC first started many many years ago…just try to remember what it was like then – and feel happy being on stage playing music that we want to be playing…anything else that happens is secondary….

    thanks pong, ben and nic…

    seeing that we’ll probably never find another singer…i’m going to try to start writing lyrics and vocals for our brand new songs – we might have to go back to being a 4-piece band and i’ll have to sing on top of our crazy guitar lines. who knows…

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  • MARCH 28, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 28, 2006

    i’m uploading easily – 這兩圖相片是我最喜歡的two of my favorite photos we’ve seen in a long time:

    多謝你們用時間學我們的歌詞!!! 我還真的不相信別人會這樣做. 我們已經玩了七年可是到今天我還想不到別人會這樣做…是非常非常感動我們!! Man! 看了這兩圖相片我也表達不到你們給了我們什麼感覺…總之是非常emotional的感覺! THANK YOU for showing us so much support by singing our words…by taking the time to learn our words, to memorize them, to then scream them out at our shows…you RULE!!! :-)

    i can’t wait to hear and see people sing this part of our song “Skinless”
    我保證今天(I promise, today)
    我比你更強壯(I am stronger than you are)
    號召你的同胞來支持(I am here to appeal to my brothers to come out and support)
    去建立新一代對少數民族 開放思想(and help establish a new generation of people who have an open-mind towards our minorities )
    as a member of HK’s minority to have local HK kids singing these words are going to be so powerful and touching to see…可能是因為我是少數族裔所以如果一天看到很多本地的人一起上台唱這幾個字, 那個感覺一定經有力量! 會給全世界證明香港真的有人支持本地的少數民族!!

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  • MARCH 27, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 27, 2006

    man…had such a great conversation with someone on MSN last night that totally made me feel better about the direction our band has been going as of late – thanks Jess for your support! :-)

    HEY – upload了新香港樂隊的訪問!!! woohooo!!! this time its with our good friends in Los En Found!!! check it out – CLICK HERE!

    alright…我不知道你的hardcore社會是怎麼樣的…可是我們的是一點點特別! :-) i know you’ve always wanted to know what the HKHC scene is all about…here’s your chance to find out 這是我們的hardcore scene!:

    and then…while checking out this next photo make sure you sing the words “Raise your voice, raise your fist, trail no one, trust no one” – from False Idols, Shepherds the Weak:

    還有我們好久沒有upload新歌的LIVE video…下面的link不是全首歌的video…就是幾秒…對不起…可是我們非常開心給你們感受到我們怎麼喜歡我們所有的新歌! (thanks jess for the videos!!)
    End of Suffering:

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  • MARCH 26, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 26, 2006

    what an amazing show last night…all the bands were great from the start to finish…and the best part was that all the bands were friends and were really supportive of each band. thank you to everyone who went and bought Hardpack’s t-shirts, took a copy of Shepherds the Weak’s free CD demo, and bought the Lovesong CD’s!!! thank you for supporting Hong Kong bands…

    thanks everyone for your support last night for us too…some crazy photos will be up online soon… :-)

    our next shows are almost ALL in one week:

    April 6 (thursday) – opening for Bouncing Souls @ the Warehouse
    April 8 (saturday) – at Shatin IVE w/ ATP, 218 and others
    April 9 (sunday) – at Poly U w/ Hard Pack, Qiu Hong, Partyolk, and others…

    hope to see you all at those shows!!!

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  • MARCH 25, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 25, 2006

    dude…got some new music yesterday…i’ve been pretty much promoting Anti-Flag this past week…and their latest CD “For Blood and Empire” is in RR now…finally got it yesterday and it is unbelievable…you should buy it just for the CD booklet! 你一定有看Anti-Flag的CD本書!!!經多information關於bush跟Iraq. 還有, 給你感受到bush怎麼樣給了美國人用過了.  has so much information in there that’ll make you want to think deeper about the war in Iraq and how people in the states seemed to have been manipulated to support the Bush cause…then once you play the CD – the music is SO amazing…so much pop-melody but with lyrics that mean so much.

    then – i also got the latest Boy Sets Fire album…who is also another political hardcore band and also has a lot to say…their music is a bit more emotional – less pop/punk but just as amazing as Anti-flag…the Boy Sets Fire CD (新CD包括一張免費LIVE show的DVD!!!)comes with a DVD of a WHOLE LIVE Boy Sets Fire show in germany…AMAZING…go to RR today to pick it up…

    okay – show tonight!!! 今天晚上的show是非常非常exciting! Hardpack 會賣他們的新 T Hardpack will be selling brand new t-shirts for only $100, 我們會賣我們最新的唱片we’ll be selling Under One Flag CD’s for $80, thelovesong 會賣他們非常好聽的DIY CD will be selling their amazing DIY CD’s for $20 as usual…我們最愛得菲律賓的兄弟Shepherds the Weak今天會排他們最新的CD demo給人…and our lovely Pinoy brothers in Shepherds the Weak will be giving away their brand new CD demo of the song “False Idols”!!! its going to be a great show!!!

