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  • JULY 29, 2005

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 29, 2005

    ALRIGHT GUYS!! we’re leaving for Korea today!!! its the first tour with the new King Ly Chee line-up and we’re ALL super excited about this…especially for our brothers Ming and Pong who are doing this with us…

    we will try to keep you guys up to date on our forum so please check on there every once in awhile…we’re only going for two shows so we’ll be back soon…the rest of the band will be back on monday but i’ll hang out there for a few more days…

    i won’t be back until August 5th so i hope all of you have a good time!!! remember to go watch the show on Aug 5th at the warehouse!!! lots of awesome local bands playing…


    BY THE WAY: 如果你去Records Rendezvous的鋪頭買我們的唱片 “硬心” 或者買我們的DVD…現在有免費poster送給你們!!!anyone that buys King Ly Chee CD’s or DVD’s at Records Rendezvous gets a FREE CD Release poster!!! we just found a bunch of these posters and we’d love to give them away to people…so if you haven’t bought our CD yet (it came out in 2003 dude!) then you can pick it up from Records Rendezvous and get a free poster with it…


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  • JULY 28, 2005

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 28, 2005

    oh my god…thanks to ALL the positive feedback we’ve gotten from all of you for the new songs!!! :-) its overwhelming but its awesome that 6 years into this band and we’re still creating music with a message that is still relevant to people out there…we know that the sound quality of these demo’s are probably not the best – hahaha…that’s an understatement – its pretty bad…BUT we hope you do realize that we recorded these things in our little practice room on a tiny 16-track recorder…you should come over and actually check out this tiny little thing that we use! :-)

    okay…the singer of 13 Steps (korean hardcore) has asked me to buy him Ly Chee’s! hahahaha…funny dude…i thought he was kidding and then he was like, “no man – i’m serious! please bring some so i can taste it!” hahahaha…so i have to get some ly chee’s today before we get on the plane tomorrow…

    the whole day/night we’re going to be preparing to get going on our tour…we’re bringing SO MUCH stuff with us…unfortunately, a lot of this stuff is things that YOU GUYS/GIRLS haven’t seen yet!!! :-( we feel really bad about that…new shirts that you guys haven’t seen, new pins that you haven’t seen… :-( it sucks! but oh well – we know you’ll understand…

    once we get back from korea – all of these things will be on sale somewhere in HK…we haven’t decided where yet…our friends at Zoom have been SOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice to us (yvonne is the best!!!) so we’ll probably put all the shirts and pins there…

    okay – hopefully i’ll make one more post before i get on the plane tomorrow morning…until then…seeya…thank you again for always supporting King Ly Chee and our music and message…

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  • JULY 27, 2005

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 27, 2005

    新歌are up now!!! turn your speakers up and enjoy! :-)

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  • JULY 26, 2005

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 26, 2005

    tomorrow – two new songs baby!!! :-) hopefully you’ll like the recording of these ones…the recording is definitely better then detach me and terror…but still recorded the same way – i guess every time you record you learn something new…so it does sound better…

    sorry to keep it short…i am SOOOOOOOOO sleepy…going to bed…can’t wait til you all hear the new songs!

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  • JULY 25, 2005

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 25, 2005

    tough day mixing in our bandroom yesterday…i HATE mixing! hahahaha…its such a pain in the ass because we don’t have professional equipment. we just have a small little recording machine that we record our demo’s on…its harder then the professional studio’s who have computers that can do everything…but anyway – its fun…alex has the two songs and he’s going to turn the volumes up on those suckers and then we’re getting ready to upload them on to the site in two days!!! we ALL can’t WAIT for you guys to hear the new songs!!! unfortunately, the first time we play the song “Goodbye Hong Kong” won’t be in hong kong – we’ll play it this weekend for the first time in Korea…we’re also playing ANOTHER brand new song called “End of Suffering” this week in korea too…

    the newspapers say that within the next 2 decades, Chinese is going to be just as big as English! can you believe that! but i’m pretty sure they mean Mandarin and not cantonese…but that’s still pretty crazy news!

    idiots blowing up a resort in egypt whose largest casualties were Egyptian muslims – muslims attacking muslims in the name of god…these people are NOT muslim. they are criminals right up there with rapists and other lowlife that inhabit this earth. the only place for them is in hell. martyrs? yeah right. for what warped cause?

