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  • FEBRUARY 28, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 28, 2006

    listen to The Lovesong. period.

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  • FEBRUARY 27, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 27, 2006


    as you have read…this is the big news that we found out about only on our way back from the European tour…i was in shock and have been for the past few weeks. i would never in my wildest dreams ever imagine that Alex would one day leave this band. yes – i started this band in 1999, but not only until alex joined this band did this band start to become what it is today. he grew up in this band…i saw him join the band when he was only 19 years old – i felt like his older brother taking care of him and helping him start to make more sense of life…he is more then a band member. he will ALWAYS be more than just a band member…he will remain family to me…when he joined this band i was very distant from my immediate family – so he became my closest family and friend. now that my family life seems back together and i have a wonderful girlfriend to help as well – he still remains an important part of my life and a sign that things always end on a positive note.

    he will always remain a member of this band, even though he will no longer be standing with us on stage as a band member. any big decision this band makes – he will be part of the decision process. as we begin looking for a new singer – he will be there when we talk to new singers, when new singers come up to check out their singing, etc – he will be there.

    as he mentioned in his note…he will stay with us until we find a new member. we anticipate that it could take ALL year…who knows how long it will take for us to find a new singer. we have a couple people in mind that we want to try…but we’re really hoping to find someone totally brand new. if you’re interested in singing for us and want to join this King Ly Chee army – please email us at: [email protected]

    thank you alex for everything you have done for this band…but more importantly, everything you have done for me. i never imagined that through this band i would be able to find one of the closest friends i’ve ever had in my life. i can’t believe how much you and i have seen, have been through, how many good times we’ve shared, how many bad times we’ve had to get through (even though it seemed the easiest thing was to give up). i can’t believe your very first show with King Ly Chee was at Formoz Festival in Taiwan in 2000 in front of 4,000 people! i can’t imagine what its going to be like playing a show and you’re going to be in the audience and not on stage with me and us…i never thought that you’d leave – i always thought that this band would die with the two of us still fighting on even when we’re 50 with a family and children. hahaha…i am heart broken to see you leave – but i 100% support everything you want to do and everything that is going through your heart and mind. please don’t forget that – we stand behind you 100% forever.

    our last show with you is going to be the toughest shows i will ever have to play…i will not want it to end my brother.

    for everyone else – if you would like to say some words of encouragement to our brother alex please post it on our forum or email him directly at: [email protected]

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  • FEBRUARY 26, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 26, 2006

    watched an awesome show last night…our pals in Attention to Piss and Hardpack ripped it up at the warehouse last night…Attention to Piss just get better and better every time – i still think the BEST show they’ve EVER played is opening up for NOFX!!! even though they had so much bad luck with the electricity at that show – they RULED at NOFX…last night they were awesome too…good band with awesome songs…

    our bro’s in Hardpack RULED last night! i know they’re not happy with how they played – but they still were incredible! it doesn’t matter if you screw up though – its punk rock, its about being raw and having a good time! :-) they definitely still had a good time, and the people who were out last night were fully out there supporting Hardpack…at times they were singing louder then the microphones! :-) awesome…i remember when people used to be like that for us :-( but things have changed…anyway, at least our brothers in bands like Hardpack, Attention to Piss, Shepherds the Weak, Qiu Hong, still have plenty more fun years ahead of them with the love that people in HK show these guys… :-) its awesome when a whole room full of people in the city you’re from are showing you so much love that you don’t know what to do with it all!

    after the show i went down to meet my girlfriend in Causeway Bay – while i was waiting i stood outside one of those CD/DVD stores that always plays the loudest damn movies blaring out on the street to get you to come in and buy some crap. but last night, they were playing the “Lam Hoi Fung” comedy show that he did last year…dude – THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!! i was laughing so hard on the streets along with everyone else who was watching it. i think i stood there with my girlfriend for like 15 minutes watching it. i bought the expensive DVD ($148!) and will be watching it later tonight after i post this thing…it comes with an awesome DVD booklet – even has a really touching letter from one of his fans in the book…

    so all in all – it was a fun night…so my good friend Siu Pak last night at the show too which is always cool…

    on a more serious/sad note…the news about something regarding this band will be posted up tomorrow. it was a shock for us and it has taken us the past few weeks to really understand our feelings about what this means for us and how we move on…you’ll find out tomorrow.


