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  • AUGUST 31, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 31, 2004

    so a 6-year-old climbs down on to the tracks of the MTR and walks to the station before him – and NOBODY see’s this boy step on to the tracks, and no one MTR staff notice a boy walking on the tracks on their surveillance system. the stations he walked on are NOT underground but uncovered so people could see him. what a weird situation to happen…for some reason, after the boy was back in the care of his mom and the MTR staff, the MTR people thought it was necessary to tell the family that he should not walk on the tracks because its an $5000 fine. what the hell did they need to tell them that for?! the poor child didn’t know from best – all he knew was that his family was missing all of a sudden and he didn’t know what to do…poor kid – stuck in a strange world…okay – more rain and rain…hey – it looks like we’ve been invited to this year’s Rockit Festival. for those who don’t know what that is – its the expat festival that had its first one last year. one of the foreign bands that came to play at this festival last year said on stage “where are all the Chinese people?”. that sums how we all felt about the festival last year. but the organizers have promised that this year the focus is going to be on local music more…let’s see what happens…elections coming up soon – hopefully you guys are doing what you can to find out about who you’re going to vote for…its not easy – but its worth it…this is our home – we have to make sure our voices are being heard…alright – back to work this week…the kids rule – i love ‘em so much…make me feel like i’m somewhat important to them! :-)

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  • AUGUST 30, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 30, 2004

    for any of you who went to the RedMove show and want to post some SUGGESTIONS for the organizers about how the can improve next year, or if you want to post some thoughts about what you did NOT like about RedMove – then please go to our forum and post them there. later this week we’ll let the organizers know that comments have been posted on our FORUM so they SHOULD read them immediately, especially if they’re considering doing it again next year. ANYWAY: all this rain – there’s just so much of it! just doesn’t stop…i think its supposed to continue for the next few days…it doesn’t matter – as long as i have my Bleeding Through DVD – i’ll be happy! :-) the world could end today and i’d be happy…DUDE – isn’t China kicking some ASS at this year’s olympics!!! :-) its awesome to see it…for those outside of HK reading this, of course EVERYONE in HK has been glued to their TV sets to see how China is doing. every time they win a GOLD medal the whole city goes crazy! its funny – even my girlfriend gets insanely proud and happy every time China wins another gold medal!!! :-) its exciting here…LASTLY: once again – thanks to all of you who got involved in the WATER CIRCLE PIT at the show! :-) that was awesome!!! TRULY awesome to watch you guys run around in the mud!!! :-)

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  • AUGUST 29, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 29, 2004

    i have nothing to say…we were there for 10 hours in the pouring rain and were only allowed to play one song. one of the organizers actually came to us at 10pm to tell us that they decided that ONLY Paul and Josie can play one song each…all the rest of us couldn’t. i yelled at this idiot and told her that we’ve been here for 10 hours and there was NO way we were leaving without playing. she tried to argue with me and eventually she went away and then someone else came back and said, “okay – every REMAINING band can play one song each”. what had the potential for being an awesome awesome show – was mishandled repeatedly by the organizers…i don’t even know who was the real organizers – even though there were 3 different companies involved, in the weeks leading up to this show, everything was already in chaos. we didn’t know anything – the rundown for the bands were still being changed a few days ago. chi sin…we didn’t even find out until the day of the show that all band members could’ve gotten a free pair of jeans! ANYWAY: i can’t believe you guys stood there in the pouring rain for over 2 hours while the idiot organizers wasted time trying to decide what to do. that was the most touching thing for all the artists to see…we all stood in the back waiting and waiting but you guys waited in the rain…amazing…we are really really sorry that we only played one song. we know some of you had been at the show since 3pm especially to see us…we’re really sorry but we hope you understand who to blame for this. this is the second show in a row we’ve played that sucked…sometimes bad luck just loves to follow us wherever we go…i still don’t understand – all week we’ve known that this weekend it was going to rain. out of all the money they spent on this, why didn’t they rent a HUGE cover to put over the area? they should’ve had a back-up plan especially since we just had a typhoon here 2 days ago!!! okay okay – happy thoughts…happy thoughts…i want to go to sleep tonight with positive images of you guys singing along when we played…thank you so much…we are truly truly sorry that we only played one song… :-(

