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  • MAY 31, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 31, 2004

    you guys are so lucky that i search the web everyday and therefore make it SO easy for you guys to find out what’s up in the hardcore world…the most important info for you right now is that Unearth has uploaded the FIRST song off of their new album already!!! it sounds CRAZY!!! here’s the link so you can check it out yourself I WANT UNEARTH NOW PLEASE!!!  as far as i know that’s the only insane news out there…i can’t wait until this Unearth record comes out…a DVD of there’s will be out in july too…can’t believe its the end of May already! for those who don’t know, i’m a teacher’s assistant at a school here. this was my first year working at a kindergarten back at my old school and it has changed my life…i’ve realized that this is what i want to do if i ever have a “career”. anyway – today starts the last 2 weeks that i’m going to be with these kids until they move on to the next grade. i’ve been with these kids for the entire past year and i feel like they’re MY kids now. i know so much about them, what they like, what they dislike, what they liked to be called, what they don’t like to be called, what they like to eat, what they hate, what movies they love, what they don’t…i feel like they’ve become a part of me and in two weeks, they will move on and will probably forget me when they get back. its pretty sad – of course its my first year in this brand new field of teaching – so as i do this for more years, i’m sure it will get easier. but i’ve talked to some teachers who’ve been teaching for over half of their lives and they still say, “some years are harder then others to say goodbye”…so there’s no hope for me, i’m too emotional for my own health…i just hope that i had an impact on their lives. that when they go on to become adults that they’ll remember someone in their childhood that care about them more than then they could imagine. if they do come back to find me when they’re adults, i have SO MANY stories to tell them about what it was like to teach them when they were 5-6 years old! :-) anyway…going to bed…thousands of people took to the streets yesterday! remember that the annual June 4th candle light vigil for the 1989 massacre is this friday…can’t wait to go – always an emotional night…

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  • MAY 30, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 30, 2004

    woah…watched Day After Tomorrow last night…crazy movie!!! got my girlfriend and i totally thinking about the world ending etc…an awesome movie even though its full of the usual pro-US bullshit. but there are some cool hidden messages – like the president of the US being replaced…funny how the US elections are coming up! hahaha…anyway – got School of Rock on VCD last night! you know i’m going to be watching this over and over for the next couple of weeks…hahaha…such a good movie…going to bed…peace.

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  • MAY 29, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 29, 2004

    checked out the Avenue of Stars in TST last night (you know the one behind the New World Center) – pretty lame…but i always love walking in that area because you get to see just how beautiful our harbor is. our city at night looks majestic like we really are the center of the world…but then morning comes and all the beauty dissipates through the air and turns into stress and anxiety that lands on people’s faces. they trudge through the rest of the day being shit upon by their bosses or people who think are their bosses until the work day ends. then its a mission to get on the impolite mass transit amongst the throngs of other stressed out people and try not to puke by the pungent stench of sweat and BO on the crowded MTR’s, buses etc…then you finally get off the said transportation, pat yourself on the back on remarkably stopping yourself from puking and make your way home. then night comes back once again and if you’re lucky, you find yourself sitting next to the person you love and look across the harbor and sit back and take in the beauty of the city, which hours ago looked like a sick and twisted horror movie. so is the life of living in a bustling city of Hong Kong…ANYWAY: found this message on the internet last night about a friends band called 22 Cats – it looks like they’re releasing an album on a label that is funnily enough called Harbor Records. here’s the message about a show going on tonight for them i guess…i’ll probably try to go to check them out and pick up their new CD which will be on sale tonight:
    維港唱片 明天出貓!
    22 Cats – 初夜出碟派對
    bands: False Alarm, My Little Airport, 在草地上
    Time :7:30pm
    Venue :7 Shing Yip Street, Room 1301-1302 Fibres & Fabrics Industrial Centre, Kwun Tong (MTR~B)
    觀塘成業街7號經緯工業中心 1301-1302室(電梯12字,上一層) (地鐵站B出口)摩登倉對面
    Ticket : $50, $70(with 22 Cats’ hottest mini album “All The Good People Will Shine’)
    More Details : 97021589 Por
    ANYWAY: updated info about the June 25th show…all the bands are finalized, unfortunately 5 Disciplines won’t be playing (SUCKS!!! i wanted to see them…) but others are. i also posted 2 new advertisements about people looking for band members – one of them is 5 Disciplines – they’re looking for another guitar player to complete their sound. for all those of you who have a passion for hardcore please give these guys a call. they’re one of the most dedicated bands in HK to hardcore with the entire band made of people who have committed themselves to hardcore at the same time respecting other music as well. they’re great people with awesome ideas for a unique hardcore sound…i know they’re too nice to say this – but from too much experience in this field, if you don’t give a shit about hardcore or are just into it for the music, then don’t bother calling them. ANYWAY – check out the advertisement on this PAGE…

