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May | 2005 | King Ly Chee 荔枝王

Archive | May, 2005

MAY 30, 2005

we’ve uploaded the lyrics to our new song “Sisters” to our forum click HERE with this song we hope our sisters in this tiny HK underground music community can truly feel our sincerity in cherishing their support for all of this. they remain a BIG and IMPORTANT ingredient in our scene…anything that happens to them, happens to all of us.

hopefully we’ll record some new demo’s of our newer songs once we’re ready…besides “Sisters” we have 3 more songs that you have not heard yet…vocals aren’t ready that’s why we haven’t played those songs yet…since we don’t have any shows coming up :-( that means we’ll have time to work on getting the vocals and lyrics written for the other songs…by the time we go to Korea i think we’ll have some new things done finally:

1. new website
2. new KLC logo
3. new KLC shirts
4. possibly new demo’s…

when we go to korea in july we are NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT playing any old songs! hahahaha…that is our goal at least…

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MAY 29, 2005

man – what a great show last night…we did a little tick last night – we wanted to see if you guys would notice that we didn’t play any really old songs. we didn’t know if you guys would not like that – but you guys/girls were great!!! you were ALL singing along to our new songs and moving around…it was awesome…we were SOOOOOOOOO tired by the time it was finally our turn. but you guys/girls must’ve been even MORE tired!!! so we want to thank all of you even MORE because you still waited for us…even though you were all tired, you STILL moved around for us! thank you so much!!! we told the organizer before not to invite too many bands but they didn’t listen…i still think any show with over 5 bands is not a good idea – but no one listens to me. hahahaha…anyway – we do want to thank “bread” for inviting us last night and want to congratulate her for having such a GOOD turnout for the show! woohoo!!! lastly – we really hope that the girls who come to our shows feel safe now…we really hope they understand how much we care about them and their safety…the song “Sister” will always keep you ALL in our hearts…i’ll upload the lyrics later today – i have to wait for Alex to send his lyrics to me…

thank you SO MUCH for supporting our new songs! its so great to see that our new songs STILL can have a STRONG impact on all of you…it makes want to work harder AND faster to finish writing songs and then start recording our next album…thank you again and again…thanks to all the wonderful bands that played last night, and thanks to ALL the other band members whose band did NOT play last night but they STILL came!
Attention to Piss, 218, Milkshake 7, DAS, Evocation, Irresistible Hearts, Subdermal Abrasion, 5 Disciplines, Ablaze, Spermatic Chord, and so many others…thank you so much for supporting this little community! it was an amazing show and it was great to see people that we haven’t seen in a long time come to the show!!! see you all next time…the ATV interview will be on TV in june – i will let you know when…hopefully they got some good video from the show last night! :-)

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MAY 27, 2005

alright – about time that we’ve done a new interview right? so here’s a link to an article about King Ly Chee that appeared in South China Morning Post yesterday. i didn’t even know it was being printed but our good friend Sam sent me an SMS. if she didn’t tell me i don’t think i would’ve even known to check out the paper…anyway here’s the link: NEW KING LY CHEE INTERVIEW
we also did a new TV interview yesterday…it’ll be shown on ATV in june…should be cool we hope…they’ll be at the show tomorrow night to film some more stuff…see you all tomorrow…

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MAY 25, 2005

so i forgot to pay our monthly fee for this site and they shut us down yseterday…not that you knew, you probably thought i was just being lazy and didn’t update anything – i actually did…so check it out – uploaded two cool things about the HKHC…show in a few days baby!!! better be there to rock out…

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MAY 24, 2005

yo – our brothers in Shepherds the Weak have hooked up a new look to their already new looking website – check the badass out here: also – our brothers in BRAND new HKHC hardcore band called Irresistible Hearts have uploaded a new song to their myspace page: – the time is here for the HKHC…things are looking up…and there’s no holding our scene back! :-) that’s it – back to work…

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