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  • FEBRUARY 25, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 25, 2006

    got the new H2O dvd yesterday in the mail…pretty awesome DVD…i remember the first time i saw these guys play was when they opened up for Sick of it All in a tiny club in Massachusetts called Pearl St…this was like in ’96 or something like that. they were so incredible and all they had at the time was a 4 song demo…the singer kicked so much ass on stage – he could’ve gotten the audience to do ANYTHING and they would – that’s how much control he had of the audience…for me, their first album will always be the best one – it meant the most to me in terms of lyrics and attitude – just the right soundtrack for me to have at that time…lyrics like for the song Scene Report:
    I hate when I turn on my fucking TV
    A newsman’s trying hard to explain my scene to me
    Hardcore’s been my life since way back when
    It’s my family, my future, my best friend

    It’s not fashion or a TV show
    It’s my life, It’s the only one I know
    It’s not a new concept on MTV
    It’s something real beating inside of me

    Woke up with this feeling yesterday
    No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t say
    Where it came from and what it did to me
    Like a hole inside too wide and way too deep

    still ring true for me today… such an amazing band even though the last few records didn’t do anything for me…

    anyway – i watched Brokeback Mountain last night. GOOD movie!!! damn – the acting by that Ledger dude was incredible…did he win something for his acting in this movie? check out the movie if you have time…awesome stuff…

    our boys in Hardpack and Attention to Piss are going to be ripping shit up tonight at the Warehouse so go check that out…

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  • FEBRUARY 24, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 24, 2006

    check out our friends in An Id Signal who have a myspace site up…i was listening to the two songs on this site quite a lot all yesterday…awesome band…

    other then that…hanging out tonight…watching “Brokeback Mountain” tonight i think! woohoo…can’t wait to check out this movie – seen the ads for this thing for the past few weeks. should be good…

    dude have you seen Ace Ventura (for our Chinese readers – i don’t know the chinese name of this movie)? you know the Jim Carey movies…i had a huge conversation with the awesome girl who designed our Under One Flag CD cover last night about Ace Ventura – she thinks the second part is better then the ORIGINAL first one! i mean come on! Ace Ventura Pet Detective is THE BEST one! am i right or am i right? come on agree with me PLEASE! :-) its this movie:

    she also informed me that certain people still think that this HKHC thing is a membership thing. HAHAHAHA…how many times do people have to explain this? there is no membership to HKHC. there is no CEO. there isn’t a Board of Directors, a Treasurer, a Secretary, an election, no votes…hahahaha…there isn’t a registration and interview process. you don’t have to meet any HR people, to get rejected by some “Thank you but at this time we are really looking for someone else” letter after. we don’t have our own clubhouse, or our own golf course, we don’t have a football team that challenges Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley on weekends, we aren’t an entity sponsored by McDonalds…you get the point…HAHAHAHA…if you’re into hardcore then you’re in the HKHC…its so damn simple…if you’re proud to be part of hardcore in Hong Kong then put the HKHC logo on your website, email other hardcore bands, tattoo it on your ass, put it on a t-shirt and be happy! :-) its that simple…just have fun with all of this…also, if you’re not a hardcore band THAT IS FINE TOO! everyone in King Ly Chee also listens to other music – BELIEVE IT OR NOT! hahahaha…while i’m typing this, i’m sitting here watching American Idol for goodness sakes! :-) i’m embarrassed to admit it but i even like the song “my humps” by black eyed peas, and that stupid “B-A-N-A-N-A-S” song by gwen stefani! hahahaha…the lyrics to both these songs are SOOOOOOOOOOOO stupid but damn, the shit is catchy! :-) hahahaha…so just relax…we aren’t no evil people-haters…we’re just a bunch of cuddly care bears! come and give us a hug! we’ll come and give YOU a hug if you ain’t feeling alright! :-)

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  • FEBRUARY 23, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 23, 2006

    the writing process for new songs has started…woohoo…i love it…can’t wait to get going on new songs…the stuff so far is pretty different in terms of just being heavy right now. this is all the early stages so we’ll see what happens…

    100 kids and teachers got sick at our school last friday man! that’s crazy…we were in the newspapers around hong kong early on monday and the health department of HK is trying to find out what happened…strange stuff i tell you!

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  • FEBRUARY 22, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 22, 2006

    only one piece of news today…check out the first video from Boy Sets Fire’s new album… this band RULES – most punk/pop, pop/rock, bands can only DREAM of being as good as this band! :-) yes – i’m biased because this band writes music that is accessible to the masses YET ALWAYS has a message in their songs…awesome band, awesome song, new album is out March 7 – CANNOT WAIT!!!