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  • AUGUST 28, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 28, 2004

    so as of the time that i’m writing this…the show today is still on! but we have no idea what’s going to happen…soundcheck time is earlier on in the day but i think all that will change if it starts raining…so far over 600 tickets have been sold and the organizers have still told us that the show will not be cancelled or postponed…so rain or not – we’ll be on stage later tonight!!! see you there later on today! all our shirts will be on sale but only EARLIER in the day…PLUS – i got the Age of Ruin CD’s!!! so they’ll be on sale tonight too…see you later…PS: go to our forum to check out awesome photos that our friend Dominic took of us…

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  • AUGUST 27, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 27, 2004

    yeah that’s right…frickin’ typhoon signal #1 is up now and the big huge outdoor Levi’s festival is tomorrow…SUCKS…its supposed to go up to 3 today and then who knows what’s going to happen…last night we started another new song and the lyrics, according to alex, are going to pissed off. VERY angry lyrics…we’ve never had lyrics like this and i have a feeling that even for me, it will be VERY easy to write a bunch of angry lyrics…don’t know exactly how to explain this – but sometimes when i singalong to Bleeding Through’s crazy pissed off lyrics like “I’ll see your face in hell” or “I hope you see my face on your deathbed”…gets me some sort of emotional relief…not that i actually want to hurt someone – but screaming out those words makes me feel like i’ve gotten rid of any negative emotions i have inside my heart…it also doesn’t help that i’ve been watching the Bleeding Through DVD every frickin’ day! :-) i’ve gotten the Hardpack dudes all hooked on Bleeding Through too (except KK – he hates any type of screaming hahaha…). SO – yes, we’ll finally have one song with some lyrics that’ll probably make you wonder if we’ve gone crazy! :-) you probably think that already…so typhoon in town – maybe means show cancelled or postponed…who knows…see ya tomorrow hopefully!

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  • AUGUST 26, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 26, 2004

    wow – had such an awesome night last night! we had a total of 18 people come up to the studio to help us record backing vocals!!! :-) that included band members from Attention to Piss, Hardpack, Guan 36, 5 Disciplines, Die in Velvet, KLC, and friends like Ka Ho, Ming Wai, Kit + friend…it was SO awesome to see them all their hanging out and screaming the words! :-) after they left i realized that i had sung the wrong lyrics to some of the parts so i had to RE-record some of my vocals which was annoying…its now 12:52am and i have to go to sleep IMMEDIATELY because i have to get up at 6…okay goodnight…THANKS to all our friends who came out to add their magic to our song!!! trust me – it sounds SOOOOOOOOO good!!! they did an awesome job…can’t wait til the rest of you get to hear it! :-)

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  • AUGUST 25, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 25, 2004

    not to be negative today – but this weather sucks. it is so disgustingly hot and humid outside…even the wind is hot wind. then it rains and it gets cooler. but as soon as the rain stops, the weather gets hot and humid again…so nasty. i have playground duty early in the morning and seriously, the kids DON’T want to play!!! they keep begging me to let them go back down. normally i love playing soccer with them, but i don’t even bother now. i just stand under the shade or try to do some fun stuff with them through the least amount of movement on my part! hahaha…oh dude – this will be funny to all of you. the other day at school i was wearing one of KLC’s newer t-shirts. on the back of one of our shirts we have the words “HONG KONG HARDCORE” printed really big. guess what one of the teachers said to me, “wow – that’s a bit inappropriate isn’t it?” i was like “what are you talking about?” he said, “the t-shirt on the back” i was like, “hardcore? dude – that’s a style of music man! not what you’re thinking!” he thought it was some porn t-shirt – yeah, like i’d first, own a porn t-shirt, and second, even if i did own a porn t-shirt that i’d wear it to a primary school! chi sin! i was laughing so hard…i told some of the other teachers and they laughed. i thought in my head “we have 100′s of these shirts in our bandroom – i think i’m just going to wear one EVERYDAY!” hahahaha…HEY BIG QUESTION FOR ALL OF YOU – is it me or is the Legco election on September 12 really confusing? how many different positions are we supposed to vote for? who are the candidates? i don’t even know!!! i have seen some posters on the streets – but not enough to know who i will vote for…does anyone have any websites that we can look at to get more information?

