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  • DECEMBER 18, 2005

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 18, 2005

    ven though i want to share good news about the e-card that we have put up online and that i hope you have all seen it – and the news that our CD will be out on dec 30 instead of dec 23 (because we can’t finish everything on time) and that our good friends in My Precious (singapore) have decided that they will help sell our CD’s in singapore (THANK YOU!!!)…i can’t be fully happy…

    if you don’t know – HK’s Wan Chai district was turned upside down last night by WTO protestors…i was in central when all that was happening and we noticed that all the streets were being closed by the police and that there were SO MANY police out on the streets getting ready for something huge to happen.

    then we started eating dinner and all of a sudden the news broke out on TV that the korean farmers were fully attacking the HK police…they were using the metal barriers to attack the police…they were using wooden sticks, and whatever they could find to hit the police officers who were hiding behind their shields…then some of the protestors took the metal barriers and broke the bars off and started attacking the police with those bars. i can’t believe no one died last night…i can’t believe only a few people were injured…

    i understand the plight of the s. korean farmers…they have such a horrible situation in their country because of the selfishness of the WTO.

    but – the HK police officers are NOT representatives of the WTO. i don’t understand what violence is going to do to help their cause. where before i felt so much sympathy for them and how their lives were being destroyed because of the WTO crap, watching them attacking our police officers with so much anger as if our police are WTO – got me upset. i am so proud of our police for not fighting back. they were trying to stand strong against these stupid pointless attacks – standing strong against protestors using metal bars, wooden sticks, to attack and hit them…but they still did not attack them. they stood calm against this oncoming storm of anger and frustration – but they stayed calm. that is unbelievable…

    my heart goes out to the HK police and to all the HK cleaners who are going to have to clean up all the mess tomorrow morning from the streets of wan chai…my heart also goes out to the families of these hero’s who were probably watching on TV and wondering if their son’s and daughters, brother and sisters, fathers and mothers who are in the HK police force were okay…i hope the police can remain calm. i hope the remaining s. korean farmers can remain calm…violence is not the solution…

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