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  • MARCH 31, 2005

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 31, 2005

    can someone PLEASE explain HK’s weather to me!!! what is going on?!?!?! seriously – sunday and monday were super crazy hot…i was wearing shorts both of those days just hanging out walking around HK…then i get back to work on tuesday and yesterday and its FREEZING again! last night i had to wear two jackets to band practice…craziness…now its raining and will probably rain all week…we are supposed to have a beach field trip today with the kids – but that’s going to be cancelled for sure…oh well…what has been going on with the news? i have NO idea!!! since my master’s degree started last week – i have barely had ANY time to keep myself up to date…i have to do SO MUCH reading for my studies for some reason, i don’t feel like reading anything else…this sucks… :-( for the next two years – until i finish this course, my life is going to have to be rearranged…this week is crazy too because of the show on saturday that i’m organizing…our good friends in My Precious will be arriving tomorrow and its their first time to HK so i can’t wait to show them around! then the show on saturday and we have to get everything set up for that, as well as do last minute band practice on tuesday…its nuts man…on top of that – i have assignments that are due on saturday!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! then i have a big powerpoint presentation due next tuesday…someone kill me…i’ll get over it…hahahaha…

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  • MARCH 30, 2005

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 30, 2005

    damn – another earthquake hitting Indonesia!!! that is one country with the worst of luck!!! not only are they still reeling from their tragedy in december – now they have to brace themselves for another possible tsunami…luckily, the danger level has gone down for a tsunami attack – but scientists there should be one more big earthquake to hit the region – they just don’t know WHEN…could be months or years…talked to our gay friend in Cassandra yesterday on msn yesterday…hahahahaha…no, he’s not really gay – i just love giving him shit! he’s a good friend of ours and everyone says he looks like me, which means he’s a pretty good looking dude! :-) hahahahaha…anyway – just wanted to make sure those dudes were okay from the earthquake because people in Penang were evacuated from the coastlines…another friend of ours in Malaysia also felt tremors while he was at home too…but everyone’s okay…thank god…show show show show show…can’t wait until our show on saturday!!! yo – changed some photos so take a look at them…peace out homie…also, looks like we’ll be play a tsunami benefit show at the end of April organized by students of West Island School! should be pretty cool…they have the support of RTHK so it could possibly be a big deal for those students…should be cool and hopefully you guys will all come out to support…PHOTOS

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  • MARCH 29, 2005

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 29, 2005

    woohoo…thanks for all the awesome comments about our new photos!!! we were super excited about them…just taking them we had so much fun…i totally forgot to mention Ian!!! he was with us on our photo shoots too!  he was helping us carry our crap and was helping Ah Kei take those awesome photos…Ming wants me to add some of the same graphics that i added to the photo on the left, to the other new photos…so i’ll try to do that some time this week…okay – a lot of you have been wondering what exactly is that “Breakdown Squad” thing on our intro page – you’ll find out this saturday! :-) peace…

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  • MARCH 28, 2005

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 28, 2005

    YO! check out the new KLC photo on the left!!! we spent the day yesterday in central and sheung wan taking some AWESOME band photos! we haven’t had band photos like these ever…easily the best KLC band photos we’ve ever had and we owe it all to our good friend Ah Kei!!! thanks bro!!! poor dude was taking photos in the pouring rain yesterday getting these photos…i’ve uploaded one on the left and the rest of them are in our PHOTOS page!! just a few more days left until the My Precious show!!! can’t wait…they’re arriving here on Friday and then i’ll be showing them around…dude – i am SOOOOO excited that today’s a holiday! hahahahaha…woohoo!!! nothing like having a day off right at the start of the week…okay okay – i’m going to bed now…its 1:35am on sunday night…go check out the rest of the photos!!! seeya…thanks Ah Kei!!!

