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  • JANUARY 31, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 31, 2004

    yesterday i had such a great day at school…we had a big school assembly for all the kids from kindergarten up to Grade 2 (primary 3). the purpose of the assembly was to celebrate the fact that all the children managed to raise $173,000 for a charity in China! they raised money by reading a certain amount of books – with each book they finished their parents, or other sponsors, would donate money. so the children spent about a week reading as many books as they could…and at the end of the week the total was calculated. the charity in china is called “Heifer Project” – a “Heifer” is a cow. so for yesterday’s assembly the school chose me and this other guy to dress up as a cow! hahahaha…i was the head and the other guy was the ass. so all the children were in the big gymnasium waiting and then the principal said, “we have a special guest today – its a Heifer!”. then we came out – but when i was wearing the cow mask i couldn’t see anything! HAHAHAHA…there was supposed to be another teacher who was supposed to guide us but he left! i whispered to my partner “yo man – the teacher isn’t here! i can’t see shit!” hahahaha…so i was in the front and i couldn’t see – i could just see the lines on the floor of the gym. so i followed those lines and then all of a sudden i came to a wall. i was like, “oh shit…”, then i made a 90 degree turn to the left and followed another line until i finally found where the principal was. i could hear her laughing so hard! so we stood next to her and when she said, “you kids managed to raise 173,000 dollars!” me and the other guy pretended to fall to the ground. the kids LOVED it! :-) they were laughing so hard. the funny thing was, most of the kids could see my shoes and they recognized my shoes!!! that’s so crazy!!! they kept screaming, “its mr. farooqi! its mr. farooqi!”. i can’t believe they recognized my shoes…making the kids so happy was so emotionally satisfying. later during the day the kids kept asking me to tell them the truth. they said, “we KNOW it was you inside the cow!!!”. i was like, “no way – it wasn’t me. i didn’t even go down to the gym. i was up here in the classroom doing my work”. when they didn’t believe me, they said “but we saw your shoes and your pants!!! it was you!!!”.  i then said, “i was up here in the classroom then i fell asleep, when i woke up my pants and my shoes were gone! someone stole them!!!”. HAHAHAHAHA…some of them actually believed me! i love 5 year olds – they’ll believe ANYTHING teachers tell them…:-) i don’t think they’ve figured it out YET. :-)

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  • JANUARY 30, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 30, 2004

    alright ladies and gents…i’ve finally uploaded a bunch of photo’s to both our photo page as well as the Tour Diary…check them out…there are still a lot more photo’s to get from friends and our lovely roadie Joseph so we’ll add those when we get them…we started a new song last night!!! sounds fucking rad…can’t wait…ANYWAY: people at my school have just watched the documentary these past couple of days and they can’t believe it…they get so inspired from watching the documentary and that means so much to me. its weird that things i do and have done with this band can actually inspire people. especially people who view the way i do things – that’s non-stop doing stuff everyday and chasing my dreams no matter how much the world says that it can’t be done. if you haven’t seen the documentary – its linked up above…

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  • JANUARY 29, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 29, 2004

    okay – got the dates for our Taiwan shows!!! i just found out that at one of these shows we’re going to see our good friend Allen’s new hardcore band called High Sight 20 20! can’t wait to check his band out! Allen has supported King Ly Chee since the first day he saw us back in 2000…he’s a very good friend of ours and we will stand by his new band 100%! can’t wait to check them out…someone in Taiwan told me that his band sounds a bit like Every Time I Die!!! damn…that’s going to be INSANE!!! :-) the person that is going to release our album in Taiwan is also going to try to release the album before we get there…i hope he can make it!!! anyway – so now there are 3 hardcore bands in Taiwan!!! they’re having their first hardcore-only show on Feb 21 called “Hardcore in Taiwan” with all 3 of taiwan’s hardcore bands: Fall Of This Corner, High Sight 20 20 and HalluCinogen…god – this is such great news for our brothers and sisters in Taiwan!! it makes me even more impatient to go back there!!! :-) CAN’T WAIT!!! see ya…

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  • JANUARY 28, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 28, 2004

    man – going to school to teach yesterday was so hard!!! especially after being on tour and playing hardcore for 10 days…it was tough to change channels – but seeing the kids again was awesome. some of them watched the RTHK documentary and were like, “Mr. Farooqi! Mr. Farooqi!! I saw you on TV!!!”… :-) alex and the crew back safe and sound last night – they have some photos from Singapore and so i’ll upload them whenever i get them from him…peace!

