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  • NOVEMBER 30, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 30, 2004

    so here’s the list of the bands that we’ll be playing with on our upcoming Southeast Asian tour!!! WOOHOO!!! thanks to all of these bands for agreeing to play with us and we’re SOOOOOOOOOOO excited to meet you guys/gals and hang out and just have an awesome time:

    Thailand: Outro, Bikini
    Malaysia: Second Combat, Cassandra, Kharisma, Secondhand Smoke, Oddity, A New Fall, Kids on the Move, Suicide Star, Pulling the Sky Down
    Singapore: Stand Ablaze, My Precious, One Wrong Turn

    again – we can’t wait to get down there to check ALL of you out and just to bring our scenes together!!! thank you again SO MUCH for wanting to be a part of these shows…can’t wait!!! just a couple more weeks…

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  • NOVEMBER 29, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 29, 2004

    yes…the weather is nice and lovely in hk right now…nice and cool – the PERFECT time to visit our beautiful little city which loves to destroy old buildings because indeed, they must be going out of style according to government officials…anyway – life is good right now…tour is coming up and NOTHING could be more exciting…we need to get all our songs done before that!!! we need to finish lyrics to two of those songs before the 17th of december! hahahaha…went to watch a play called Kiss Me Kate last night – pretty funny…good times…then got a hot chocolate and got on the Star Ferry back to Tsim Sha Tsui with my girlfriend – romance is back in the air! :-) cold weather always brings out the romantic side out all of us…hey – i don’t know if our friends in Most Precious Blood got it done yet or not, but they were going to hand out flyers at their shows for us – so if you’re reading our site after checking out the flyer…thank you for coming on to our site!!! :-) have a look around and get in touch!!!

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  • NOVEMBER 28, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 28, 2004

    word…had a fun day in our bandroom yesterday…we’ve bought this awesome hard-disk 16-track recorder and can now start recording pretty decent sounding demo’s…yesterday we spent some time getting a pretty cool bass drum sound so we’re super excited about that. we recorded drums for all of josie’s songs and then 2 of our own…going to put guitars and everything else on soon…word…going to bed…adios amigos…

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  • NOVEMBER 26, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 26, 2004

    yeah word…can you say “riz loves malaysia”? :-) got the visa with no problem baby! :-) i love that country! woohoo…next up is Thailand which will be no problem and then its Singapore…that’s the one which’ll be a bit of a pain but we’ll see what happens…yeah – a few more weeks and its tour time!!! we watched the whole Throwdown dvd again last night and it just makes everything we do so more relevant…its weird to watch the beginning of bigger hardcore bands like throwdown who are huge now – but they started off just like us, just BIG BIG time fans of hardcore music and its message…we did an interview with Dong Touch last night for the first time in a long long time – that’ll be out next week. also, looks like we’re Josie’s backing band at the Wild Day Out thing on Dec. 11…we’ll confirm that later…

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  • NOVEMBER 25, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 25, 2004

    yo…i’m telling you – the only record that i need to own this year is the bleeding through record…man – i am never disappointed when i pick up the CD and listen to it again. every time i listen to it again i leave it in my discman for days…i got the new Caliban album – it sucks…i mean, its not bad at all – but it sounds way too much like killswitch engage, unearth and shadows fall mixed together – basically, it sounds “old” even though the music isn’t bad itself. i do want to hear their earlier albums though…i think they were deliberately trying to go for a mainstream metal sound this time…not bad – but nothing that i will listen to over and over…throwdown interviews are linked on our forum – check them out…got the throwdown DVD from our friends at Life Store for only $125! check it out if you’re really into throwdown…word word…i’m applying for my lovely malaysian visa today…wish me luck! :-)