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  • AUGUST 24, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 24, 2004

    so apparently, someone in KLC is dating a popstar! hahaha…anyone know who in KLC is dating a popstar? i’d like to know – actually, alex, andy, kevin and i would all like to know who in KLC is dating a star. you probably don’t know what i’m talking about – but a message was posted on our FORUM about this. the main thing that concerns me is that to me, this band will always be something that 4 guys are doing simply for the love of the music and letting our thoughts and feelings out through the words and sounds. none of us look at this band as some big “star” thing because firstly, we’re of course not, and secondly, because andy and i have regular jobs OUTSIDE of this little community that we play music in. so in our “regular” jobs we are QUICKLY thrown back down to earth and realize that nothing that we do in KLC can really effect the world outside. the world will continue whether we support fake canto-pop music or not. the world will continue no matter how much awareness we bring to the plight of minorities in HK. so – when we find out that people that we do NOT know are actually using their own time and energy to talk about us – it really is weird!!! very weird! how did we become conversation for people who don’t know us? pretty weird…these people don’t know us, have never talked to any of us and of course are not considered “friends” of ours – yet they think they know us. one of the rumors is what i talked about in the first sentence of today’s message. someone in KLC is dating a popstar – i’d be super happy if that was me! :-) hahaha…as far as i know – andy has been dating his girlfriend for 3 years, i’ve been with my girlfriend for 3 years in december, kevin has been with his girlfriend for almost 3 years i think. and alex is not currently dating. so – i wonder if there is someone else in KLC that we don’t know about. maybe? if you find another KLC member please let me know! i’d like to meet him/her! :-) i have a good idea – how about i ask all our girlfriends and see if they secretly are popstars but they never told us! hahaha…

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  • AUGUST 23, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 23, 2004

    oh my god…if there’s ANY DVD you guys need to buy right away is the LIVE Bleeding Through DVD!!! ITS INCREDIBLE!!! one of the few metal/hardcore bands that can play EXACTLY like their CD’s…the sound is amazing too…THERE’S SO MUCH ENERGY IN THIS DVD!!! soooooooooooooooooooooooo good…dude…so good…i’m watching as i’m typing this so i don’t really want to type a message…sorry – i’m going back to watch the DVD!!! i feel like moshing in my frickin’ room!!! “i hope you see my face on your deathbed” SOOOO GOOD!!!

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  • AUGUST 22, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 22, 2004

    wei…sorry for not updating the site yesterday but alex, andy and i were recording guitar for the song “she” on friday night and i didn’t get home until very late…yesterday alex and i recorded the vocals for the song but i haven’t finished the vocals yet so i’ll go back on wednesday to finish it. that day we’re also going to get a bunch of our friends to come up to help us sing the backing vocals to a bunch of the parts! can’t wait!!! :-) i love having all our friends in the studio singing our lyrics…we’re playing this new song at the 28/8 show so check it out…hopefully it won’t rain!!! its supposed to rain all week…i don’t know about you, but all this rain gets me super “emo”…all i want to do is sit next to my window and watch the rain fall. for some reason i always feel like rain is so peaceful – even though it sucks when you’re actually OUTSIDE and trying to avoid all those idiots who are too lazy to close their umbrella’s even when they’re walking undercover. i HATE those people! you constantly have to duck under their umbrellas’s so you don’t have poke your eye out…so annoying. they have umbrella’s so why do they have to take up the space that SHOULD be given to those people who don’t have umbrella’s? anyway – like i was saying…rain – peaceful – lots of opportunities to think about this world and my life all together…have you been watching the olympics? i haven’t at all – but i think its SO funny that HK had to play against China for the finals of Table Tennis! imagine how funny that must seem to foreigners…imagine if one day a team from New York City had to play against USA! hahaha…it doesn’t even make sense! or if team Tokyo had to play against Japan! what? i just think its funny…either way, Chinese people win…then my girlfriend told me that the 2 people on the HK squad are actually from Mainland China. that just adds to the confusion…but i haven’t watched a single one of these matches…recording has been a lot of fun…its a new studio we’re recording in and its really comfortable…hopefully all the comfort will be felt when you hear the song – we all think it sounds pretty good – all our experience in the studio is starting to pay off. we, at least i, know what to listen to when it comes to sound. after wednesday we’ll do mixing and then we’re done – then the song should be out at the end of September through 89268…ANYWAY: go to our FORUM and check out the link to Love is Red’s new video!!! good stuff….

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