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  • DECEMBER 16, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 16, 2004

    the shirts are safely placed in our bandroom until we meet tonight to divide them all up!!! andy has seen them and he says they look great!!! woohoo…nothing like the feeling of satisfaction when you finally hold the final product of something you’ve designed or produced in your own hands…can’t wait to check them out…we’ve been so busy that we haven’t even had time to go through some old songs that we have that we MIGHT play on this tour – songs like: To Pao, Lik Kit, Stand Strong, Sickened Eyes…so we’ll be going through them all tonight which will be tiring! of course, the majority of the tour songs are going to be the brand new ones!!! woohoo – can’t wait to explode into a set with our new stuff and throw in some old ones here and there…also – we got the details for the Singapore show!!! its on our main page…being held at a bar called Zombie bar…something like that…if you need help finding it just email the contact or call him (all the info is on the flyer that we linked on to the site)…one more day!!! :-)

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  • DECEMBER 15, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 15, 2004

    t-shirts are done and andy is going over today to pick them up…andy was sick two days ago, alex was sick yesterday, and i’ve been sick all week…this sucks!!! we need to get stuff done before this tour and we really need to get BETTER before we start the tour…looks like alex and i won’t be able to finish the vocals before the tour starts…SUCKS…oh well…hey – check out that awesome photo of a girl in my school who was cold yesterday when she was playing on the playground, so i gave her my jacket to wear and she was so happy about it that she ran around all over the playground! hahaha…i HAD to get a photo of her cause she looks SOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!! i’m telling you man – we get our supporters trained at a very young age – she’s only 6! :-) hope we’ll get better soon damn it…throat is feeling crappy right now – drinking lots of vitamin C and lots of water…

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  • DECEMBER 14, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 14, 2004

    tried to record some vocals last night but my voice is totally destroyed from practicing 2 days in a row for a few hours and from the show last saturday…this sucks! it usually takes me a couple days to recover from a screwed up voice but i don’t have a couple days…i need to finish my vocals so we can have these demo’s ready before the tour…doesn’t look like it’ll happen. :-( damn…anyway – check out this link: COMMENTS FOR FUTURE King Ly Chee website PLEASE!!! ucheck out a rough version of what our good friend Bob (of Live Life, No Rules) is designing for a new King Ly Chee website…please post your comments so he can find out what you think and make the updates according to your comments. please let him know what you want to see on the future king ly chee website. if you think this current one sucks (which it totally does) then please let him know how we could improve it…some hardcore news – Beloved has broken up, Agnostic Front is on a metal label Nuclear Blast, Terror has a new video up for the song Overcome (this song rules)…fun stuff…tour starts in a few days!!! i’m so sleepy right now its ridiculous – these past couple of weeks at school have been grueling because the kids have been SO over excited about christmas that they’re seriously HIGH all day!!! hahaha…its cute though, very very cute, but also very tiring…got some photos of the first KL show on saturday – looks like Rockit – its going to be a HUGE show…i hope lots of people come – that’d suck if they booked a huge show at a large scale, but they’re only a handful of people…we’ll see what happens…i hope i can record vocals today damn it!!!

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  • DECEMBER 13, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 13, 2004

    alright – monday boys and girls…finish off this week at work and then its tour time for the 4 of us! :-) we couldn’t be any more excited…but we have so much to do before friday…last night i finished recording my guitars for the demo songs – poor andy had to record Izzue.crap 3 times because he has this one super high pitch guitar chord that he plays at the end, and each time he got there, the recorder would freeze! then we’d have to shutdown the recorder and we’d lose EVERYTHING he recorded…sucks! but i think he got it done eventually…tonight i’ll start recording vocals with alex…hopefully we’ll get it done before wednesday so we can start the burning of CD’s process…wednesday we’re also supposed to be getting our asian hardcore t-shirts from the printers! woohoo!!! can’t wait to see those…then we start packing and off we go on friday…i think this week will be another week where i’ll only be able to get like 5 hours of sleep every night just like last week…that sucked last week!!!

