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  • JANUARY 27, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 27, 2006

    yesterday Good Reason sent me a magazine article that mentioned our show in their country! pretty cool…its just a small article that says that we’re coming to play…check out in our press section – of course its not in English, but the Good Reason dude helped translate it…hahahaha…he also said that their MIGHT be a chance that we’re going to be doing some TV interview when we arrive their tomorrow…pretty cool!

    so that’s it guys…this tour we’ve been talking about for almost 7 months…its finally happening…we’re finally leaving tonight to go to beautifully historic world of Europe. the guys in KLC don’t even know that this tour almost got cancelled two months ago because lots of European bars cancelled all our shows because they were scared that because we’ve never been to Europe that no one would come to the shows. the Good Reason guys were really upset and felt sorry but i just said, “dude – we’ll figure something out – keep trying!” and 2 months later, we have 6 shows booked and are going over! :-) see – that’s what hardcore has taught me…never give up – there’s always a way…

    thanks to everyone who have wished us the best of luck on this tour! i bumped into the Attention to Piss guys last night and they were so happy for us! :-) i love HK bands – such great people…

    okay guys and girls…this will be our last post until i get back from the tour on Monday February 6!!! we’ll hopefully be posting information on our forum so please check that page out!!! SEEYA!!!


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  • JANUARY 26, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 26, 2006

    yeah this week has been madness in terms of work, getting stuff ready for the tour, getting stuff ready to put more CD’s in stores after work…its nuts…i’m actually looking forward to being on a plane with NOTHING to do but sleep. last night Pong and i went to RR to drop off more CD’s and i picked up the brand Good Clean Fun album!!! ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!! easily one of my favorite hardcore bands on this planet…they just make hardcore FUN – super positive hardcore…i also picked up the August Burns Red CD finally…that is some amazing metal-hardcore…for fans of all the metal-core stuff that has come out lately – this is easily one of my favorites…a bit too many mosh parts…but still cool…

    i’m borrowing my girlfriends ipod mini for the tour – and i think i’ve fallen in love. (no – i fell in love with my girlfriend a long time ago – i’m talking about ipod! :-) i just can’t believe this little thing can store SO MANY damn CD’s…its crazy…i love it – i think i’m going to have to get one when i get back…

    we’re traveling to europe with one pair of pants, one pair of shorts, two pairs of wool socks, and lots of t-shirts! hahahaha…that’s how ghetto we are…okay…going to bed…seeya…

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  • JANUARY 25, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 25, 2006

    no no no…this is obviously not the new KLC site…i just fixed it up so it looked a little bit more orderly. not that it is any more orderly now – i still can’t seem to get rid of stuff. so we’ve actually distributed a HUGE number of our CD’s out! its weird and kind of cool how fast we can get rid of CD’s! :-) hahahaha…

    our good friend Simonn (punk Simonn) is leaving for Australia in a couple days…and he gave me the best compliment for our new CD. he said that when he gets homesick when he’s in Australia he will always listen to our CD…to me that’s a HUGE compliment – we are proud to be a band from Hong Kong…this is our home, our heart…our lyrics are based out of our thoughts of Hong Kong and its life, culture, and issues.

    day after tomorrow we get on the LONG LONG plane ride to Vienna, Austria. none of us have ever been to Europe…and we can’t wait to get there!!! its going to be weird…its going to be culture shock for sure. hopefully the people at the shows will welcome us with open arms! :-) we’ve already gotten emails and messages on our Myspace page from people in Germany, Austria and the Slovak Republic of really nice people that are wishing us the best of luck on the tour! its going to be great to play out there…

    ming figured out a way to get 30 seconds of one of our songs from our Under One Flag CD to be played on the radio! woohoo!! hopefully it’ll all work out…

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  • JANUARY 23, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 23, 2006

    the countdown begins…a few days left and its off to europe…we’re all stocking up on extra clothes, socks, jackets, etc…we’re anticipating one of the coldest trips we’ve EVER been on!!! can’t wait to play shows…that’s all that matters to me. shows…shows…shows…

    i uploaded a direct link to that live video of Refuse from when we played in Seoul, Korea…its got our sister Chloe in action there…hopefully it works…

    peace…thanks to everyone that has been buying our CD’s! :-) its amazing how many people are picking it up. the CD is supposed to be in ALL shops – like HMV, etc., but we have no idea when its going to be in there oh well.