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  • MARCH 24, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 24, 2006

    dude…almost half the band is so damn sick right now…just came down with it this week. SUCKS…i’m going to blame it on this terrible weather – where one minute its hot, then the next minute its cold. our bro George Bush – i mean Heng, got sick this week too…and our bro Mr. Bean – i mean Mike has been sick all week too…our bro Osama – i mean glenn has been off of work for the past 3 days sick at home…one by one we’re all going down dude.

    part 2 of the Anti-Flag interview is up now…check it out…click on the link i posted yesterday…

    guys – stay safe…almost everyone i know has gotten sick this week…

    HEY – late update, our bro’s in Hardpack have a new t-shirt out and it’ll be on sale on saturday!!! woohoo!!! $100HKD! 我們的兄弟Hardpack剛剛出了有新的t-shirt! 明天的show買得到!

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  • MARCH 23, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 23, 2006

    here’s a link to one of the best interviews i’ve read in a LONG time…this is with Anti-Flag…昨天我看到最好看的訪問. 是跟anti-flag… reading this interview got me all fired up…看了這個訪問之後我記得十幾年前我為什麼那麼愛上了punk rock和hardcore的文化. 是因為這個文化不是音樂那麼簡單…這個文化是用音樂代表社會或者地球的問題…對我說, 這還是punk rock和hardcore的目的還是特色. 所以我永遠會叫我們是一個hardcore樂隊…我們不是一個”metalcore”的樂隊因為對我說”metalcore”樂隊的歌詞同樂隊的目的通常沒有很深的意思. 很多今天的”metalcore” 樂隊是唱愛或者其他的很無聊的題目(同時,我覺得這樣的無聊題目跟一個那麼主動的文化有什麼關係呢?). it reminded me of what made me fall in love with punk rock and hardcore many many years ago…it was always about the message – to use the music to bring information about issues to other people…i will never forget that part about hardcore and punk rock…this band will never sing about useless shit about hearts broken and past girlfriends – HAHAHAHA…to me, that has nothing to do with the true spirit of punk rock and hardcore…

    請用的時間慢慢看著個訪問. 非常有意思…還可以給你們一個好的方法明白”punk rock” 的態度. please take some time to read that interview…even if your english is not very good…try to be patient and try your best to understand…that interview is what punk rock should be about…

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  • MARCH 22, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 22, 2006

    YO – its our brother Andy’s birthday today!!! 生日快樂bro!!! we’ve been through a lot together bro through this band…thank you for your MANY MANY years, many many hours, many many months, days and second of dedication to this band bro!!! hope you still believe that this is all worth it – that this fight we’re in, is still worth your energy, your heart and your soul!!!

    also – glenn (STW) posted up a photo of our bass player Pong who SOMETIMES borrows Killswitch Engage’s basses without EVER giving them back! hahaha…click here: 喂Pong請快一點換給Killswitch Engage他們的bass!! HAHAHAHA…

    can’t wait to play on saturday!!! we’re playing 6 songs!!! woohoo!!! after all the love and energy you showed us last week – we all CAN’T wait to play this saturday and see what kind of craziness you’re going to create! :-)

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  • MARCH 21, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 21, 2006

    whats up…我的好朋友alex (hard candy) finally 借給我The Promise Ring的第一張唱片…我剛剛download了上我的ipod…好久沒有聽過這張cd…一聽就有很多回憶…如果你沒有聽過這張cd…give it a try 是叫”30degrees everywhere”…

    我忘記跟你們說…上個禮拜六的show我買了hard candy/意色樓的新”split”CD!!! SOOOOOOOOOO good! 是好聽也是非常便宜(就是$28!)…如果你有機會支持這個作品, 那好了…

    okay going to bed! hey – someone asked me on ICQ a few nights ago if they can bring their own masks (其他人也想帶自己的面具. 當然可以了!!! :-) to our shows…OF COURSE!!! if you have your own stuff and you want to join the other people in the pit then COOL!!! bring whatever you want and have fun!!! :-) 我們不知道這禮拜六的show我們會有什麼嘉賓! hahaha…我已經收到新人的icq跟我說他們也想玩一下!!! 如果你跟你們的朋友有一點idea那請你feel free跟我們一起玩!!! no problem!!!

    what did you think of the Rusty Cross interview? post up your thoughts on our forum! 你對rusty cross的訪問有什麼看法? 請在我們的forum發表!!!

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