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  • FEBRUARY 27, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 27, 2004

    yeh – today we’re off to taiwan everyone…i wasn’t able to get my school’s laptop so i won’t be able to keep a journal going while we’re there. but we’re only going for like 4 days so i’m SURE you guys won’t miss us that much! :-) we have just been added to another show in March – on march 25 we’re going to play UST in Sai Kung for the first time. its weird to find a place in HK that we’ve actually NEVER played before! hahaha…in the past 5 years i can safely say that we’ve played everywhere here…anyway – that shows seems like it’ll be a good test to see what effect the new album has had on the audience that comes to see us. the show has a mix of different music like Seasons Lee and other stuff not heavy. we haven’t played one of these types of shows in what seems like a long long time. it’ll be interesting to see if anything has changed in the “regular” music community. ANYWAY: off to the wonderful land of beautiful people, warm hearts and good friends – taiwan! we’ll be there in a few hours…ho yeh! oh yeah – the time for our set on Saturday has been changed to 5:30pm!!! don’t ask me why – but they’ve changed our time to 5:30 so please come early to check us out…we’ll be selling our albums and jackets at the show so spread the word in Taiwan!!! :-)

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  • FEBRUARY 26, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 26, 2004

    one more day and we’ll be in the lovely world of taiwan! :-) i’m not getting in until late at night so that sucks…i have to work all day and then get on a flight after. by the time i get there i’m probably going to be so fucking sleepy. sucks…anyway – i was talking to the guitar player/singer of an awesome Taiwan punk band called The Fire Extinguisher and it looks like he’s going to try drive out to pick me up from the airport! what a nice guy!!! :-) i love that we’re so involved with taiwan’s punk/hardcore scene…such an awesome feeling to be accepted as part of their scene. by the time i get to the airport i’m going to make sure that i can meet up with these guys later that night – that’ll be cool to hang out with all the bands the night before the big festival show. that’s one of my favorite parts of touring – meeting band friends and hanging out together before and after the show. it makes the whole show experience more like a family experience. everyone around each other to help and support each other…can’t wait…anyway – i uploaded a bunch of photo’s from our Southeast Asian tour – check them out by clicking HERE…count the number of photo’s that kevin makes that face and you’ll win a free kiss from him. hahahaha…i didn’t have time to upload and sentences about the photo’s but i’ll do that before i leave for taiwan. to all our lovely taiwan brothers and sisters – get those arms and legs ready for two nights of lovely hardcore mosh! :-)

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  • FEBRUARY 25, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 25, 2004

    some good news – got my visa yesterday. :-) thank god…NEXT: i found out from the label that is releasing our album in Taiwan (Taiwan’s Fei Records CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE FEI RECORDS WEBSITE!!! – owned by our friend Allen) has sent the CD’s to the printing company! ho yeh!!! that means they should be ready in Taiwan in a week or so…unfortunately, i don’t think it’ll be released when we arrive in Taiwan. but oh well…just a few more days and we arrive in taiwan…its going to be rad. whenever something is HARD to get, and then you finally get it, the feeling is SO awesome! :-) NEXT: kevin’s been mixing the teen space song the past couple of days and it sounds good so that should be sent to RTHK soon. just a warning – its a really short “song” – i wouldn’t call it a song because its actually just an RTHK jingle that can’t be longer then 1 minute 30 seconds. we had to cut some VERY important parts because the original song we wrote was almost 3 minutes long. kinda sucks – but oh well. i think it does its duty of being catchy enough for people to remember the song. when they air we’ll let you know. NEXT: i have the video’s from that show we played in February but something’s wrong with the video’s so i have to wait for alex to fix them up. i think we’re only going to upload two songs – Izzue.crap and Your Heart of Gold because these two are new songs that isn’t very familiar…can’t wait to upload those songs!!! :-) LASTLY: remember the post i made yesterday about the horrible pollution problem? as if on cue, today morning’s SCMP reported that power plants in Southern China have started a clean up process in order to rid HK of its disgusting air. the first phase of their clean up process has started already and will be finished in May. the gov’t. said that even as early as by the end of this year the air in HK will be much cleaner!!! great news! the whole clean-up process will finish in 2007…GREAT GREAT GREAT!!! how can anyone not think about our children’s health and future? after all, we’re going to all die off someday so who’s going to be heading our countries? heading our governments? who’s going to be teaching the next generation how to respect people? who’s going to be heading medical research to find the cure for AIDS, cancer, etc? our children – today’s children, they’re our tomorrow.