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  • DECEMBER 12, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 12, 2004

    what an awesome show last night!!! made up for the horrible sound at the last show we played at the warehouse! remember that? the engineer got angry at us because he couldn’t handle the sound and left. last night, the original guy “fei ming” was back engineering the sound and everything was better again…lets not talk about the show in the afternoon – lets just say that we ALL feel that someone was trying to sabotage us. the bands before us and the bands after all sounded good – but when we got on, “somehow” everything changed. hmmmmm…lets see – besides the fact that Josie was told not to say “king ly chee” on stage, one of the organizers decided they wanted to make sure that we sounded like crap. well – they succeeded. but Jun got on stage and thanked us so that was nice of him…thanks for last night guys! it was a great show…we played a bunch of new songs – hope you liked them…i know that we LOVE these songs so it felt great being able to play them…we will try to upload those songs on to the Live Life, No Rules website before we leave for the tour…

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  • DECEMBER 11, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 11, 2004

    today’s going to be hell!!! at 3:55 we’re playing as Josie’s backing band for the HUGE Wild Day Out music festival that is being held today featuring huge artists from around the Taiwan/Hong Kong/China region…should be fun – but i’m much more excited for the show later on tonight at the Warehouse…its our good friend Karen’s third show in her installments of Life Show…so after we’re done doing Josie’s gig, we gotta get back in the van and head straight to the warehouse to soundcheck Guan 36 AND King Ly Chee…then the show begins…SO – to make it short, Alex and I have to play 3 sets of music today – including setting up and packing up…its going to be hell…we are playing SO MANY new songs tonight…can’t wait…see you there!!! :-) RIP DIMEBAG

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  • DECEMBER 10, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 10, 2004

    HOLY CRAP!!! Dimebag Darrell was killed at a show two days ago!! i can’t believe it…totally in shock…i’m in shock at the way he was killed too – some madman came on to stage while they were playing and shot him POINT-BLANK! what?! how does that happen? why do they STILL make it LEGAL for people to carry guns in that damn country! we’re not allowed to have guns in HK and do we EVER have to succumb to such horrible tragedies as those school killings? or people being shot point blank? i still can’t believe that Dimebag Darrell is no longer alive…he used to play in one of my all-time favorite bands Pantera – i grew up on that band (not lyrically) and he formed my guitar playing style SIGNIFICANTLY…he was incredible and always came across as a super down to earth guy in interviews and video’s…RIP Dimebag – today’s message goes out to metalheads all over the world who sit totally shocked by this…

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  • DECEMBER 9, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 9, 2004

    our brothers in Malaysia who were organizing our 19/12 show have confirmed a new venue! the venue is called Bilique Bistro and the address is on our main page…so if any of you in KL are going to come watch us play on 18/12 in Chinatown – you can NOT miss this show at Bilique Bistro on 19/12…its going to be INSANE for sure…its a smaller place so its going to be packed with hardcore kids…nothing like being jammed packed in a room, sweating your ass off, screaming your head off, dancing, and hanging out with your asian brothers and sisters! :-) only a week away before we start playing the first show on our tour in the lovely land of Thailand…we aren’t even going to be in Thailand for 24 hours…we are going to arrive at 4:30pm on friday and go straight to the show…then the next morning our flight to KL is at 9am! its crazy!!! hahahaha…now that’s TRUE touring…when we arrive in KL on 18/12 we have to go drop our stuff off and head straight to soundcheck then play a show that night…lovely!!! :-) kevin finished the drums to 4 songs that we’re going to put on a little demo we’re making especially for the tour…alex is working on bass right now…then come guitars and lots of lovely stuff…then, next week comes burning hundreds of CD’s in our own rooms!!! :-) all for our brothers and sisters in southeast asia…aight – i’m sick…i’m outty…

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  • DECEMBER 8, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 8, 2004

    dude – did i forget to link the photo of Bikini yesterday? well its up now…sorry about that! i’m SOOOO sleepy…its 12:35am right now and i just got back from recording demo’s with kevin…he recorded drums for 3 demo songs tonight and has two more to do tomorrow…then on thursday we have to practice with Josie and ourselves for the show on saturday that we’re playing with her…and our OWN show later that night…goddamm…life is SOOOOO hectic for us right now…

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  • DECEMBER 7, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 7, 2004

    yo…this is the band Bikini who we’re playing with in Bangkok next friday! :

    can’t wait to check these dudes out! our brother Yos, whose organizing our show, says these guys are awesome so its going to be fun!!! :-) what other lovely stuff do i have to talk about for now? nothing really…my sister just got back from the UK and bought me two SICK DVD’s! guess what they are? Slayer “Still Reigning” DVD and Iron Maiden “The Early Days” DVD!!! WOOHOO!!! dude…the “Still Reigning” DVD of Slayer is a LIVE video of the recent show where they played the WHOLE Reign in Blood album!!! HOLY CRAP! those dudes must be 40+ now and can still rock that hard…those are not easy songs to play – especially on the drums…then the Iron Maiden video is just awesome to watch old LIVE video of them from the early 80′s…an amazing band – i used to love them back in the “Number of the Beast”, “Powerslave”, “Live After Death” days…awesome band…

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