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  • AUGUST 30, 2005

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 30, 2005

    okay…set the rundown for this weekend:

    1. Izzue.crap
    2. Sau Kin Sau Mun
    3. Terror
    4. Sister
    5. Detach Me
    6. She
    7. Refuse…

    should be fun…we tried to jam on the rundown last night but there are certain parts where my wrist REALLY frickin’ hurts!!! what the hell…its so annoying…i’m going to have to simplify some stuff because my wrist is killing me…hopefully by saturday i’ll be back 100%…

    also – remember to bring extra money to the show on saturday! we’ll be selling our t-shirts, pins, etc…at that show! can’t wait:

    t-shirts: $100
    pins: $5

    no – we don’t have girl sizes…and for all those guy’s who like to wear skin tight t-shirts (all the wannabe emo kids) – sorry we don’t have XXXXXXXXXS either…for the girls – we’ll try to make girl size some time soon…for all the boys who want skin tight shirts – just buy the girls size whenever it comes out.

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