JUNE 24, 2004

alright – kevin’s dream has come true…his favorite clothing company Famous Stars and Stripes (owned by Travis Barker of Blink-182) is finally available in Hong Kong!!! its available at our good friend Fa Wai’s shop called Zoom in Tsim Sha Tsui…CLICK HERE to check out the map of where Zoom is located. also check out the Famous Stars and Stripes website HERE! to check out what they have…NEXT: our lovely “Parrae” glenn has booked two shows in the Philippines for us already!!! HOLY SHIT!!! we’re SO excited about this dude!!! i’ve always wanted to go to the Philippines and now i get to go with the band!!! its going to be rad – the shows are August 6th and 7th. the first show is called “Oi Attack” and we’ll be playing with all the old punk rock bands that created the Philippino punk rock scene!!! ITS GOING TO BE CRAZY!!! thanks Glenn for your support bro!!!

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