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  • MARCH 27, 2005

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 27, 2005

    had to go to part 2 of my volunteer work yesterday which was AWESOME! i don’t know if you guys remember…but a couple of weeks ago my girlfriend and i volunteered to take care of a bunch of underprivileged children…these kids were from different backgrounds – but mainly chinese. but my girlfriend and i were placed in charge of a group of southasia kids from Nepal, Pakistan and India…SUPER cute kids!!! the Nepalese kids were so cute!!! with perfect english (of course with a bit of an accent) and can speak Hindhi (the main Indian language) and so can understand Urdu (that is the main Pakistani language that i speak as well)…they also can speak Cantonese!!! its crazy!!! south asians in HK are huge assets to our society yet are totally overlooked – these children were total proof of this cities ignorance. anyway – yesterday we had a special “easter buffet” for them which was a lot of fun…a lot of the kids couldn’t eat everything on the menu because the organizers forgot to check to see if certain kids couldn’t eat pork or meat due to religious reasons. once again, the organizers spoke only in cantonese ignoring this group of kids for some of whom chinese is still very new…poor kids – so my girlfriend and i just translated everything and did our own thing…after that it was one-on-one time with my girlfriend because i NEVER get to hang out with her…now that i’ve started my master’s degree its going to be even more impossible…we hung out at cultural center where weird but SUPER SUPER cool things were going on…when we first got there there was a musician banging away on a tin board! it was crazy! but it sounded SOOOOOOOOOO good! and all these people were gathered around him while he was playing it and clapped when he was done…then we walked a little bit further up and there were a group of kids practicing their breakdance moves having an awesome time…then in front of them there was one guy playing the saxophone! WHAT?! so weird! but he was SOOOOOOOOOOO into playing it! he had his eyes closed and was dancing away…amazing…then a little bit further up was the coolest thing – there was a small group of elderly singing old Chinese folk songs!!! SOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!! the main singer had such a great voice and he was accompanied by an Er Hu, guitar, tamborine and two dancers…there was a small group of people watching them and listening…then they played an old folk song that everyone around them knew – even my girlfriend started singing! :-) hahahahaha…that was rad to hear and watch…i don’t think they were actually local Chinese – i figure that they were people who recently had come down from mainland China…their mandarin was too good! hahahaha…then behind this group of the elderly was a huge group of kids doing Para Para – don’t ask me what is so attractive about being part of this para para culture…but these kids love it and i totally respect them for having found something to dedicate their time and energy to…better then getting into drugs or alcohol…pretty cool night if i do say so myself…i missed the show obviously but feel like i was part of another show altogether! watching HK’s cultural center ACTUALLY become a place to watch some culture…amazing…only 6 more days until our show with the awesome awesome My Precious from Singapore!!! woohoo!!! can’t WAIT!!!

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  • MARCH 26, 2005

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 26, 2005

    dude…i spent 6 hours yesterday working on my Master’s degree stuff…i just started thursday night and spent all day yesterday catching up on the reading that i need to do for the degree. this is going to suck – luckily, yesterday i had the day off so i had all day to work on it. what am i going to do next week when i have to be back at work?!?!?! its going to be crazy…i’m nervous but excited…its weird to have classes in “newsgroups”…that’s online courses work – the professor posts questions in the newsgroup and you are responsible to respond to that…pretty cool – but pretty weird because if you have any questions you can’t get replies immediately, obviously because they’re in the US and i’m in Hong Kong…so the time difference is all screwed up…their morning is ours late night…anyway…i went to HMV to use up my $200 coupon and bought a Motley Crue DVD! hahahaha…it was only $99 so i had to buy it…this was a live recording of one of their shows in 2000 – its not with the infamous Tommy Lee playing drums – its the girl drummer from Hole i think…DUDE – she’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!! seriously – any female drummer out there should check out this DVD solely to watch her in action…she’s so good – she plays all the Motley Crue songs EXACTLY like tommy lee would play it – she even has that non-stop hi-hat going keeping rhythm like tommy lee does…PLUS she’s not as old (i think) as the rest of the Motley Crue members so she’s looks better on stage! hahahaha…dude, seriously – the rest of the guys are in their late 40′s and look SOOOOO over and one with…but anyway – its still cool to hear those old songs that i used to love when i was a kid…lyrics are still just as stupid as i remember them to be…but dude – “he’s the one they call Dr. Feelgood – he’s the one that’s makes you feel alright!” woohoo!!! :-) on the KLC music front: i feel like we haven’t posted something in awhile regarding the band and how things are going…things are going awesome – it feels so awesome to be in a band with members who love hardcore. Bong is Mr. Hardcore for sure…the dude lives and breathes hardcore…Ming is getting his ass in super action! :-) we’ve been doing some more writing and have finished rearranging the song “Terror” pretty much…some loose screws to tighten up here and there…we’ve also started a brand new song that RULES!!! the best part about having alex doing most of the singing from now on, is that it lets me go off on the guitar! :-) hahahahahaha…i feel like i’ve waited my entire life to play these metal riffs that have been hiding in my soul forever! :-) yes – all of KLC’s songs will have a lot more guitar work in them (thank god) but we’re still a hardcore band at heart – if we ever start wearing mascara, that’s the day you can start questioning where we’re heading! hahahahahaha…anyway – get off the PC and go support our boys in Hardpack rock shit up at City U tonight…

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  • MARCH 24, 2005

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 24, 2005

    it was our bro andy’s birthday yesterday! dude’s getting old! :-) hahahahaha…happy birthday bro and hope you had a good day! i think they all went out last night but it was already way past my bedtime…i had to get up at 5am this morning to get started on my Master’s course…the university called me that early to get my computer ready for the course – since i’m doing everything online my “classroom” will actually be newsgroups on my Outlook Express program…pretty crazy – but i’ll officially start my classes tomorrow…WOOHOO!!! about time…i have a feeling that i’m going to have to cut back on a few of my activities which will suck but what can i do…i don’t even have time skateboard and haven’t for the past 6 months…it SUCKS…oh well…HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY!!!

