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JUNE 25, 2005 | King Ly Chee 荔枝王

JUNE 25, 2005

alright everyone – as of yesterday i am officially a Hong Kong person!!! WOOHOO!!! my renunciation papers came in and i finally went over to the HK gov’t. to claim citizenship…today i’m going to apply for my HKSAR passport!!! oh my god!!! i’m going to hold on to that thing like treasure…i’ve waited such a long time to get this thing and i’m finally getting it. yesterday while i was filling out the forms for the HKSAR passport i was laughing to myself! i think people must’ve thought i was going crazy or something…but seriously – they just don’t know how much hell i’ve gone through while traveling around the world. my brother, sister and parents are still in the situation where they can’t travel freely because of the passport they hold – i think they’ll all try now to apply for an HKSAR passport as well…

i’m so happy its ridiculous…the weird thing is that right NOW i have NO passport. when the pakistani embassy called me yesterday, they said my renunciation had been approved and now i needed to return my passport. so, for right NOW – i cannot travel anywhere because i have NO traveling documents – i feel like Tom Hanks in The Terminal! hahahahaha…except – i’m stuck in Hong Kong, not a bad place to be stuck…

i’m watching this Coldplay thing on MTV – its that Storytellers thing where they play a song and explain the inspiration etc…its awesome – they seriously feel like one of the saddest bands on this planet…even the songs that the singer thinks are more “rock” – are still sad…our friend Owen introduced me to a band called Pelican who are pretty damn sad too – its linked on our forum so go check that out and cry yourself asleep…hahahahaha…dude can ANYTHING be more sad then the coldplay song “scientist” – the tears just run down my face every time i hear that song…

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