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  • MARCH 31, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 31, 2004

    what a tough week its been for King Ly Chee in regards to us in taiwan…to those who don’t know, a malicious message was posted by one anonymous writer who goes by the name “Why They Always”. he posted this message on various HK messageboards as well as almost every single music website in Taiwan that has caused people to start to “hate” us in Taiwan and has even led to people threaten us the next time we go back to Taiwan. they have said that they will hurt us physically if we ever show up in taiwan. the fact that we might be banned from ever playing in China again doesn’t mean anything to them. a few days have passed since all of this and since we realized that not only China, but taiwan also looks like a place that we will never be able to go back to. so for the past few days we’ve all been trying to get over all our heart break and try to understand everything that has happened. then last night, we got more bitter sad news from Taiwan. the label that was going to release our album in Taiwan has decided NOT to release it anymore because of everything that has happened last week. they even state that certain things that i wrote in my response to “Why They Always” was more reason for them NOT to release our album in taiwan. so – “why they always” was able to accomplish a lot and succeeded in his goal in destroying King Ly Chee in taiwan. in one week he was able to make sure that king ly chee never plays in taiwan again and has now succeeded in making sure that our album “Stand Strong” doesn’t get released in taiwan. this will forever go down in our history as one of the blackest weeks we’ve ever had. we spent over 4 years of our lives working hard establishing ourselves in Taiwan and working together with Taiwan’s punk/hardcore brothers and sisters to help develop their punk/hardcore scenes. we spent energy, passion and our souls in building a home for us in taiwan…now, just because of one person’s message on several messageboards, all our work has been erased…so much has already gone wrong for us, i wonder what else could happen? i’m just waiting for the next problem…this has now sealed our fate in taiwan. we’d like to thank “why they always” for his tremendous success – you deserve a trophy or a prize for your incredible accomplishment of turning us into an enemy worth hating. with everyone in taiwan’s such negative knee-jerk reactions, you would think that we killed or raped someone or did something else disgraceful to society. sadness has enveloped us all – it feels like when you break up with a boy/girlfriend that you loved with all your heart and that you felt you were going to be together with for the rest of your lives, and then suddenly, he/she decides to end it. these wounds have had salt poured on them too much in the past week.

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  • MARCH 30, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 30, 2004

    my lovely HK metal brothers in HK’s greatest death metal band Departing Cross have had a little hidden secret on their website for a long time and i didn’t know!!! after reading through their website i noticed that they actually have a live video up on their site of one of my favorite Departing Cross songs “No Place To Hide”!!! CLICK HERE AND GIVE ME SOME METAL!!! check it out…i’m pretty sure that they’ll be playing this masterpiece of a song at the show!!! :-) ANYWAY: what the hell is going on with this weather? its freezing in HK!!! its almost april – what is going on? its usually much warmer by now…this global warming thing is really throwing our entire planet into total chaos. i remember a few months ago i had a friend who is CONVINCED that one day it will really snow in HK. maybe she’s right!!! maybe in about 5 years it’ll actually snow here…imagine that!!! hahaha…show show show – i wish we could play shows every night for a living…god – that would be insane. i can’t wait until our next show. the best part, for me at least, is that there are only 4 bands playing so its going to be so awesome. people won’t be tired and band members don’t have to wait forever to finally get to play…can’t wait…go listen to Killswitch Engage and fall in love. oh by the way – i watched a brand new HK hardcore band practice last sunday along with andy…the singer is female and she sounds even more brutal then Candace of Walls of Jericho!!! :-) seriously…can’t wait til this band starts playing shows – they only have one song right now so they have quite some time!! there’s also another hardcore band called One Faith that is still in the making – they’re looking for a fulltime bass player so please get in touch with them if you’re ready to commit yourself to a hardcore band…(contact them here: icq number : 115888128, 137-170-619, 9-364-900 eMail : [email protected]) and trust me, playing hardcore IS a commitment, either you are ready for it, or you’ll find out very SOON after you start playing, that its not for you.

