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  • APRIL 29, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 29, 2004

    yo…its been a hell past few weeks trying to put together this festival, taking care of King Ly Chee stuff which is getting out of hand, taking care of the two Shenzhen shows that we have this weekend, trying to figure out if we can set up a tour in Australia for this July…i feel like the workload never ends. on top of all of this i still have a fulltime job taking care of kids all day…i think i’m going to be old and grey by the time i’m 30…that’s only two years away but i already feel like i’m going to be burning out soon. terrible feeling that’s for sure…found out someone else is jumping on this “festival” bandwagon – we always set the trends! hahahaha…i’m just kidding dude. i sent an email out to all the bands that are participating at Hong Kong’s first punk/hardcore/metal festival so if you are one of those bands reading this site then PLEASE check your email now…the pressure is on…i hope a lot of people show up at the festival!!! :-) i think at least the bands will have an awesome opportunity to hang out – that’s the most important thing. that we create a strong bond with each other…only 11 days until the festival boys and girls!!! can’t wait to see all of you guys there!!!

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  • APRIL 28, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 28, 2004

    alright sent out information to all the bands that are playing at the festival next week!!! i’m so excited about it…its going to be a FULL FULL day of fun and that’s the best part…knowing that all these bands are going to come together to try and create a cool atmosphere. i can already imagine all the laughing and craziness that will go on during the day! :-) okay – regarding the Andy Basketball Challenge – we’re now going to start signing up. the games will be 21 minutes long with 10 minute halves. but we FIRST need to get a list of bands or teams that want to play. remember – this is not the fucking NBA – its just people having fun playing. the basketball stuff will start at 12pm and i think the first challenger for Andy his team are Milk N’ Cookies! hahaha…Milk N’ Cookies wrote to me yesterday and told me that 2 of the guys used to play basketball VERY seriously before so andy should watch out! hahahaha…i think the heat is on boys! to sign up for this please CLICK HERE and email us the information we need (really simple stuff, your team/band name and your email address)…ok ok – hopefully you guys are helping me promote this festival amongst your friends and family!!! its up to you to make this festival memorable – all we can do is provide you guys with the opportunity. but at the end of the day, its up to you to have a good time…see ya!!! :-)

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  • APRIL 27, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 27, 2004

    so its final…China has decided that we will NOT be able to choose our leader in 2007…but before people go totally emotional about this, think about it this way – it gives us EVEN MORE time to start learning more about “democracy” and what TYPE of democracy is best for HK. don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment and thinking…YES – it sucks that Tung Chee Hwa could possibly still be sitting as head of HK – he can’t be head of his own home, how the FUCK can this dude think that he can rule HK? he of course should do the honorable thing and step down – but is that going to happen? of course not…so please, sit and think for awhile – think about the fact that NONE of the pro-democracy camps have really started to EDUCATE people about the beauty of “democracy”. all they’ve talked about is “universal suffrage” without explaining to the “normal” people the benefits of being able to select our own leader. to people like you and me, the benefits are obvious – but to the “normal” everyday HK person…its not. NOW is the time that education is needed even more…it should start today. ANYWAY: we’re going to Shenzhen on saturday and sunday to play two shows with our good Beijing friends Reflector! then the following week is the BIG punk/hardcore/metal festival – HK’s first!!! we’ll see you guys there…please check our old news postings for more information on what is going on with King Ly Chee distribution…sucks – we got scammed…anyway…peace…more little updates on the BANDS and MEDIA page…

