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  • OCTOBER 31, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 31, 2004

    woah – what a packed day we had yesterday…starting at 9 in the morning we all woke up to get to our bandroom to pack our stuff. then around 11:30-ish we got in the van to go to HKIS (hong kong international school) to shoot our very first music video for the song Refuse! it was awesome the way that Indy and all his friends shot the video! they booked a huge empty room and put all the band equipment right in the middle…they had i think 12 camera’s filming us!!! INSANE!!! we all can’t wait to see it when its done…don’t know when yet though. on the way to HKIS (this is the school i went to) i thought it was so cool that i was going to back to my roots with my band members – to show them what type of crazy world i grew up in!!! :-) they were blown away by the size of the school…they all thought it was more like a university then a school…anyway – thanks again to Indy and ALL the people that were there to help shoot the video!!! :-) that was amazing that they would spend an entire saturday doing something like this for us…we filmed from 12 to 3:30…then we were hungry and had some time so we went to Stanley…both kevin and i felt like we were on tour – it was so weird to hang out in stanley just trying to kill time (that’s what touring is always like – shows are at night so you try to do something during the day to pass the time)…we went rock climbing on the beach! hahahaha…then we went back to the school to pack up our stuff and then go to the Warehouse for soundcheck…we got there like at about 5:30 and then started soundchecking…we met the Masterpeace and Rough Rock Possest who were ALL really nice guys…then both King Ly Chee and Guan 36 soundchecked and then we hung out outside selling shirts, CD’s and DVD’s…i can’t believe how many people are STILL buying our t-shirts and CD’s!!! :-) THANK YOU!!! i met 3 guy’s that came down to HK from Shenzhen to watch the show!!! that was so awesome…regarding the show, lots of people to thank!!! first of all, we want to thank our good friend Karen for inviting us – if you don’t know yet, she’s the only person in HK that sells trustkill stuff so go check out her website to find out more…we also want to thank the other bands that played last night – the 2 japanese bands, 5 Disciplines, Milkshake 7 and Guan 36…then we want to thank the sound guy’s that were working so hard trying to help the sound last night. like all of you heard last night, the sound was VERY hard to control. i asked Ken from the warehouse later and he said it was because they had some shows last week and ALL the settings were fucked up. so the poor sound guy’s yesterday – Jan, Ho Ma and Fei Keung had so much trouble all day during soundcheck and then all night when the bands were playing. by the time it was our time i think Fei Keung just had enough and he left. so that left Jan and Ho Ma to finish off the show and we really want to thank both these guys for doing that!!! that was hard for them since they are unfamiliar with all the Warehouse’s equipment…they were brave to do that!!! thanks guys!!! and LASTLY – we need to thank all of YOU GUYS again for making it such a special night for us…we had such a busy and tiring day, it was the perfect way to finish it!!! :-) now my back is killing me! woohoo! hahaha…okay okay…thank you again so much for supporting us over and over!!! last night we practiced the whole “mosh pit” thing so hopefully people will understand what to do in the future…its much safer if there’s room for people to dance around in…okay okay – going to bed…SEE YA!!!

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  • OCTOBER 29, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 29, 2004

    damn man – i feel like i haven’t had a good nights sleep in days…everyday this week i’ve had so much to after work its crazy…i haven’t been able to relax at all…i thought last night i could jam fast and then get home and get some sleep – but i got to our bandroom and my amp is screwed up…actually the amp isn’t screwed up, the very tip of one of my jacks is stuck inside the amp and i can’t get it out! so only one channel works which changes my guitar sound A LOT!!! so annoying…then while i was figuring that crap out with andy and kevin, i hurt my lower back because the amp is SOOOOO heavy…then i gave up and continued to practice with one channel and i broke a string…so after work today – i thought i was going to be able to go home and take a nap before i go out, but now after i get off work i have to go get my amp fixed and then come home for maybe a second to mail out some more packages…then go do an interview with Milk magazine and then FINALLY i’ll get to hang out with my favorite person in the world – my girlfriend – for like an hour and then go home and finally sleep from this long long tiring week…but i can’t sleep that late on saturday because we’re shooting our first video early in the morning…after the video we have to run over to the Warehouse to do soundchecks…then play a show…then move all the shit back to our bandroom…and THEN i can finally go home…i’m going to try so hard to sleep ALL DAY on sunday!!! i need it…yeah yeah yeah – i’m boring you with this post aren’t i? i don’t give a shit…if you don’t like what i write here then don’t read it, a pretty simple solution don’t you think? byebye…