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  • FEBRUARY 24, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 24, 2004

    this pollution in HK sucks so much. you never realize just how damaging the pollution is until you’re surrounded by poor innocent children who start coughing for no reason and start getting some strange reaction on their skin to the disgusting air. yesterday the school almost decided NOT to send the kids outside for playground time because the air was that bad. if you’ve been around children in a school, NOT being able to go outside definitely kills them. they need to go outside to take a break from learning and run around and get it all out of their system. i think its been reported that all this pollution comes down from the environment unfriendly factories up in mainland china. it blows in to HK before it goes out into the sea…major corporations who go to china to save money and take advantage of the cheap labor and the really relaxed laws (read none), should totally be responsible for destroying the air that our children breathe. these past few days HK has been full of this disgusting brown haze – basically dirty air – and it should all be blamed on the pollutants that these major corporations produce. they suck…don’t mind me, just pissed off that no one else makes more noise about this in the government. especially our government, but they’re too busy ass-kissing Beijing to ever give them any negative feedback. they’re more like, “bad air? who said there’s bad air! any air from your land down to HK is the greatest air! after all, we are “patriots”, whatever you say and throw down here we will accept!”…ANYWAY: yeah, so Chung Hwa Travel (the unofficial Taiwan embassy in HK) didn’t call yesterday. maybe they’ll call me today. whatever, i’m so pissed off about Taiwan’s government that i don’t even really want to go there anymore. no Pakistani’s? fuck you.

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  • FEBRUARY 23, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 23, 2004

    i’ll find out today i think if the stupid taiwan government will let me have a visa. my sponsor has already sent them another letter and so i hope that they will finally give it to me. no pakistani’s allowed in taiwan is such a fucking joke. it drives me crazy and gets me so angry. this is TOTAL discrimination. anywhere else in the world then i could take their fucking government to court. sucks…its so strange because Taiwanese are such a nice and sweet people. everyone we’ve ever met there have been the greatest people with the biggest hearts – so what the fuck is up with their piece of shit government? anyway…whatever. wish me luck…hopefully i’ll get it today. i’m sure there is much more important stuff to worry about in the world…but this is just plain annoying.

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  • FEBRUARY 22, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 22, 2004

    good news for Pakistani’s all over the world!!! we are NOT allowed to travel to Taiwan!!! those are the new rules set by the lovely fucking piece of shit Taiwan government towards people who hold Pakistani passports! ho yeh!!! isn’t it great to be Pakistani on this planet? i went to apply for my Taiwan visa yesterday and after i turned everything in they said to come back on monday and it would be fine. then 30 minutes later they called me back and told me to come back to the embassy. i came back and they said that i checked “tourist” on my application, they said that they were sorry but the government won’t allow Pakistani’s to come to Taiwan as a “tourist”. can you fucking believe that stupid bullshit? we are not allowed to go visit taiwan just to look at the country, at its museums, eat its food, hang out with Taiwanese people, listen to their music, watch concerts…nope. we’re not allowed. then she told me that they can ONLY give me a visa if i’m going there to do business. can’t believe it…so now i have to get my sponsor to write ANOTHER letter and say that i’m NOT going to taiwan to travel, but to do some business. then hopefully i’ll get my visa. being pakistani is such a great thing in this world…we are so welcome everywhere…NOT. i don’t know what to say right now. just feel totally emotionally destroyed this week. no matter where we go, there is always someone there to make sure that we remain one of the most stepped on nationalities on this planet.

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  • FEBRUARY 21, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 21, 2004

    YEH! got more information about our two taiwan shows…they’re all posted up above…they also sent us photo’s of what the stage is going to look like for the festival show!!! ITS CRAZY!!! holy shit – its definitely the MOST “rockstar” stage that we will have played on! (except one time me and alex played in Korea on a huge stage where they had a car on stage as a prop…that was crazy. but this will be just as crazy.) the day after the festival show we’re playing in a new venue called “The Wall” which looks great in photo’s! can’t wait to see this place…hey – have any of you heard that song “Sunrise” by Norah Jones? how fucking good is that song? its awesome…i only heard it for the first time on the radio yesterday and i wanted to get it from a CD store but had no money. but lucky for poor people like me, her website has the full video up there so i can listen to it there! :-) okay…going to bed…i’m applying for my Taiwan visa this morning…wish me luck! have been hearing super good feedback from the sticker design! :-) our friend Jaze in Singapore helped design it for us…a super nice guy…