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  • MARCH 23, 2005

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 23, 2005

    went to Records Rendezvous and noticed something that wasn’t on my original list that they gave me – the new Anti-Flag DVD!!! woohoo!!! i don’t have enough money to buy it yet but it looks awesome…Anti-Flag has quickly become a favorite most HKHC kids and the punk rock contingent in Hong Kong! not a bad punk rock band to have that much influence on this tiny community – the singer of this band is heavily involved in US politics and constantly has articles published in US newspapers regarding his view of the government etc…lots of good stuff – they have their own record label called A-F records that has another awesome DVD on sale too…its a documentary called “Outfoxed” which talks about the control the media company called Fox has over the news presented to the US public…its crazy…check it out…so go back to our Records Rendezvous link HERE to check out the order again…peace…

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  • MARCH 22, 2005

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 22, 2005

    i was looking forward to yesterday all weekend! yesterday was one of the two annual “sports days” for the kids…its awesome – we just go to a big open field where our PE teachers have a bunch of activities planned…when we got there – the kids were SUPER excited to just run around and have fun…it was awesome – but within 20 minutes, it started POURING!!! non-stop…and the rain was FREEZING!!! it was so cold…poor kids got completely drenched and their clothes soaked…poor kids…then we had to come back early and miss all the other fun…oh well…yo – i know i’ve talked about Love Is Red before – but seriously, this band RULES…everyone in KLC frickin’ loves this band…so good – so much sincere passion to hardcore…every time i hear it i go nuts…a thing that we do in our bandroom is that any time we’re watching a DVD or listening to a CD – if there’s a part that we all love, we just go all out and start moshing!!! HAHAHAHAHAH…each time i always hurt someone when i do it! HAHAHAHA…a couple weeks ago we were watching some DVD and i did a flip on to our sofa and my leg hit Bong in the face! sucked!!! then last night – singing to one of my favorite parts in the Love is Red album (the part that goes: “I HATE EVERYTHING YOU LOVE!!!”) i went nuts as usual…after the mosh was over, alex was trying to fix his watch! :-) obviously i must’ve knocked it off when i was going nuts…that’s the beauty of hardcore – the music and the words can drive otherwise normal human beings into completely impassioned lunatics…GOOD BAND!!! yes…its Tuesday that means – you get to check out the new arrivals of CD’s to Records Rendezvous!!! CLICK HERE TO CHECK WHAT THEY HAVE!!! (for Converge fans!!! Records Rendezvous has the first 3 albums that this phenomenal band released – check it out!!!)…

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  • MARCH 21, 2005

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 21, 2005

    yo…hope you all had a fun weekend! i know – how is it monday already!!! that was a fast weekend…i’ve added one more band to our April 2 show for My Precious (from Singapore)!!! the band i’ve added is a brand new HK punk rock band called Scream Hard!!! they are young guys and are REALLY REALLY nervous about playing!!! but they really want to play!!! hopefully you guys/gals will be supportive of them… :-) check out their songs: GIVE ME SCREAM HARD!!! ALSO – just got some information of a new punk show that’s taking place in HK on April the 10th featuring a Wuhan punk band as well as a punk band from Holland! woohoo – the whole rundown for the show is pretty much punk rock…should be fun!!! here’s the info:
    Hong Kong Punk Gang Society
    Disturbance & 400 Blows 2005¦~¤¤°ê¨µºt³Ì«á¤@¯¸ – ­»´ä
    (Disturbance & 400 Blows China Tour 2005 – Last Gig in Hong Kong)
    Date : 10-4-2005 (Sunday)
    ®É¶¡: 6:00pm
    Hong Kong Supporting Bands : Hardpack, Attention To Piss, MilkShake7, Spermatic Chord, Nought26
    Guest Bands: 400 blows (Wuhan Punk), Disturbance (Holland Punk)
    Place: Warehouse
    ²¼»ù: $50 (walk-in)
    Contact: Shing (96233918) or Pong (93125825)
    ANYWAY: over the weekend i went to Shenzhen with my girlfriend. haven’t been there in a LONG time – they have a frickin’ new subway there!!! its the Shenzhen version of the MTR…even their symbol looks similar to ours. the first stop is right outside of Lowu which is pretty cool! the train station is clean, super cheap and pretty efficient. unfortunately, they’re currently in “trial” mode so trains only come every 15 minutes. but it BEATS taking a taxi to 東門!!! a taxi would cost like $20 probably…with the shenzhen MTR it only costs $2!!! pretty cool…plus, i forgot how CHEAP food is in shenzhen…totally nuts…still – overall, Shenzhen remains a weird place man…weird weird place…

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