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  • NOVEMBER 21, 2005

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 21, 2005

    hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend! even though it was freezing…now – people in the states or the UK i know its colder up there for you guys then it’ll EVER be in hk. but you need to keep in mind that at the start of last week the temperature was hovering around 28 degrees…over the weekend it dropped to 16! that’s a huge drop and that’s all these people went nuts and started wearing scarves and heavy winter coats over the weekend. no – i didn’t go that nuts. i was still wearing shorts and just a jacket on top…

    so the newspaper reported that the government has been using the wrong data when estimating the pollution that would be caused by the new government headquarters they want to make at the Tamar site…with their data they were assuming that central was completely flat. which obviously its not…researchers and scientists are saying that after this structure is completed the pollution in the area is going to be even worse then they EVER thought…they said that because Central already has so many tall buildings stuck right next to each other – there is nowhere for the pollution to go…it’ll just stay in the area…

    makes you wonder about what we’re doing to this world…that’s what the song End of Suffering is about (in case you haven’t figured it out by now)…

    i love this weather though…its always nice to be in HK when its cooler and when your shirt isn’t wet from sweat and sticking to your body…

    hey – Records Rendezvous called us on friday to say that all our promo CD’s are finished! woohoo!!! thanks for the support everyone! :-) hope we get the same support when the CD’s finally out!!! :-)

    here’s more info on the Live Life No Rules charity:

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