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  • SEPTEMBER 29, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 29, 2004

    yo good news!!! our good friend “bob” is in the process of making Hong Kong’s very OWN purevolume!!! :-) he’s been showing me the first draft’s of it and it looks great…i’m giving him more feedback to modify it and then hopefully he’ll launch it soon! its going to be crazy – ANY band can have their own page up on it…this will help bands like us who use 300MB’s on our own website and we waste a lot of space with MP3′s…thanks bob for doing this!!! its going to be awesome…NEXT: if we have any supporters in Japan – we’ve sent copies of our CD’s to a distributor there who should get it on monday!!! we’re so excited that they’ll FINALLY be available there!!! that means – hopefully by next summer we can make our first trip to japan…that’s going to be rad if it happens…okay – hopefully all of you had a nice mid-autumn celebration last night! i stayed home because mid-autumn festival functions around HK are always SOOOOO full of people that i just get annoyed…hahaha…i stayed home with a lot of people and just hung out on ICQ…see ya…

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  • SEPTEMBER 28, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 28, 2004

    holy hell!!! have you guys bought the new Green Day album yet?!?!?! its amazing!!! i can’t believe the song structures on this album…its ALL OVER the place!!! oh man – i was getting so excited while listening to it…i love listening to music and i TRULY don’t know what to expect next. very FEW bands have been able to do that to me lately – especially punk rock bands! supposedly, this is a “concept” album and every song has something to do with a person called “jesus from suburbia” – so the whole album put together is like a story about him…its crazy…the songs all mix together and you NEVER know where one song starts and where one song stops!!! chi sin…truly chi sin…the chorus to one song (children of the damned) sounds like Summer of 69 (Brian Adams)!!! hahaha…then the next song sounds like the sex pistols – he even SINGS like johnny rotten! hahaha…then a song called “are we the waiting” sounds like U2…if you go to HMV now – the CD’s only $99…i also got the new Rise Against album which was only $100…dude – check out the new green day – you won’t be disappointed…unless you were looking for some totally typical punk rock – then i guess you’ll be disappointed.

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  • SEPTEMBER 27, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 27, 2004

    a few hundred people protested outside the Central police station making the sure the government understands that the public do NOT want the government to tear down what’s left of our cultural buildings…i mean come on – how many old cultural buildings do we have left in hk?!?!?! you go to macau and there are beautiful historic buildings preserved by the government there – so why doesn’t our government value these structures here? its weird…soon – future generations will have to go to museums ONLY to see what old HK used to look like…right now there are still a few buildings left that when i walk past them i AUTOMATICALLY imagine what HK must’ve been like 100 years ago…its an awesome feeling to have – just by being in the presence of a historic building will inspire you to imagine about the past…

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  • SEPTEMBER 26, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 26, 2004

    yey…i finally had time yesterday to put up our NEW KLC Distro page!!! CLICK HERE!!! we’ve finally got enough CD’s from friends bands from around the world to start our own little “distribution” section on our website. these CD’s are all only $80 and are ONLY available at our shows. please don’t ask me to mail them to you because i don’t have the time to do that. if you want any of this stuff – and i’m telling you, ALL of it is great!!! – then come to our shows to buy them. our KLC Distro will be a focus on Asian hardcore/metal bands more because we feel that the Asian scene is the scene that REALLY needs our support. US hardcore/metal bands are already on MTV and in all the magazines – do they really need the help of a few of us out here in HK? when compared to our brothers and sisters in surrounding Asian countries – i don’t think so. so far we have stuff from Cassandra (Malaysian hardcore), Straight Out (Indonesian hardcore), Age of Ruin (US hardcore) and Vassline (Korean hardcore). the hardest part about bands from South Asia is that it is really expensive for them to record – so most of the time, the recording isn’t always that great. but we were lucky because the recording of Cassandra and the Straight Out albums are pretty damn good! so we got them stocked here…we’ll always only stock stuff from bands that we’ve talked to or labels that are really supportive of King Ly Chee. so please – take some time to check out the new KLC Distro page and save some money to help out your fellow ASIAN hardcore brothers and sisters!!! peace…

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  • SEPTEMBER 25, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 25, 2004

    yo…got the new Further Seems Forever album last night…good stuff – the new singer is awesome – makes the band so much better. dare i say better then even when mr. dashboard confessional was singing for them…the music is better that’s for sure…the dude’s got an awesome voice awesome…checked out the final DVD master yesterday…we have a band commentary on it – really funny – but its all in chinese and also, if you don’t know us then you might not be able to understand what we’re saying. lots of INSIDE jokes…hahaha…whatever – it was fun for us to do…if you can’t hear it then oh well…

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  • SEPTEMBER 24, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 24, 2004

    wei – super excited…we had a talk with a 15-year-old film director last night who is going to shoot our first music video!!! :-) woohoo!!! we’ve chosen the song “Refuse” from our last album to make the video…we’re thinking about how to shoot it and where to shoot it. since we’re poor, we have NO money to pay for the making. but we’ll see what happens!!! can’t wait…okay – it was our brother Ah Heng’s birthday yesterday! turned 23 and i feel like i’ve seen this guy grow up! i’ve known him since he was 19 :-) time flies by!!! happy birthday bro! hardpack’s playing a show tonight at Poly U – another Poly U show that no one knows about, no one advertises, and i have no idea who the organizers are expecting to turn up…oh well…see you there!

