DECEMBER 3, 2005

alright…just got back from the rehearsal at TVB city…dude – that’s FAR away! to all of you who are going to come check out this show – thank you so much for coming SO FAR out to support us! that means so much…

i think the rest of the guy’s are quite comfortable with the onstage sound – i don’t like it…but oh well – still should be cool. they’ve told us that no stagediving and no “circle pits” are allowed. yeah right…let’s see what happens…all if have to say is that the sound IS loud – and the stage is totally cheesy – totally TVB style stage…funny shit actually…but we do have to say a big thank you to them for inviting us to play. its a total surprise that they asked us to come to play at this thing…i still don’t understand why they’d call us cause our music is anything BUT pop…but anyway…

okay – going to bed…

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