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  • FEBRUARY 20, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 20, 2004

    the collection process has started with my family trying to help me get all the fucking documents i need for my application. we’ll see what happens…ANYWAY: on a positive note, we’re going to be in taiwan one week from today!!! :-) HO YEH!!! :-) once again, our lovely bro Ah Ho (fatjob) is handling the stickers for us…we’re making special taiwan stickers – check it out:

    we’re only printing 2,000 and the first show we’re playing in taiwan on 28/2 is a HUGE music festival so we’re expecting to hand all those stickers out at that show… :-) goddamm…can’t wait to be in taiwan amongst friends and our Taiwanese punk/hardcore family! :-)

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  • FEBRUARY 19, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 19, 2004

    wow – what a crazy day yesterday. i finally got all the materials ready for me to apply to officially become a Chinese person yesterday. see, in HK, if you want to get a Hong Kong passport you have to become a Chinese person first. that’s the only way you can get an HK passport (so much for the “asia’s world city” bullshit). so, i followed all the information found on their website and collected everything i needed. i brought it to immigration and right away they said, “oh sorry, there’s actually another WHOLE list of things you need to provide”. the list includes:
    1. i have to photocopy my entire passport from cover to cover. BUT – because i have to renew my Pakistani passport EVERY 5 years, i have collected about 5 passports. they want me to photocopy EVERY single one of my passports.
    2. they want me to photocopy the passports of EVERY one in my family – even my sister and brother who aren’t even in HK!!! how fucking crazy!!! so i have to ask my sister and brother who are in the UK and the US respectively, to photocopy their whole passport and send it to me overnight express. i have to also copy their birth certificates…
    3. for my parents, i need to get their full passports. for my mom i need to find her very FIRST passport that she used to bring me to hong kong back when i was 2 months old. goddammit…totally nuts.
    4. apart from that i need to give documents showing that my family owns the place we live in…
    then after all this, the officer told me that the whole process can take up to 6 months. but my current passport expires in 7 months so what am i going to do? he said that its none of his business what happens. but he said, that the office is full of applications from people. after he said i looked around the ENTIRE room and there was NOT a SINGLE person in there! i looked at him and said, “what do you mean? i’m the only person applying for this! there’s no one here!” its crazy…it seemed like he purposely wanted to show me that this was NOT going to be easy to do. that he purposely was making up stuff and things that i need to prepare…goddammit…its not enough that i love Hong Kong more than ANYONE i know, that means nothing. god…i have so much to do for this its crazy…alright – going to bed totally pissed off. good night.

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  • FEBRUARY 18, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 18, 2004

    met the guys from the USA punk/hardcore band called Rambo in Hong Kong yesterday…really NICE guys!!! had dinner with them and talked to them about hardcore etc. they got me all excited about how they will be able to help us release stuff in the States or maybe SOMEDAY even tour there! :-) craziness… they’re pretty excited about coming to play in Hong Kong – so in case you don’t know, we’re organizing a special show for these guys in Hong Kong at the Warehouse on April 12!!! remember this date!!! Rambo features a member from an old awesome band called 400 Years – which i don’t know if you guys have heard of. but they were an awesome band…ANYWAY – these guys play a really thrashy-punk style of hardcore which will be cool for HK’s hardcore kids to hear because its so different. can’t wait til they come back and check out what a Hong Kong hardcore show is like! :-) so far the bands that will play this show are: Rambo, King Ly Chee and Departing Cross!! i’m so happy that Departing Cross will finally play!!! i haven’t seen these guys perform in over 1 year! we’ll be looking for 2 more bands to play…we’ll confirm the information for this show soon…i have so much else to talk about that’s going on right now and some stuff that we talked about with the Rambo guys – but i’d rather wait until everything is confirmed. it’ll be cool if everything works out…so for right now, we’re so excited about Taiwan!!! goddammit…can’t wait to get there…our album is coming out in Taiwan too and i hope it comes out the same time we’re there! that’ll be great!!! one more week…ho yeh!!! :-)

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