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  • SEPTEMBER 23, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 23, 2004

    so the head of the United Nations, kofi anan, finally is giving the real American Idiot (George Bush) some scathing remarks for attacking Iraq and completely defying the United Nations order. but who knows what’s going to happen…the cycle of violence isn’t going to stop. iraqi’s are killing iraqi’s…militants are killing children…i’m convinced the end of the world is coming soon…maybe 100 more years and its all over…sorry to be negative – we’re surrounded by negative news and reports…it never ends…i wonder everyday what world these kids that i teach at school are going to grow up in? what world are they going to be in charge of 20 or 30 years? all because the world isn’t TRULY doing what they should to protect the future of this planet – if your own countries leaders act like selfish bastards, what are the kids going to learn? they’re going to grow up with no compassion for another human life – because that’s what they’ve been taught…anyway…

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  • SEPTEMBER 22, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 22, 2004

    yo…working on setting up a PayPal account for King Ly Chee stuff!!! i’m so excited…the account is set up but i’m trying to get more information from the PayPal people regarding any extra costs that YOU, our supporters, will have to pay for some strange reason. what i mean is, i want to charge a FLAT rate…like for example, i will want to sell the KLC CD on our site for $15USD that will include shipping. i want to make sure that THAT is ALL you’ll be charged – i hope it won’t take you to another page and all of a sudden it’ll ask you for an extra few dollars…anyway – can’t wait to set it up! that means when our DVD, if it’ll be ready, will be able purchasable through our website for all our supporters out in the US, europe and canada! COOL!!! alright – i need to piss really bad…see ya…okay – we’ve started the preparations for our December tour of Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand again…we were hoping to get to the Philippines but i doubt that’s possible (it takes 3 months for me to get a visa). if there are any KLC supporters in Ipoh who organize shows – please get in touch with us…we’d like to hook up a show there on Dec. 22…

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  • SEPTEMBER 21, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 21, 2004

    wei…did you check out the newspapers yesterday? they showed the NEW design of what the waterfront will look like in Tsim Sha Tsui!!! they said it’ll be finished by 2006 and i’m telling you – it looks AWESOME!!! i can’t wait til it opens…i love living in TST already, but after this renovation is completed, i’m going to want to be buried here! hahaha…the newspaper also said that the underground connection from TST mtr station to TST East KCR line is opened! i’m going to check this out after work tomorrow to see what its like…it connects from Nathan Road and goes underneath Mody Road (the road where Phase 2 is) and opens up in Chatham road…i love when life gets exciting like this in my little part of hk! :-) HEY – lots of you guys have asked why “She” is not downloadable. the reason is, we want you guys to buy the CD so i don’t want to make the She MP3 downloadable until the Come Out and Play CD is released on Sept. 30. after its released THEN i’ll change the MP3 so you can download it from our purevolume page…until then – keep listening to it over and over and over and over until you can sing the song better then we can! :-) hey – we MIGHT have a show on Oct 4…its not confirmed yet…but its a celebration show for the release of Come Out and Play organized by 89268…more info later…its a late show and starts at 10pm and is on a monday night…we’ll see what happens…

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  • SEPTEMBER 20, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 20, 2004

    man – i’ve waited YEARS for the government to finally get off their ass and release a law that will protect minorities in HK from racism and discrimination. they’ve finally released the first draft of the law for EVERYONE to read and you can get to it by going to this site: STOP RACISM NOW!!! rof course – if you read the newspapers then you know that most minority groups/organizations are happy about this but still seem to want to know more. what i know is that Mainland Chinese are not included in this law – that means they’re not protected. i understand the government’s logic – because as Chinese, mainland Chinese are not considered a “minority race” because they’re ethnically chinese. BUT that still does NOT provide an answer of when the gov’t. will draft a law that will protect Mainland Chinese from the discrimination they have to face when dealing with Hong Kong Chinese people. i know you know what i mean. i often hear Hong Kong Chinese talking negatively about mainland Chinese about how they’re not “civilized” or say some other completely stupid comments about Mainland Chinese. how many times have i heard people say that Shenzhen is a “dirty” place and “unsafe”? and how many times have these comments been made by Hong Kong Chinese? almost EVERY time! i’ve been to shenzhen so many times in the past few years and i’ve never once encountered a problem…sure, its not the cleanest place in the world, but what big city really is? ANYWAY…this is still a good start – even though it took an unnecessarily long time for it to happen. please take some time to read the new law that will protect people like me and MANY others who consider Hong Kong “home” and will FINALLY feel like this government DOES care about us.

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