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  • JULY 31, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 31, 2004

    show tonight! hopefully you guys/girls will be there tonight…i feel like i’ve had a horrible week and i REALLY need this show tonight. playing shows is definitely therapy for me – i get to scream out all the negative feelings that are living inside me…can’t wait to get it out of my system tonight at the show. good news (yes we actually have some…) – our t-shirts are ready, but of course, there is one bad news, the black shirts aren’t ready yet. but the grey ones will be on sale, and everyone’s favorite, the baseball t-shirt one will be on sale too…the baseball t-shirt is $100, the regular t-shirt is $80…see you tonight at the show…thank you to everyone on the FORUM and our MESSAGEBOARD that has posted nice things trying to help me feel better…thank you so much…still feel like ass but whatever, i’ve gone through a lot in my short little life, this is just another chapter. see you tonight…

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  • JULY 30, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 30, 2004

    nothing to type…show tomorrow…peace

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  • JULY 29, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 29, 2004

    yeah…we have some bad fucking news…i’m sure you’ve already read about it while you were trying to get into our site, but just in case you didn’t – i couldn’t get my visa yesterday to go to the Philippines. so that means we can’t go and i feel like fucking shit. complete fucking shit. i feel like shit because every time i have to apply for a fucking visa, they always make me feel like dirt. they make me feel like i’m wasting their time because Pakistani passports always require extra work for them. i’m also tired of people treating me like all Pakistani’s are these poor unemployed people that only want to go to these countries to run and hide. that’s why when they ask for my bank statements, they always have a fucking crap tone and attitude. like, if i show them my bank statements they will see that i have no money in my account. fuck you. i have money, i’m not going to your country to run and hide. i’m just going there to play music, be with my friends and learn about your people and your culture. what? pakistani’s are not people that would be interested in learning about your culture and people? pakistani’s are pretty much banned from every fucking country on this planet – no matter where i want to go i have to endure so much shit for being pakistani. anyway…King Ly Chee would like to say SORRY to all the show organizers that were going to help us in the Philippines – Alvin, Merck and our good friends in HK Glenn, Moi and Mike – all of these guys went so out of their way to get King Ly Chee to the Philippines. i feel like we’ve let all these people down and we hope they don’t hate us in the Philippines…we will try to go back there someday…maybe Christmas time…by that time i’m sure i’ll be able to get a visa. SORRY TO EVERYONE IN THE PHILIPPINES THAT WAS GOING TO HELP US AND TAKE CARE OF US WHEN WE GOT THERE – we are truly sorry…and we hope you can forgive us and welcome us back someday in the future…ANYWAY: life sucks…this world sucks…fuck everyone…

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  • JULY 28, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 28, 2004

    last night Heng, some of the ATP guys, and i went to watch a huge concert at the Wan Chai convention centre – Hahn (Paul’s band), Edison, Lum Yut Fung, At 17, Miriam Yeung and the god AWFUL twins performed. all the artists were really REALLY good i thought, the worst, and i mean the worst, were Twins. twins performed first and they can’t sing and they can’t dance. but they got off the stage fast and then the REAL music began – Lum Yut Fung came on stage and played his famous acoustic songs and he was SOOOOOOOOO good…as always. after that was Edison Chen who came on with Ah Yan and two other rappers. surprisingly, i thought it was pretty good! then some new girl came on – but her songs sound exactly the same as every other mainstream singer in HK so i don’t remember anything about her. after that, Paul and Hahn came on and that was fucking RAD!!! :-) it was awesome to hear some pure rock at the concert – Paul played all of his heavier songs (why didn’t he do this when he opened up for Korn?). anyway – after that i think it was Miriam’s turn and she played together with At 17 which was cool…sounded good. anyway, came home and thought it was surprisingly a pretty cool night! all of these people are considered “mainstream” artists and they all did a great job to display their music and their TRUE talent…the only ones that sucked were the first ones. ANYWAY: pretty interesting night…i came home and found out that the show on saturday is FULL seating!!! THAT SUCKS!!! we are trying to find out now if the security will stop our audience from jumping around and having fun!!! I HOPE THAT ALL OF YOU GUYS ARE FREE TO HAVE FUN AT THIS SHOW!!! we didn’t know that it was FULL seating until today…sucks!!! we’ll find out more info soon…

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  • JULY 26, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 26, 2004

    i can’t wait til Saturday!!! :-) can’t wait to play Josie’s songs…they’re SO MUCH fun to play!!! hahahaha…we have this nice REALLY simple but totally rock intro which should be awesome…we’re playing 3 of her songs and i’m sure you won’t recognize ANY of them because they’re SO different from her CD! definitely a little KLC influence…then after her 3 songs – its our turn to play our own songs…we haven’t decided how many to play yet!!! :-( we know that we can only play 4 at the most…so we’ll see what happens…we all can’t wait to see you guys this weekend!!! :-) our t-shirts WILL BE ON SALE!!! HO YEH!!! have a nice monday everyone – get your voices ready…learn those words!!! :-) oooooooooooooooohhhh – we’re playing one NEW song on friday!!! can’t wait to try out this song…right now we have 11 new songs – its crazy…maybe we’ll start recording our next album in October…hopefully – we might have like 20 songs by then though! hahahaha…alright – seeya…

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  • JULY 25, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 25, 2004