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  • APRIL 26, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 26, 2004

    alright ladies and gents…what you have here is the start of King Ly Chee’s new site layout…I’m still adding shit to the site so keep coming back to see how it looks…there are still some problems with the site because i’m using an old version
    of Frontpage which SUCKS!!! i don’t understand why even though Frontpage is owned by Microsoft, that it doesn’t offer the SAME features that Microsoft Word offers…isn’t that just common sense that all Microsoft programs should offer roughly the same stuff? anyway…went to check out Hang on the Box yesterday at a place which turned out to be totally the WRONG place for an awesome punk band like Hang on the Box to play. whoever helped organize their shows has NO idea about the culture of music that Hang on the Box plays. yesterday they played in front of all these families with their little children so when they sang the lyrics “fucking bitch” repeatedly, even I was a little embarrassed being surrounded by kids. i feel bad for Hang on the Box because its not their fault that they were playing this show. anyway…they’re playing tonight at the Hard Rock Cafe which i can’t imagine is going to be a very active show but we’ll see what happens. i think Hang on the Box is used to a lot more movement by the audience but oh well, the people that organize their shows should be to blame. had they organized shows more in tune with their music – the audience reaction would’ve been better. they’re a good band with awesome music that is not really punk but a mix of indie rock etc…their guitar sound is awesome and they DEFINITELY have a strong punk attitude…they’re rad – if you have $100 then come by tonight…the BAND page and MEDIA page have been linked so check those out…if there are any problems with this site please relax – i’ll try to fix it soon…SOMETHING IMPORTANT: the company that we chose to distribute King Ly Chee’s CD in Hong Kong has treated us like absolute garbage. they distribute mainstream artists so i guess a small HK band like us is a waste of their time. for almost 3 months now we have heard that many shops have said that our album is “sold out” – but we know its NOT. the reason why they said its “sold out” is because they have placed an order for our album but our distributor is too “busy” to send it to them. i know that HMV in Shatin placed an order for our album in fucking February and the distributor STILL has NOT sent it to them. can you believe that? its sad that these kinds of things happen to us…but we’re strong enough. our label Polar Bear has decided to take the remaining King Ly Chee CD’s away from the distributors and it looks like we will distribute the CD’s ourselves…we hope you guys will help us because we will REALLY need your help now…more information later…

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  • APRIL 25, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 25, 2004

    thank you guys for last night!!! :-) the best part is that no matter how MANY shows we play, you guys are ALWAYS there to come support us!!! that is SO SO SO touching…i can’t believe that the 4 of us are lucky enough to have people like you supporting us. its like a dream – every time i get on stage and look into the audience and see ALL your smiling faces, ready to sing-along, jump around and have a good time – i’m amazed! i get off stage and walk home saying to myself, “how did we get so lucky?”…:-) i know i don’t need to beg you guys to come to the next show, because i’m guessing that you guys have already decided that you will be there! especially since its going to be a day that will go down in the history of underground music in hk – a punk/hardcore/metal festival in our lovely little city…last night’s bands were great too – Ga Yam Yan are ALWAYS one of the best bands to watch live! their singer and drummer rule…Long Fu is one of the most entertaining music acts in HK and that’s for sure. they always know how to make people have a good time and smile – gigi is also an awesome singer! poly’s own band was pretty good too! energetic…sanskrit sound more and more professional each time we see them – their singer is still one of my favorite singers in HK. it was a fun night hanging out and talking to people that we only meet at shows…thanks for making all KLC shows feel like a community! every time i see you guys i feel like i’m seeing family! :-) thanks again to Poly U for supporting us for so many years – last year was the 3rd time that we’ve been invited to perform at their Annual Performances (thank you Siu Pak for reminding me about this! :-) …ANYWAY: alright – just to let you guys know, there’s a Beijing girl-punk band called Hang On the Box here and they have a show today at Mun Fa Zhong Sum (Cultural Centre) at 5pm – then they’re playing tomorrow night at Hard Rock Cafe in Tsim Sha Tsui around 10pm…so come check them out if you have time! :-) anyway…thank you ALL again and again for making us ALWAYS feel so special!! i don’t know what we’ve ever done to deserve your love and support BUT please KNOW that that we cherish your support every day!!! NO LIE!!!