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  • MAY 28, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 28, 2004

    nothing to update…have a nice friday…go listen to some hardcore and start a hardcore band…

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  • MAY 27, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 27, 2004

    yo – holy crap…check out this band called Misery Signals on ferret records!!! i heard one song and i placed an order for it RIGHT AWAY!!! its that good that i couldn’t wait – i had to order it right away…click this link to check out one of their songs GIVE ME MISERY SINGALS BABY!!!  a good friend called Nic watched the throwdown video and then commented that this video must be inspired by the movie The Fight Club – so i feel like an idiot for making that comment yesterday. in the case of Throwdown, where even their name was based on a joke to try to be the toughest band possible (ayou can watch the old Indecision Records documentary for the full story of how Throwdown started), basing their video on The Fight Club makes sense…so – oops! made a mistake – i still think the video sucks though personally. i think they would’ve been better off just using live video stuff – come on, their live show looks SO SO crazy!!! that would’ve been enough…go listen to Misery Signals dude…you won’t be sorry…there is so much good music in this world now – ALL you hardcore bands in HK who still haven’t started playing shows should have NO excuse writing new songs man!!! :-) there is inspiration EVERYWHERE!!! just look around and download all these millions of bands that are on the net…

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  • MAY 26, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 26, 2004

    i was so wrong – the new Throwdown video is online now…but don’t get too excited – it sucks. its probably one of the most disappointing video’s i’ve seen it. they’re a good band – but they keep trying to have this “tough” guy image when the whole band is really skinny and small! hahaha…in this video they have a bunch of guys doing some street fighting stuff that just looks stupid. it doesn’t even make sense because the lyrics are about being straight edge and how its a family to look out for each other. what does fighting have to do with this positive message? who knows – maybe i wasn’t watching the video close enough. i watched like 2 seconds then got bored and turned off…anyway – if you want to see it then click HERE!!! tnothing else interesting to type today sorry…oh – they’re going to be making 2 NEW MTR lines on HK Island! but the weird thing is – both these lines are going to be making a circle from Sheung Wan to Wong Chuk Hang and back…on train line will go from Sheung Wan to the Cyberport and then to Wong Chuk hang…the other line will go from Sheung Wan to admiraly to Happy Valley and then to Wong Chuk Hang…but how come none of these lines are going to try to get to stanley or shek o? i know it’d be weird to have an MTR station in these places – but i’d still like to know. anyway…going to bed – did you guys read those articles? pretty damn long…

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  • MAY 25, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 25, 2004

    yeah…awesome – go to work for 2 days and then a day off…what a beautiful week…i only have 3 weeks left with my kids this year! :-( i’m going to miss them over the summer…i hope they remember me when they come back to school next year – they had a huge impact on my life…these kids were the inspiration to our song called “Children”…the best – everyday they make my life feel so positive and keep me so full of hope about the future of this world…okay – short message…read the new interviews that we posted up…peace…dude – mcdonald’s in some places in the States are going to start renting DVD’s! what the hell?! hahaha…that’s funny shit…