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  • MARCH 29, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 29, 2004

    had another good jam last night…we’re probably going to be able to play one of our newest songs at the Rambo show!!! ho yeh… :-) nothing better then being able to move on and play new stuff – new stuff always reenergizes a band that’s for sure. nothing else to really talk about just now unfortunately because i need to go to sleep immediately…go listen to the Killswitch Engage song!!! you won’t be sorry…peace…

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  • MARCH 28, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 28, 2004

    whats up!!! a new song from Killswitch Engage’s new album has been uploaded to their website!!! IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! oh my god – if the new album sounds like this, this is going to be one of the best albums i’ll EVER own!!! i can’t wait until its released…CLICK HERE and then click on the song title Rose of Sharyn…they shot a video for this song also so hopefully that’ll be uploaded some time soon…also, Unearth have announced that they’ve finished mixing their new album too!!! but that will be released AFTER killswitch engage’s…these are the two albums that i eagerly am awaiting!!! once i get them, they’re going to be in my CD player for months…i can feel it!!! :-) have you all had a nice weekend? i went to macau friday night with my girlfriend and it was a nice break away from the craziness of last week. last weeks show was so much fun! still have good memories about it…i remember seeing SO MANY band members at the show too – that was cool. 218 and Milkshake 7 and a new band called Dizzy all came to watch the show even though their bands weren’t playing! that was nice to see them – thanks guys for coming! :-) okay…going to bed…OK: late update – “ALL STUDENTS of any of HK’s SECONDARY SCHOOL’s WILL RECEIVE A 30% DISCOUNT AT LONG WAI DRAGON TATTOO SHOP! call 2723-1566 to make a booking TODAY!”

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  • MARCH 27, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 27, 2004

    “damaged our reputation” – for one person in taiwan, “reputation” in this sentence meant “fame”. this person thought i meant that we are worried about our “fame” in taiwan. instead of asking me to clarify my meaning of “reputation”, he did something else. he wrote another message and AGAIN posted it on messageboards in Taiwan saying that because i used the word “reputation” that i proved to everyone that all we care about is fame. if he asked me to clarify my meaning of “reputation”, i would’ve told him that there are many meanings to the English word “reputation”. one of which is, character. a person working in a company can be worried about his reputation. a teacher in a school can be worried about her reputation. does reputation in this case mean that the teacher is worried about her fame at the school? then he argued, that when i said that people should ask me to find out the truth – he said that there is no need because he can see what the truth is. does this make sense? how about in the case of the word “reputation”? he misunderstood the word – then he wrote an entire paragraph about how we only care about fame as if we are popstars – and then he posted it on a messageboard. if he asked me to explain the word “reputation”, he would’ve found out that he just misunderstood the use of the word. very simple. that is what i meant by “asking us to find out the truth”. my heart is black as i type this…i wish my heart was black with anger. but its not, its black with sadness. sadness that we will never see our Taiwan friends, bands and supporters ever again. just like in the message yesterday – i just want all our Taiwanese brothers and sisters to know: you guys will be in our hearts forever. we will never forget what you’ve done for us, how much you’ve supported us, and how much you took care of us. anytime you guys come to HK, we will return the love that you’ve shown us by taking care of you guys just like you did for us…ANYWAY: tonight check out 903 radio!!! i think the interview we did with Ho Chiu Yi (Josie) is going to be played tonight! :-) check it out and tell us what you think…i think its pretty funny and serious at times.

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  • MARCH 26, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 26, 2004