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  • JANUARY 21, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 21, 2006

    oooh…the government says they’re going to do something about all those ANNOYING promotions we get on our mobile phones and SMS’s!! I HATE THOSE THINGS SO MUCH!!! the worst is when you’re in the middle of doing something really important (like taking a crap in the bathroom) and you go crazy to get your phone and when you finally pick it up – its an annoying computer recorded promotion!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! so annoying…

    okay anyway…check out this really important message on our brothers in Malaysia’s label Dyslexia Records about a show that took place on new year’s eve in Malaysia. apparently, the police raided the show because they thought that all the kids at the show were Satanists (people who worship satan) and the kids were all on drugs. so the police raided the place and arrested over 300 kids! our of ALL the kids – only 3 or 4 were found to be high on drugs. the rest of the kids were straight edge…it wasn’t a black/metal show like the police thought…it was just a hardcore show.

    check it out by clicking here:

    one week from today – King Ly Chee will be Bratislava, Slovakia playing our very FIRST show in Europe!!! WE CAN’T WAIT!!!

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  • JANUARY 20, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 20, 2006

    check out our brothers in a heavy band in Macau called Uni-K…click here to read about them: the site doesn’t have any songs up but i think they’ll put some up soon! good luck guys and hope to see you guys soon!

    so our next show in Hong Kong is Feb 11 and we’re super excited to play this show because that will be the first show that we play our new song called Skinless! :-) we’re all super excited to play this song for all of you! ACTUALLY – the first time that we’ll be playing this song is actually in Europe…we’re playing this first in our set…followed by Izzue.crap. don’t know why we stopped playing that song in the first place! hahahaha…

    we’re also excited because we invited our young brothers in Los En Found to play the Feb 11 show with us…they’re an awesome HK band and we’re happy that we are able to give them a chance to play a bigger show! :-) the show will be at Chinese University and i think they’ve started to promote the show now. as soon as we get more information we’ll let you know as well!!!

    can you believe that the new Bleeding Through album is #48 on the Billboard charts! god…i was talking to our good friend Bob of LLNR and we both can’t believe it…no – we’re not necessarily “fans” of this release. the last record was awesome…and Portrait of a Goddess was awesome too…but this one? hmm…

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  • JANUARY 19, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 19, 2006

    yeah – the temperature in Bratislava – the city where we’re playing our first show is -10!!! woohoo!!! hahaha…we’re SOOO dead!!! hk’s weather has been between 18 and 20 degrees for the past few weeks. we’re dead when we get there and all of a sudden the temperature is frickin’ 10 BELOW 0.


    going to bed…SOOOOOOOOOOOO tired…

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  • JANUARY 18, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 18, 2006

    we got our first interview of 2006 printed a few days ago in Tea magazine and being the nice guy that i am…hahahaha…i’ve scanned it for you and put it up on our site…go to our press SECTION to read it HERE…pong thinks this is one of the most well-written interviews we’ve had lately…so check it out…pong has also become the man in charge of sending merchandise and delivering CD’s. its a tough job for him but it will make the band more efficient. i get all the orders and then he handles delivery…its rad this way…

    dude The Red Chord is looking for a drummer…someone get in touch with Ho Chai (ex-5 Disciplines drummer who moved to the US) to try out for them! holy crap!!! imagine if he actually tried and MADE it! that’d be incredible…

    anyway…so we are confirmed to play with the UK hardcore band Taking Names in Austria on Feb 4! super excited to meet these guys…i’ve talked to them a bunch of times through myspace last year so its cool to finally meet them face to face! should be rad…

    RR store in TST is telling us that the new CD is selling well!!! :-) thank you all so MUCH for supporting us on this!!! the CD’s should be in macau’s CD shop by the end of the week too…we’re super thankful to our friends in macau who are helping us get the word out over there!!!

    our good friends in Dyslexia Records in malaysia are going to take a bunch of copies of the CD to sell down there!!! that’s going to be rad! :-)

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  • JANUARY 17, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 17, 2006

    our new CD is now available online!!! you can buy it at our online shop:


    we just found out that a bunch of dudes from Macau who came to see us when we played there…have ordered our new CD from some shop in macau! now that’s called support!!! thank you SO MUCH for supporting us out there in macau!!! :-)

    we’re also psyched because it looks like we might be on a Feb 4 show in Austria with an awesome UK hardcore band called Taking Names – they sound like Figure Four, Terror, etc…if we get on that show with them that’ll be awesome! waiting to get more info…

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  • JANUARY 16, 2006

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 16, 2006

    hello ladies and gentlemen…

    yes – our new lovely CD is in stores now…if you look on our first page…the 3 shops that have it right now are:

    1. Trinity Records
    2. Records Rendezvous
    3. Musun

    i went to Musun for the first time yesterday and its awesome little shop…has lots of t-shirts (new Every Time I Die t-shirt rules!) and they were listening to Refused (the band) when i walked in so i love this store already! :-) hahahaha…check it out if you have time…the address is below in one of my posts from last week…

    our good friends at Trinity Records are also super excited to have our CD’s in there so we’re excited for their support too!!! :-)

    okay…that’s it for now…can’t wait to hear your comments…


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