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  • MAY 24, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 24, 2004

    whats up everyone…i’ve uploaded some awesome stuff!!! a very old friend of ours, Anna Sophie who i’ve known for YEARS, did an interview with us in Hong Kong a long time ago…almost 6 months ago to be exact. anyway – she then wrote the article on us and got it published in two AWESOME US magazines!!! one is called Giant Robot which is a pretty big sub-culture magazine in the States…the other one, which i STILL can’t believe published an article about us!!!, is called Maximum Rock N’ Roll – which is one of the oldest punk rock magazines running on this planet…OLD OLD magazine and i can’t believe we finally made it in there!!! so click over HERE to go check out both interviews…just a warning – they’re both VERY long so take your time…you might need to read them in intervals…next – i finally updated my TOP 5 so go check that out by clicking HERE…of course, if you’re a frequent reader of this site then you’ll already know what i’ve been listening to…but if you don’t, then go update yourself! hahaha…i don’t know if you’ve been reading the news lately about things going on in HK – its scary times right now. rumors are that the Chinese government is now working together with some traids (gangsters) in HK to scare those public figures who are critical of the Chinese government!!! i hope to GOD that this is NOT true – if this is, then this will be the end of HK’s freedoms and everything that has made this city so special…this city runs by the rule of law – not by gangster threats and scare tactics – and if its EVER proven that the Chinese government really IS involved with triads – that will be the end of the integrity of that government. i mean come on, why would a government risk being associated with them? this HAS to be a rumor…i refuse to believe this until facts are proven. either way – its very nervous times…

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  • MAY 22, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 22, 2004

    a new Eighteen Visions video is uploaded now so check that out by clicking HERE!!!…i can’t wait until the Throwdown video is finally uploaded!! but i think Trustkill is going to wait until the new 18V album is out before they upload the throwdown video…ANYWAY: the June 25th show should be fun too – 5 Disciplines has agreed to play and support the cause and Hardpack is thinking about playing as well. the show is organized by the Democratic Party of HK and is trying to get more younger people involved with politics in HK…at least there’s ONE party in HK that is trying to get youngsters interested. the rest of them are so busy trying to win over big businessmen and high corporate executives. anyway…the show is free so even if you’re not into politics – you can come down to the Cultural Center to have a good time on a friday night… :-) ANYWAY: our good friend Kwan (bass player of Departing Cross) sent us a link of a local music website that has been having this discussion about King Ly Chee. in one of the messages i read a guy call me “cha chai” instead of my name riz. i can’t fucking STAND when people use “cha chai” to talk about Pakistani/Indian people. it is the most degrading thing to hear and it pisses me off. if you don’t know what degrading means then look it up and understand the negative feelings i get when i hear Pakistani people being called  “cha chai” or “pak-kei-LAN-tan”. i hate this shit…the rest of the messages about us were surprisingly positive – even the ignorant idiot who used “cha chai” was positive about us. anyway…just wanted to mention that…

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  • MAY 21, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on May 21, 2004

    a couple of you saw yourself in those Milk photos! hahaha…that’s awesome! see – i told you that you’d be happy to see these photo’s because you guys ARE the show! we’re on stage making the music, but you’re in the crowd creating the fun…its good that finally a magazine started taking photos of YOU guys instead of just the bands! keep it up!!! :-) ANYWAY: looks like june is going to be a BUSY month for us – there’s a charity show on June 6th at Poly who want us to play but they haven’t given us any information like what equipment they will have. if you are a show organizer and want to invite us – please don’t just ask us “we have a show on this date, can you play?”. WE NEED MORE INFORMATION THEN THIS!!! the most important information is what equipment and WHO is doing sound!!! so annoying…hopefully we won’t start boring you guys by playing so much – hopefully you guys will just get crazier at the shows. remember – our shows are about FUN not violence. if we see any sort of violence going on then we’ll stop playing immediately. that shit is NOT part of our scene or our music or the band – so don’t let it happen. if you see something then TRY to get the people to cool down and TALK about the problem. ANYWAY: i think on the June 12th show, we’ll be playing ONLY new songs!!! that should be fun…we’ll play 6 songs that day and all of them will be new – a few of them you’re already heard like Your Heart of Gold and Izzue.crap…but we’ll also be playing Children, Alternate Voice and two more songs that you haven’t heard yet…can’t wait to finally be able to play new stuff!!! :-) hopefully that will get you guys excited…if you guys STILL go crazy for the new songs then MAYBE we’ll have to play an old one too…hahaha…sounds like a deal? thanks!

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