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! :-) as always…you guys were the best thing to ever happen to us in this band!!! and i think there really is something special about the Warehouse when we play – you guys are always more comfortable and therefore, COMPLETELY CRAZY!!! :-) you guys did not stop moving for one second last night…it was the best – there was SO MUCH energy in the room. that was the first show we’ve played where i actually wasn’t tired – and that’s because of YOU guys…i could’ve easily played another 10 songs last night if kevin was there! hahahaha…Ming did a GREAT job last night and he only had a few days to learn 5 songs…he’s awesome…the bands last night were awesome too…Hardpack was the best i’ve EVER seen them last night!!! SO GOOD!!! they also sold SO MANY t-shirts last night which was great to see…our brothers in ATP played 3 original songs yesterday and i’m still singing their songs at home right now!!! hahahaha…SOOOOOO GOOD TOO!!! if you want, they actually have 4 mp3′s…go to their website and ask them to post in on their website!!! :-) thanks again guys and girls for your support…last night i said something that is really my honest feeling – we’ve been playing for 5 years, sometimes i worry that you guys might start getting bored of us…but it did NOT seem like that last night!!! :-) our next show is next Saturday – we’re playing 3 songs from Ho Chiu Yi…and we originally NOT going to play any KLC songs – but last night, SO MANY of you said you guys were going to come to the show…SO – we decided that we really HAVE to play KLC songs so we’re going to play at least 2!!! HO YEH!!! i’m happy about that and the WHOLE band is happy that we’ll do that too…unfortunately, the sound equipment for next week’s show looks like shit. so until then we have to figure something out…can’t wait to see you guys next week!!! :-) thank you AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN for your beautiful support for us!!! each time we see you guys/girls – your support feels stronger then before…we’re nothing without you all…

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  • JULY 24, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 24, 2004

    YO – we’re playing TODAY at the WAREHOUSE so get off the PC, turn off the lights in your room, get your shoes on, go out the door, make sure to lock it! :-) then get in a taxi, bus or MTR and get your ass to the WAREHOUSE as soon as you can to check out the show! it starts at 7pm and ALL of HK’s best punk rock bands are playing and will also be selling t-shirts! YO: last night alex and i went up to Polar Bear and found out that the WHOLE “Hahn” band is back together! for those who don’t know who “hahn” is – they’re the band that Paul started up with Jun on drums, Jimmy (Anodize/LMF) on bass, dino on guitar! they’ve stopped for over a year and are back together to play for Paul on tuesday…should be pretty good. alex and i also went to the warehouse last night to watch a show – it wasn’t a bad show, the sound wasn’t good though…i found out later that the sound person was new so they didn’t know what they were doing. oh well…the bands did well i think – but i missed the opening 3 bands!!! DAMN!!! i missed Los En Found, Embryo and Zoundz!!! SUCKS!!! the whole reason i went to the show last night was to see these new guys…sorry guys for missing your show! :-( oh well…COME TO THE SHOW TONIGHT!!! byebye…

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  • JULY 23, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 23, 2004

    go over to our forum because there are some awesome messages up there (one regarding PETA…another one is a posting i made with 4 MP3′s of AWESOME hardcore bands you guys should check out…and other stuff)…also – Levi’s is organizing a big show on August 28th that is going to be an all day-music extravaganza and they need YOU to be in their poster! so they’ve asked that any of YOU who can make it to the Warehouse at 2pm, please come up to be in the photo for the poster. EACH PERSON THAT COMES WILL RECEIVE A $300 Levi’s GIFT COUPON!!! so if you can come – just go to the Warehouse early at 2pm…oh by the way, if you’re there at 2pm – might as well just stay the whole day since we’re playing later as well! :-) CAN’T WAIT TO PLAY TOMORROW NIGHT!!! hopefully you guys can ALL make it!!! we aren’t playing any new songs because kevin can’t play tomorrow night – but its still going to be fun to play…we started a brand new song last night that has a nice Motley Crue/old 80′s metal feel! hahahaha… :-) its so awesome…can’t wait until we start recording our next album – its going to be SOOOO good! hahahahaha…see you tomorrow night!!!

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  • JULY 22, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 22, 2004

    dude – we’ve practiced everyday this week with Ming…hahaha…its crazy…he picked up pretty damn naturally…also – i forgot that my most recent article in BC magazine is up online now so go over to our FORUM to check it out…the link will can be found in the topic titled “Punk explosion” – somewhere in there i’ve put up the link…a few days ago i read an article about some retarded man, who has two children, who got caught with child pornography on his computer. this world will never cease to amaze me – amaze me as to the amount of filth and shit pollute this planet. he’s got two children – so he doesn’t mind if some disgusting old men were looking at disgusting and WARPED photo’s of his own children? what the hell!? this guy is going to go to jail but not for enough time if you ask me…just when you think you’ve heard the worst, something even more disgusting comes along. HK is getting tough on child pornography and its ABOUT TIME.

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  • JULY 21, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 21, 2004

    DUDE!!! two weeks from today King Ly Chee will be playing their first show in the Philippines!!! :-) canNOT wait to get there and to rock out with all the Filipino bands and checking out their lifestyles…must be SO different from ours up here in hectic fast-paced crazy land…hahaha…NEXT: only a few more days until our show!!! can’t wait for that too…Ming is rocking HARD on our songs and he sounds great…he’s going to be totally ready to rip shit up on saturday! thanks Ming for always being ready to help us out! :-) so people are getting sick right and left – so please be careful, especially be careful of what you EAT!!! friends of ours have been getting sick a lot recently…alright – going over to our FORUM to see what messages you guys have posted up there! :-) seeya…

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