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  • NOVEMBER 24, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 24, 2004

    did you read the news about disneyland in HK? its going to be the cheapest on this planet which should be a good thing for the local economy…anyway, our good friend allie just told us that we have one more show confirmed in malaysia – supposedly a show in Ipoh is confirmed!!! woohoo!!! :-) hopefully it’ll all work out in the next few days…on friday i’m going to go apply for my malaysian visa which should be an easy one to get…but we’ll see what happens…then comes the Thai one and then finally the hardest one – the singapore visa…oh my god – i HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE that i find out in the next few months whats going on with my application for a Hong Kong passport. i’m going to be the happiest person in the world if i get that passport!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

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  • NOVEMBER 23, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 23, 2004

    found out we sold a pretty good number of DVD’s at HMV in tsim sha tsui…pretty good because we had no money to do any promotions, so there are no posters, no advertisements, nothing – so the ONLY way people know that the DVD has been released is through our website and because of YOU guys and girls! :-) thanks for helping out by letting more people know that the DVD is out…we have no idea what our label has done to promote it either, probably nothing as always. anyway…thanks to all of you for buying it…all of you overseas that have been buying stuff online, thank you so much!!! please let more people know that the online shop is up and its safe…so far every SINGLE order has been received so that’s a great great sign! :-) of course, that’s because HK’s post service is one of the best in the world – safe, honest and reliable…

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  • NOVEMBER 22, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 22, 2004

    seems like all hell is breaking loose with the Democratic Party in hong kong…their head is resigning so its a bit weird where the fate of this party is headed. i used to be a supporter but who knows where they’re headed in the future…still stand by my earlier statement that there really isn’t ONE party in HK that represents me and many of the younger generation of HK. i read in the newspaper yesterday about a village in Yuen Long where a small group of the local chinese residents have been saying a lot of ridiculous racist things about Muslims who are praying in the area. one of the STUPID comments made by the residents is that if a mosque is opened in the area, that this will mean more crime in the area. WHAT?! the reporter asked this person if there have been any crimes from Muslims in the area – and the person replied, “no there hasn’t been any”. OH MY GOD – this is the type of ignorance that needs to be erased from hong kong immediately. the sad thing is that these comments come from adults – people who SHOULD be rational and well-educated. ESPECIALLY if they have children! if children hear their own parents say stupid things like these about people of different races, religion and color – then those kids will grow up thinking it is OKAY to say stuff like this. IT IS NOT OKAY!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh…so annoying…hey – went to watch a movie called “Bride and Prejudice” the other day…pretty funny movie, if you like “bend it like beckham” then you’ll like this. actually – its NOT similar at all. the whole movie is based on what a typical movie from India would look like – its pretty funny! but i don’t think you’ll understand it unless you’ve seen indian movies and know how ridiculous those movies can be! hahahaha…

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  • NOVEMBER 20, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 20, 2004

    woohoo…had a fun day yesterday at school because it was “sports day” for the kids so we took them to this huge field and played some awesome games with them. for some of the kids, it felt like it was the first time for them to play on a huge grass field! for one of the games they had to take their shoes and socks off and they had so much fun running around the field bare feet! hahaha…so cute…then when i came back to school the kids found out it was my birthday today so they all sang happy birthday to me and made gifts and stuff like that…so fun to watch them sincerely say happy birthday…they kept asking how old i was going to be and when i told them, “i’m going to be old! i’m 28!!!” they were all like “that’s not old! you’re still young!” hahahaha…one even said, “that’s not old, if you’re in your 20′s that means you are a younger adult” WHAT?! how did this little 6 year old know that?!?!?!? crazy kids! :-) okay – have a nice day everyone…

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  • NOVEMBER 18, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 18, 2004

    holy crap – i feel pretty overwhelmed with stuff right now…i have so much to do its ridiculous. i have 3 king ly chee email interviews to do and i haven’t had time to start because i have to do a presentation about Islam at my school for 7 year old kids next week…i’m putting a lot of pressure on myself for that because i want it to be good…i’ll probably suck but oh well…then next week i’m also going to start applying for my visa’s to singapore, thailand and malaysia so i’m nervous about that. and then those interviews!!! they were supposed to be done this week…holy crap – i haven’t even had time to look through the questions…people are going to hate me…i’m out.

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