    oh my god – the show was last night was so awesome!!! we have been very lucky lately with our shows! :-) you guys have shown us over and over again how much our music, our message and our band means to you!!! :-) we met a lot of NEW people at the show last night and that was great. meeting new people who watch king ly chee for the first time is a good feeling…the organizers of last night show were probably the best organizers i’ve ever met. so nice and respectful – really trying to help the bands feel comfortable! couldn’t ask for ANY better organizers then the people at the University of Science & Technology! thanks guys for inviting us to play…and thanks to all of YOU who came all the way out to watch the show, support ALL the bands and came to see us play!!! i’m pretty sure that after these last two shows – that the Rambo show on April 12 is going to be fucking CRAZY!!! maybe i’ll call a hospital and make sure they’re ready just in case! hahahaha…ANYWAY – i came home and felt so good about myself and the band because you guys made us feel so great. but when i came home i got a message from our very close friend in Taiwan. she told us that after the message that i posted yesterday, MANY taiwanese people are SUPER angry at us. she said that they’ve posted on MANY websites that the next time King Ly Chee goes to taiwan, that they will try to HURT us physically. that means the next time we go to taiwan they will try to hit us. can you believe this? i am in shock right now as i type this. i cannot believe that a country that we love playing in so much and a place where we have so many good friends, and a place that we always say is our “second home”, that this would happen. i am shocked – i feel like someone ripped my heart out and threw it on the floor. i cannot believe people have actually written down on the internet that they will try to HURT us at a show. we are just a band – 4 people playing music with a positive message about respecting people. and people can still find a reason to want to hurt us? can you believe this…my heart is broken right now. the sad problem is that the reason behind their hatred of us is based on an emotional response INSTEAD of a logical one. its too bad. we loved Taiwan. good luck Taiwan, good luck to all the Taiwan friends and bands that have treated us like brothers (we will never forget you guys – your smiles and help will remain in our hearts forever. special thanks to: The Fire Extinguisher, Hindsight 20/20, The Reproduction, Fall of This Corner, Hallucinogen, Semi Con, Chthonic, Nipples, Allen, Sam, Xiao Xiao, Xiao Kai, all the Taizhong punk kids, all the Kao Shiung punk kids, and so many other bands and people that treated us like family and brothers). it was nice to know you guys and we feel very lucky that we were able to play with you guys on stage together. please keep in touch through email and the internet. and if you guys ever want us to set a show up in HK we are ready to help you guys. don’t give up on hardcore and punk rock! :-) we may never see you guys again inside taiwan, but if you ever come to HK, we will take care of you guys like you guys took care of us. :-)

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  • MARCH 25, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 25, 2004

    i got the Rambo CD’s last night!! they sent me 50 CD’s but ALL without cases! so now Bong (guan 36) is going to try to find a place that sells lots of cases and then i’m going to sit in my lovely little room and put all 50 CD’s in cases before their show. pretty annoying but oh well. if that doesn’t make us DIY then go fuck yourself. anyway – the CD is so funny. they have a 20 minute LIVE video on the CD and its SO SO SO FUNNY!!! the audience that comes to watch Rambo are crazy i think. they take cardboard boxes and make a police uniform from the boxes. then they go into the pit and all the audience starts moshing into the police officer! HAHAHAHA…its so fucking funny!!! but that’s the way it should be – the audience should enjoy themselves like that. then they have another song where one group of the audience dress like old soldiers and the other group dresses like the enemy and then they attack each other with cardboards guns, hammers and axes!! HAHAHAHAHA…i’m telling you man – you have to buy this CD because its only $80 and comes with 27 songs and a 20 minute video of the funniest punk/hardcore show you’ll ever see in your life!!! :-) if you don’t mind buying a CD without the case then come to the show and i’ll send you one. but for cases – wait until the April 12 show…OK OK – our show is tonight at the University of Science and Technology ALL the way out in Sai Kung. now, its far but its actually pretty easy to get there. take the MTR to Choi Hung – then find the mini bus that goes STRAIGHT to the university! its so easy!!! the show is FREE so that should encourage you to go to the show even more!!! :-) bring all your friends and family and your grandmother and grandfathers too! what the hell am i talking about? who knows…see you tonight! LASTLY – i’ve been informed that some dude from Taiwan has been posting a long negative message about us on messageboards EVERYWHERE. i have posted a reply on our Taiwan friends Fall of This Corner’s website and then Ah Heng told me last night that the guy also posted the message on HK bands websites. SO – if you care, then please click HERE and copy the message that i wrote it and post it on ALL the messagboards that he posted on. that will show him that KLC has friends everywhere that are ready to support us. he’s so retarded – he thinks that his message, based completely on his feelings instead of the facts, is going to inspire people to “spread the message”. that is what he wrote under his message – he asked people to forward the message that he wrote. he has a mission – his mission is to destroy King Ly Chee. it is that simple. his entire mission is negative and its purpose is not noble. to me, he’s full of hatred for King Ly Chee and everything we are about. we know our audience, we know our supporters – we know that the people that support KLC are the people who know how to THINK for themselves. the truth is easy to find – just ask us. (what i don’t understand is why this guy has written this now? we played in taiwan a month ago – how come he waited so long to try to attack us?).