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  • FEBRUARY 21, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 21, 2006

    our ex-drummer professional kevin is helping out with a show that’s taking place this saturday at the warehouse. its featuring a band from beijing and has local bands like Hardpack, Qiu Hong, and others playing…check all the information here:–from-beijing-.html

    speaking of hardpack – KK from hardpack just got back from doing some business in Israel! can you believe that! pretty cool if you ask me! he’s got photos of up from his trip up on the Hardpack forum check it HERE!!!

    the situation in the Philippines is not getting any better…there was a school that got completely buried and 200 children and teachers were buried alive. police said that some of the people trapped inside the school were sending SMS messages to tell people they were alive and they need help. but the messages have stopped 2 days ago…yesterday they thought they heard some type of knocking coming from under the mud…but it turned out to be nothing…

    the rescue workers said that the mud around the area is ALL like quicksand – meaning that anything or anyone that steps on the land will immediately start to sink into the ground and be buried. so that means rescue workers cannot use any big machines to help speed up the digging process…

    so sad to know that this has happened…as always, its the poorest countries that seem to have the worst tragedies possible. in the case of the Philippines – its tragedy after tragedy…hopefully somewhere in the afterlife the sweet innocent people who die in these types of tragedies are living a more fun-filled and positive life. this world isn’t fair – no one has ever said it is. but the only way i feel like i can move on from burying myself in negative thoughts and feelings, is to hope and pray that all the people who suffer at the hands of inequality in all its forms, are living a more positive and equal life when they leave this planet.

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  • FEBRUARY 20, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 20, 2006

    man…what a crazy weekend…i started off on friday night watching the movie “Munich”…wow – what a HEAVY movie to be watching after a long week at work…that is a LONG LONG movie and talks about huge issues regarding Israeli’s and palestinians, jews and muslims, germans and jews, the list goes one…all in a 3 hour movie…too many emotions to handle in a 3 hour movie at the end of the week. watch it if you’re into “thinking” about the world and how it works…great great acting…

    friday night i also found about how a family in HK punished their 10 year old child by putting him inside a suitcase for 2 hours. i couldn’t believe my ears…i couldn’t believe it when my girlfriend told me about this. then my girlfriend told me that the child is now in a coma because of a lack of oxygen. what were the parents thinking?!?!?! no matter how “BAD” a child is – how could you put a grown child into a SUITCASE FOR 2 HOURS?!?!?!

    then saturday i went up to china to get away from HK…it rained all night and was SUPER cold up there…

    i woke up sunday morning and found out that the child who was put into the suitcase died in the hospital. the parents have both been arrested for murder. i still can’t believe that in such a civilized world and times, that stuff like this will go on. and it DOES go on in hong kong i’m sure EVERYDAY – we just don’t know or hear about it.

    late last night i got my phone stolen from a restaurant in tsim sha tsui…i’m PISSED…i left my phone at the table then left. when i realized i ran all the way back and it was gone. but two people sitting eating pointed at one of the staff members of the restaurant. i asked that person if he saw my phone and he said he didn’t. then i said that the people sitting behind you said you saw my phone. then i got angry and got the manager to come out. i told the manager to call the police. the police came up and then the people who told me that they saw the staff member take my phone ran away from the restaurant. there was another lady who sat next to our table and she said she also saw one of the staff members take my phone. but when the police came she said she didn’t know who took it even though the man was standing right in front of her. AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! what an annoying night i had…

    anyway…i’m back now…phone missing…using my old phone that doesn’t work…full of sadness about what happened to a poor 10 year old boy in hong kong, full of sadness about the poor people of the philippines who were killed and buried alive in the landslide over the weekend. this world is just full of negative news…nothing good or positive is ever printed in the newspapers. i think the only way to REALLY be “positive” in the world is to NOT read the newspaper. the people who run around happy as can be must never watch the news…they must not know what is going on…either that or they just don’t care.

    sorry – not in a positive mood…after all this – got ONE piece of good news from a shop called Musun…they’ve sold out of all our CD’s! i’ve already re-stocked CD’s there twice… :-) that’s a good sign i guess…

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  • FEBRUARY 17, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 17, 2006

    dude going to watch Munich tonight! so excited to watch this movie…probably going to make me cry…any time i watch any of these movies based on a true story, i end up getting moved to tears. don’t forget – mineral is one of my favorite bands! hahaha…

    dude…Bad Religion’s got a DVD coming out and i just ordered the new H2O dvd…how crazy…i haven’t listened to any H2O records since the second album they released…but those first 2 albums got me so in love with that band…family tree, roots,. those songs frickin’ rule…can’t wait to see what the DVD is going to be like…

    check out the boy sets fire interview i’ve linked on our forum…good interview with an awesome band…

    its so hot…it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot yesterday!!! its 25 degrees and its supposed to drop to 15 or 16 today. what the hell? the weather here is nuts…no wonder people are getting sick all the time…alright…stay safe everyone!

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