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  • JULY 23, 2005

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 23, 2005

    ALRIGHT!!! new demo’s will be uploaded on July 27th!!! woohoo!!! i finished my vocals last night…and andy, the superstar, recorded all his guitar parts for the two songs within ONE hour! what the hell!!! hahahaha…we ALL can’t wait until you guys/girls get to hear the new songs…but over the next few days i’ll be mixing these songs in our bandroom so they hopefully at least as good as our last demo’s (Terror and Detach Me)…CAN’T WAIT!!! the names of the 2 new demo’s are:

    1. Sister
    2. Goodbye Hong Kong 再見老香港

    we also watched a pretty bad quality video of our last show at the edge – and its actually not as bad as we thought it was…still not as tight as we normally are – but not THAT bad either…anyway…

    a week from today, we’ll be in korea playing our first show in korea in over 5 years!!! can’t wait to be back there…alright…remember the big day for new songs!!! JULY 27th!!!

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  • JULY 22, 2005

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 22, 2005

    NOT AGAIN!!! 4 more bombs in London!!! exactly two weeks ago they succeeded in needlessly killing innocent people…then another stupid terrorist killed 30 children in Iraq last week…then yesterday they tried again…WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! i have two sisters and a mother who live in London and i want them to all get out of that city immediately – keep in mind that my mother and sisters are ALL muslims, my mother is a DEVOTE muslim – as Muslims THEY aren’t safe either from these STUPID so-called terrorist “muslims” who think their cause is justified in the name of Muslims worldwide by actually killing other Muslims. what did the 30 children in Iraq do to deserve dying?

    these people are NOT muslim. they are pure evil.

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  • JULY 21, 2005

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 21, 2005

    word…don’t know if you live in HK or not, but these past few nights there have been some weird War of the Worlds moments going on! last night after band practice i was taking the bus home and there was so much lightning, with no thunder, and no rain…the lightening just kept lighting up the sky with no sound and rain…it was weird – i felt like i was in the movie and all of a sudden some weird creature was going to land on top of my bus, rip the top off, reach down inside, and grab my guitar and take it away to his spaceship up above. bastard!

    hahahaha…okay – watching TV and they’re talking about cows in europe who eat hemp and makes them really mellow which lets them create some of the best milk in the world. what the hell? sometimes truth is stranger then fiction…

    also watched fantastic four yesterday – not bad…jessica alba is SOOOOOOOOO hot…awesome…but the movie really wasn’t that good…doesn’t compare to Batman Begins…

    oh – uploaded a really old Chinese interview that i did with a mainland china magazine two years ago…pretty good read! if you can read simplified chinese then go check it out in our press page: click HERE

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  • JULY 20, 2005

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 20, 2005

    its our bro Alex’s birthday today! happy birthday dude! hope you have a good day…i’ve known this dude for so long and have seen him grow up to be a frickin’ cool guy! :-)

    okay…ming wants me to make a correction…we’re actually playing 3 old songs in our 10-song setlist for korea (4 if you count She as an old song)…thanks ming! :-) now get back to work and stop reading this site while you’re in the office!

    dude…the newspaper yesterday said that monday’s temperature was 37 degree’s…THEN they said, if we factor in HK’s terrible humidity – the temperature was actually more like 50 degrees!! CRAZY!!! it has been HOT as HELL these past few days…i just sit inside and try to do absolutely nothing…

    yesterday while searching the internet…i found out that one of my all tiem favorite melodic hardcore bands – Lifetime was reforming!!! man – i am NOT a fan of all these stupid reunions that are happening in hardcore (especially because it seems like all these bands are reforming because there’s some MONEY to be made from hardcore now)…but i’m psyched about Lifetime!!! man…i loved this band…i wish i was going to Hellfest this summer JUST to watch them!!! :-) oh well…

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  • JULY 19, 2005

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 19, 2005

    alright – selling my amp that’s it there up on the right…i’ve already gotten a couple phone calls for this! pretty cool…someone is going to check it out on thursday this week…

    we started working on our 10 song setlist for our korea tour! its going to be awesome…the rundown for the set includes 2 brand new songs that YOU guys haven’t heard yet! :-) so the korea hardcore kids are going to hear it before our own HKHC hardcore kids!!! i know – we suck…you can complain about it on our forum…but seriously, the set is going to be so much fun because we’re only playing 2 old songs in that 10 song set…every song unleashes signs of the new and improved KLC – i feel like this is what we’ve been working our assess off for the pat 6 months since ming and pong joined the band…these shows in Korea are going to RULE!!!

    coming home last night – at about 2am…it started lightening non-stop…but no rain and no thunder…it was scary – like i was in a movie…some of the lightposts weren’t working either – pretty weird…its going to rain all night i think…GOOD cause its been SO hot!!!

    can’t wait to get to korea!!! just about another week!!!

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