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  • MARCH 24, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 24, 2004

    hello…last night we did a really fun interview with our good friend Josie (Ho Chiu Yi) – for those who don’t know her, its her awesome voice on the song Frail Hands (Lik Kit). anyway – we did a radio interview with her on 903 that will air this saturday (i think) on the famous “Zhou Band Si Gan” radio show. it was fun because she interviewed us for awhile and then we interviewed her! kinda funny…i guess you have to listen to it on saturday and judge for yourself! :-) shit…i had some other stuff to say but i can’t remember now…show tomorrow night guys!!! we all know that its far away – buts its FREE! just think about it that way…oh – kinda funny, yesterday were parent-teacher meetings at the school so no kids were there. a bunch of parents came and told me that they just bought guitars for their kids!!! hahaha…remember these kids are just 5-6 years old! the parents keep saying, “you don’t understand how much you’ve influenced them!!” that insane…its too scary to me think that way – they’re just happy that i play in a rock band but don’t smoke, drink or do drugs so they feel safe that their children are learning about rock music from me. that is VERY VERY refreshing to me and makes me even prouder to be straight edge because i know that i’m surrounded by 70 children everyday and what i do will reflect on them. we all should think about that situation as musicians – when we play at shows, we are surrounded by lots of kids who are EASILY influenced by us older kids. we should all be aware of our actions and what we do…i know that thinking this way is going to be difficult and its so much easier just to have fun and not care about our surroundings – but unfortunately, we did not choose to be in this position. but we cannot deny anymore that we ARE in this position. i know that thinking about the world that our children are going to grow up in, TRULY helps me try my hardest to become a more positive person and helps me stay on a clean road. who knows – maybe i’ll stop saying the words “shit” and “fuck” one day. won’t be surprised if that happens…that’s how powerful of an influence children are on me. anyway…show’s tomorrow. its free. don’t complain. hahaha…

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  • MARCH 23, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 23, 2004

    wow – only 2 more days until our next show! :-) hahaha…i love having so many shows!!! its the best – playing is the best…hopefully a LOT of you guys will come to the show because we’re playing with bands that we normally don’t play with. it’ll be good to show that scene just how healthy and united the audience of King Ly Chee has become! :-) we’re doing an interview on 903 tonight…don’t know when it’ll air – i think on “zhou band si gan” this saturday…isn’t this mess in Taiwan crazy? its crazy…unfortunately all this chaos is EXACTLY what the Chinese government is scared about with Hong Kong asking for huge political changes too fast. they think that if we move too fast then what is happening in Taiwan right now (300,000 people in Taiwan protesting in front of the presidential offices leading to the Taiwan market dropping meaning its going to effect life in Taiwan.) will happen in Hong Kong which will destroy the city. it sucks – the chaos in Taiwan right now makes their point even more valid which will not help all of us who truly believe HK is ready for universal suffrage in 2007. sucks…OK OK OK…see you at the show in 2 days!!! :-) oh by the way – my FIRST article for BC magazine will come out in their next issue!!! :-) that’ll be out on April 1st!!! so if you enjoy reading this site and would like to read a deeper Riz, then check out that issue! i think i will start writing a column for them each issue for awhile! should be fun…I JUST UPLOADED SOME INFORMATION OF THE RAMBO CD that will be sold at the Rambo show!!! CLICK HERE!!!

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  • MARCH 22, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 22, 2004

    just got an email last night from the person who was going to release our album in taiwan originally in february. he says that he won’t release the album until july. don’t ask me why – he says that “there is no rush now”. what is that supposed to mean? if you ask me, it seems like the person just isn’t really that interested in releasing our record. if that’s the case then the person should just say it instead of making us wait like this. whatever – slowly, hearts our changing. ANYWAY: yesterday we went to watch At 17 in Wu Kwai Sha…for those who don’t know, Wu Kwai Sha was an OLD camping place. i remember going there with my school when 10 or 11 years old! it was crazy to go back there yesterday…but its totally changed. now there are HUGE buildings and a big city right behind the camp! it used to be just a side of a mountain. also, you can now drive to the camp when before you had to take a boat there. before, when you get to the camp you really felt like you left ALL civilized city behind. because you had to take a boat there it felt like you were away from HK…now because they built a huge city right behind the camp, it doesn’t feel like any different. just looks and feels like a country park. weird…anyway…last night we did more practicing on new songs and totally forgot that we have a show in 4 days! hahahaha…the show is FREE so no excuses!!! :-) see you there…we watched a video of saturday night’s show and the circle pit is CRAZY!!! its SO SO SO SO SO BIG!!! you guys are the best… :-) there is NO place like Hong Kong!!! that’s for sure…

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