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  • APRIL 23, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 23, 2004

    got rid of the lizard just a few minutes ago! HO YEH!!! when i got home from work today i saw the lizard run and hide as soon as i went into my room. but i noticed something that it ALWAYS seemed to hide near my air con – so i decided that when i went to band practice, i was going to leave the window open that is NEXT to the aircon. so after i got back from band practice i looked around my room and noticed that i couldn’t find it. so i closed my windows and sat down feeling relived that the lizard just got out of my window and out of my life for good! but then i hear my sister scream in her room! hahaha…she’s like, “the damn lizard is in my room now!!! he must’ve crawled out of YOUR window and into mine!!” hahahaha…i was laughing so hard. but i went and got some anti-bug spray and kept spraying until it just fell off her wall and on to the floor. then i kept pushing it out until it was finally OUT of our home!!! awesome…my sister’s room is a LOT brighter then mine so it was the first time that i could see it – it was just a little baby lizard! :-( i felt SO bad when i was spraying it…just a little baby! damn – i’m evil. anyway – tonight i’ll be able to go to sleep well…even though i killed a living thing. sucks…anyway – going to bed peace…OH: my good friend Brian of 8five2 skateboard shop in Causeway Bay just got married!!! CONGRATULATIONS BRO!!! he’s someone i’ve known for more than 10 years through skateboarding – he’s a close friend of mine and we’ve always supported each other non-stop. he’s always been a very responsible and committed person and its rad that he was able to find an awesome life partner like this!!! good for you bro and hope everything rules forever in your life from now on! :-)

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  • APRIL 22, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 22, 2004

    i found a fucking lizard in my bedroom when i got back home from band practice last night!!! DAMN!!! i was so tired because the weather in HK is SO SO SO disgusting – its so hot, humid and you can’t even really breathe properly outside. all i wanted to do when i came home from band practice was to turn the air con on FULL, turn my computer on and update this site. then, i opened the door and turned the light on and a fucking lizard ran down BEHIND my bed!!! TIU!!! sucks!!! so now i’m too scared to go to sleep because the fucking lizard might crawl on to my goddam face tonight!!! you can see that i’m obviously not in a good mood about this…i hate HK summer/heat – its the worst. the temperature is not even that hot – but its the DAMN humidity that will kill us all!!! I HATE IT!!! i want to write a negative song about HK summers! hahaha…is that alright with you all? ANYWAY: we found out that someone from Poly Muso posted a message on another HK band forum about us charging money for shows. i don’t understand why people don’t have any common sense these days. if you are a show organizer and you charge people $80 and if 400 people show up to the show, that means you have made $32,000. it’ll probably only cost you around 15k-20k at the MOST to organize a large show (for booking the venue, renting equipment – sound/lighting, posters/promotion). so what do you do with the up to 12,000-17,000 PROFIT that you made? if you don’t give the bands ANY money then do you just keep the money? is that FAIR? do the bands NOT deserve any money for their hard work, time and energy for performing? why is a band like us that has been working hard for the past 5 years playing throughout HK and around Asia, mainly on our OWN money, not allowed to start charging to perform in HK? organizers should EXPECT to pay bands when they organize shows – but in HK, it is the reverse. when an organizer invites you to play a show and then you ask how much they will pay you, they are surprised “oh – you want money?” WHAT THE HELL!?!?!? this part about HK’s music scene gets me SO annoyed. for us, at least we set our price ACCORDING to the show. if the show is a free show OR a charity show then we can’t charge money because we don’t want to trouble the organizer with more pressure. BUT if the show is ACTUALLY charging money and the money is NOT being donated to something, then we WILL charge money accordingly. as should other bands! this is NORMAL practice all over the world – why is it not here? at least for bands that are serious and have been playing for a long time AND play VERY often like us. anyway – Ah Hin is the main guy at Poly who is organizing this show and he is VERY supportive of King Ly Chee and understands what its like to be in a band in HK. so he’s going to try and explain to his team what the real situation is and hopefully they will understand. one last point – do you honestly think that we’re the only band that is charging money for this show? people don’t seem to enjoy thinking – they ALWAYS enjoy trying to find some sort of FAULT in king ly chee and then write a message about it. how come the other bands aren’t getting attacked? just us? what is the deal? why are we always so prone to being attacked. i think my girlfriend is right about me – i say too much on this website. i am too transparent about things that is NO ONE’S BUSINESS. i am DEFINITELY going to change this part of me from now on. sorry – but it needs to be done. THIS BAND HAS BECOME TOO MUCH A PART OF OTHER PEOPLES BUSINESS WHEN IT IS NO ONE’S BUSINESS BUT OUR OWN! last point for you to think about – why do so many bands in HK give up after a few years? BECAUSE THERE IS NO WAY THEY CAN SURVIVE ESPECIALLY IF SHOW ORGANIZERS DON’T START PAYING THEM!!! THINK ABOUT THIS POINT!!! if bands start getting paid for performing don’t you think that means we can one day start to have more “professional”-level bands!!! wouldn’t that be great!!! that means more bands can hopefully do this full-time. right now there is only ONE band that does this full-time – Beyond! why aren’t there more?!?!?! but for this to happen, we MUST CHANGE OUR PRACTICES NOW!!! fuck – i’m all riled up…i’m going to bed now and hopefully the goddam lizard won’t crawl on me tonight.