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  • OCTOBER 28, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 28, 2004

    yo…went to the show last night and it kicked so much ass…even though i couldn’t hear any guitars or bass – so if the drummers made any mistakes, it was way TOO obvious! :-) anyway – Hard Candy were frickin’ GREAT last night!!! holy crap…so good…they played so many songs and what must’ve been a long time but it didn’t feel like it at all! they have this song called “My Will” that RULES!!! i love this song – has a totally old-school hardcore feel PLUS it has an awesome breakdown in the middle of the song! :-) perfect for all the hardcore dancing that we’re going to start doing at our shows! hahahaha…woohoo…our next show is coming up! can’t wait…

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  • OCTOBER 27, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 27, 2004

    what up…getting sick i think…sucks…going to bed…peace.

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  • OCTOBER 26, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 26, 2004

    yo…so much in the news lately…china’s government has said that everyone from the democratic party is invited to visit beijing except for, yup – you guessed it, Cheung Mo…but more important news is that the world famous garbage education system of HK is going to be reformed DRAMATICALLY!!! guess what their focus and motive is to change the system? to make our HK students a lot more critical in their thinking! FINALLY! the new curriculum will have a course in liberal arts…i hope you understand what this means…this means that in 10 or 20 years from now on, HK people will be COMPLETELY different from the HK people that you know now…the way they look at the world will be different, and more importantly, the way they QUESTION the world will be completely altered! i can’t wait…i can’t wait to see what’s going to happen to the future HK…all i have to say is, that if China is worried about ONE cheung mo, what are they going to do with an entire CITY full of Cheung Mo’s?! hahahaha…of course – that probably won’t happen, just wishful thinking on my part…okay…i stink of smoke right now because i went to that bar Organ in TST to watch Nothing None, Very Ape and Hardpack play last night…i fucking stink with smoke cause there’s no air ventilation inside!!! sucks…i’m off…peace…

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  • OCTOBER 25, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 25, 2004

    wei…what a fun weekend i had!!! the weekend started with a show through the best sound company king ly chee has ever had the pleasure of working with!!! for all of you that didn’t come out to friday’s rockit (or any of the 3 days for that matter) you missed out on one of the best production of a show or festival in hk. there actually have been other music festivals in HK – but nothing has come as close to the sound and production that Rockit has had for the past 2 years…just the sound, stage and lighting alone is enough for me to want to pay for the full price of the ticket even though there weren’t any bands that i wanted to see – out of the all the overseas bands that came, only Dive Dive caught my attention…the rest of them i watched for awhile and then got bored. on saturday morning i went early to watch the rockit youth thing and especially to watch that 14 year old drummer do his almost 10 minute drum solo thing…the kid was amazing! he was a bit sloppy though – and his timing needs fine-tuning – but overall, he was amazing…his band went on after his solo and that was cool too. but there was a 12 year old rapper who rapped an Eminem song which was the best part of the rockit youth thing!!!   :-) he was hilarious…yesterday i went and bumped into a bunch of old friends like Sammy and fat job boys…good seeing all of them again. everyone agreed that Rockit is a great event. we also agreed that all the local kids who didn’t come to rockit were idiots…like i said, none of the bands really pushed me to want to go – but i went anyway everyday just for the sound and the overall atmosphere which was great!!! people smiling and having fun everywhere…it was awesome…anyway – there are a million shows this week! look on our forum for all the shows this week…we’re playing on saturday which should be fun…see you there – of course you’ll come to the saturday show cause its only $50…but don’t expect the sound or equipment to be good – you’re only paying $50, you shouldn’t expect anything. anyway – we’ve uploaded some awesome photo’s from our rockit show – thanks to our lovely friend Pong….