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  • APRIL 21, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 21, 2004

    oh man – the feedback from you guys to the new 3 new demo’s we uploaded yesterday has been great!!! thanks a lot for sending us your lovely messages to our ICQ, email or in person…your encouragement means the world to us! i can’t wait til you hear the OTHER 3 demo’s that we finished! but i still have to finish my vocals and then i’ll be able to upload them…the best feedback is this one “that song “children” is the best! give me some time to “learn” the song so i can sing it at your shows!” :-) by “learn” this person meant to learn our lyrics…hahahaha…how great!!! people already know how to support us…thanks thanks thanks…ALSO: just made a page for Reflector and their merchandise (merchandise means their products) – Reflector are going to bring their 6-song CDep and LOTS of t-shirts!!! CLICK HERE to check everything out…peace…if you have no idea why i’m talking about Reflector – they’re the MAIN band that is playing at HK’s FIRST Punk-Hardcore-Metal Festival that i’ve organized on May 9th…check them out – China’s most amazing punk rock band…

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  • APRIL 20, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 20, 2004

    uploaded 3 new KLC songs to our site now!!! please remember that these are just demo’s – we recorded everything (except for the vocals) live so you will be able to hear all the mistakes we made etc. just demo’s…these are 3 songs and we’ll upload the other 3 new songs when i finish recording the vocals for them…ENJOY!!! :-) lyrics are uploaded so please check them out…two of these songs we’ll be playing at the show this weekend as well as a surprise cover song! :-) see ya…check them out in the AUDIO page…

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  • APRIL 19, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on April 19, 2004

    for those who don’t live in HK, something horrible happened to a mother and her two children a couple weeks ago and it is now being proven that our Social Welfare system is HUGELY flawed. the woman was murdered along with her children by her deranged husband who used to sleep with a knife under their bed. i don’t understand – she had already told the social service about this knife and have told them that he abuses both her and her children. the only thing the social service told her to do was not to go home. why the FUCK did they not get the police involved and arrest the stupid asshole!? then, the day she was killed, it was found that she actually did go to the police and they were supposed to protect her – but they didn’t. this police station had said that nobody in the police station spoke to her – but FINALLY, two friends of hers came out and said that she DID go to the police station. after investigation, the police station admitted that she did come and she did speak to someone. but they don’t feel that an “apology” is necessary for their mistake. its a “face” thing in HK – and i hate it. the police can’t lose “face” even though admitting that they made a mistake would make a lot of people respect them. anyway…its been horrible…reading it everyday in the newspaper is so sad. ANYWAY: just uploaded some photos from the awesome RAMBO show!!! click here to check them out…going to bed – tomorrow i’m going to upload the demo’s to 3 new King Ly Chee songs! :-) come back to check them out…

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