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  • OCTOBER 23, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 23, 2004

    man…man…man…for all those of you who didn’t come to the show yesterday – it was definitely your loss. the sound was the best we’ve ever had…EVER…it was like we were dreaming when we got on stage. the friendly sound engineers and good equipment always makes for a great combination. i can’t believe the sound – i can’t…for those people who thought $150 was too expensive – sorry, but you’re absolutely RETARDED. because the organizers charged $150, that’s why they were able to pay for such a good sound company with such great engineers and great sound equipment. if the show was $50 – imagine what kind of garbage they would have to use because they had no money? i think $150 was MORE than fair for the stage they had, for the lighting, for the AWESOME sound – and for the general positive atmosphere that was created at rockit…we were amazed and are still totally amazed that we were finally able to experience a show like that. even though there weren’t as many as people as we would’ve expected – those who DID come made it SOOOOO special!!! thanks for all of you who moved around in the pit, for stagediving, circle pits…general madness…you guys/girls were incredible and we are so grateful for your support…we’d really like to thank Justin at rockit for being behind king ly chee 100%! you’re awesome bro – thank you for not only supporting us, but for all the other bands you support through the articles you write for them in SCMP! trust us – your selfless support doesn’t go overlooked! :-) thank you all again for making the show so much fun yesterday!!! to all those who didn’t come…your loss…i really hope you spend some time thinking deeply about how much you can expect from a $50 show. how can any organizer be expected to rent good equipment, good sound engineers and a good venue for $50. $150? too expensive? i see teenagers spend hundreds on their clothing and shoes…ANYWAY – i’m so happy right now just thinking back to the show’s sound…oh man…oh man…SOOOOOOOOOOOO good…!!! :-)

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  • OCTOBER 22, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 22, 2004

    yo…today’s the Rockit show were we’re playing at 4:30pm! SO GET YOUR ASSES THERE NOW!!! we’re going to be there at 2pm and we’re going to have a little stall selling CD’s, shirts and DVD’s so come down and say hello!!! we hope you guys are coming…really – YOU GUYS ARE HALF THE SHOW!!! if you guys aren’t there then it will feel weird to us – as if we’re playing with only half the band. i know some of you probably think its expensive – but if you come early and stay until late, it really isn’t THAT expensive…remember that it starts like at 11am and then late into the night…if you guys come in a group of friends then you can actually have a really good time just hanging out with friends on the nice grass…OKAY – WE’RE THERE TODAY ALL DAY SO COME ON BY!! bring extra money to buy some stuff!!! :-) see you there…dude – online sales have been awesome! thanks to everyone that has been buying stuff from our site!!! :-) please spread the word that everything is safe and secure…our first order has already been received by someone in Singapore and she says it arrived safe and sound!!! woohoo!!! okay…we’re playing like 9 songs today so get yourself there RIGHT AWAY!!!

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  • OCTOBER 21, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 21, 2004

    woohoo! watched the airshow yesterday from the roof of my school! that was awesome to see it…it was supposed to start at 2pm but the pilots were late. right behind our school is a hill and around 2:10 all of a sudden came flying over the hill in perfect formation! it was so cool! i felt like a kid again!!! :-) they did some cool stuff but the pollution was so bad that you could barely see anything…ANYWAY: we have our rundown ready for tomorrow! can’t wait to play our set!!! i’m just excited to play our new songs! hahahaha…hopefully you guys are coming! the show starts at like 11 or something and then runs until midnight i think – all for only $150 which i actually don’t think is expensive at all…SO COME!

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  • OCTOBER 20, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 20, 2004

    more cool stuff going on at my school…i feel like i haven’t talked about cool kid stories at all this school year…i teach kids that are between 4-6 years old…its this age that most of these kids start reading. in the beginning of the school year they can barely write their own name correctly, but by the time they finish this school year they’re reading small books which is SOOOOO amazing to see…such a great accomplishment that a child can feel the beauty in reading. anyway – at the start of this year there was this one girl who couldn’t spell her name. so when everyone else was busy writing their names on papers, boards, books and everywhere else, she would be quiet. i would always ask her what’s wrong – and she’d whisper, “i don’t know how to spell my name”…i felt bad her but i understood – she has a really LONG name so its understandable. so the poor girl wouldn’t write her name from the first day of school until finally a couple weeks ago, i was doing an art project with her and i was about to come to her art work and write her name. she stopped me and said, “you don’t have to write it! i can write my name now!” oh my god – she was so proud and i was so proud of her too! i watched her write name and felt so happy for her! :-) its these simple things in life that we all take for granted…we all can read and write but don’t, we can all read books but we don’t, we can all write stories if we want or write to friends, but we don’t…children learn to read and write and its the greatest joy in the world…anyway – there’s my kid story of the day! today, our school is closing early because there’s a HUGE airshow in Repulse Bay! i can’t wait to see it!!! French pilots are going to do an airshow in honor of the, i think, 40 years of special ties with china…should be awesome! oh – our DVD’s are in HMV and ZOOM NOW!!! GO GE THEM!!!

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