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  • JANUARY 27, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 27, 2004

    okay – back in HK…feels great to be back personally…i love the cold!!! :-) the rest of the guys should be back today…sorry that the website was down for the past two days – something was wrong with our server. anyway – please check out yesterday’s news posting as well as the final update on our tour diary…we’re trying to collect photo’s from the shows – people in each place will be mailing them to us – so as we receive the photo’s we’ll upload them! see ya…

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  • JANUARY 26, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 26, 2004

    wow – what a HELL day yesterday…read about it in our diary…its 2am right now and i am on a plane back to my beautiful home, Hong Kong, at 8am. can’t wait to get home and see my girlfriend and relax for a bit…i took the day off from work because all our flights got screwed up. i was supposed to leave yesterday but couldn’t get a flight until today. anyway…will be back home in a little while! HO YEH!!! :-) its been a great tour…we made a lot of new friends and got to be a part of a lot of different communities. thailand and malaysia were both amazing and will remain the two places that impacted us the most. because of the hearts of the people there – their hospitality, their friendliness, their unselfish behavior has impacted us a lot as a band. singapore was fun too – the Sub Station show was a good way to end the tour. it was too bad we didn’t get to see the other bands though!!! i wanted to see a band called My Precious pretty badly…plus that band features a guy named Ronnie who plays drums in another singapore punk band called Plain Sunset. he’s such a nice guy!!! super friendly – he reminds me of the KL guys…the same pure heart and pure support…now we’re going to be back in HK and have to start working on a few shows that we’re going to be playing in Taiwan at the end of the month! :-) nothing is confirmed yet…but it looks like we’ll be back in our second home, Taiwan, soon!!! ho yeh…okay…gotta pack up so i can get to the airport on time! :-) SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL THE BEAUTIFUL SOULS OF THE PEOPLE WHO TOOK THE TIME TO TAKE CARE OF US, BECOME FRIENDS WITH US, AND PROVE TO US JUST HOW PURE HARDCORE CAN BE!!! WE WILL NEVER FORGET THE LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU SHOWED US, A FELLOW ASIAN BAND!!! EVERYONE IN THAILAND – EVERYONE IN MALAYSIA – EVERYONE IN SINGAPORE WHO CAME TO SEE US, WHO PROMOTED US AMONGST YOUR FRIENDS AND SCENES…you guys will remain people that we are forever grateful to. no words can describe the emotions we have when we think about this entire tour. every stop there was a handful of people who were ready to carry our equipment around, to show us around their cities, to introduce us to their scenes through their bands or zines,  it was a dream come true for us. this was our first experience of touring through a number of countries and something we dream for doing soon again…thank you so much!!! we hope you guys stay in touch with us…we can’t wait to be back soon someday…

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  • JANUARY 25, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 25, 2004

    OKAY – as you can see from above, we are playing at Espalande in Singapore tonight at 8pm!!! this is because last night the show was RAINED out and the organizers have rescheduled a show for us tonight. BUT – andy is not going to be in Singapore so we are going to play as a 3-piece!!! sucks but oh well…so if you are in Singapore then please tell ALL your friends that King Ly Chee will still try to play a show on Sunday night to make up for the show last night!!! BUT – please REMEMBER, that if it rains hard again like it did last night, then the show will PROBABLY be cancelled again! please make an appropriate decision…SEE YOU TONIGHT SINGAPORE (if it doesn’t rain of course…)!!! (the hardcore festival show yesterday was fucking GREAT!!! we had so much fun…i’ll type up a diary thing for that soon…see ya!)…UPDATED DIARY…

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  • JANUARY 24, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 24, 2004

    whats up!!! :-) writing to you guys from singapore…this city is so damn efficient – i’m checking my email and updating the website from my own hotel room!!! :-) hahahaha…its so awesome!!! also – the connection here is broadband!! LOVELY!!! i just finished watching the RTHK documentary in my own hotel room!!! so if you guys haven’t seen the documentary that was presented on tv last week then please click on the link ABOVE…it’ll take you straight to the site where you can click on a button to watch the documentary online! can’t believe how efficient the world is now…ANYWAY: the Malaysian show was fucking crazy – over 200 people came to the show to support us and the other bands playing. among the many bands that we played with that night – Second Combat and Cassandra were the 2 bands that blew us away. Cassandra, from the bottom of my heart, is THE most amazing band that we have EVER played with in our lives. they were so inspirational and powerful that they pushed us to make a BIG change in the band. you’ll find out when we get back to Hong Kong what that change is…i have NEVER been so inspired by a band before in my life. i am honored to have shared a stage with such an incredible Asian hardcore band. the singer, Zac, is with us right now in singapore and he’s going to be our roadie for the 2 singapore shows that we’re playing… :-) what a great guy…i updated the TOUR DIARY so check that out for the KL show review. later on today we’re playing our last 2 shows of the tour…we’re playing 2 shows in one day!!! we’re playing at something called the Sub Station at 6pm at a big hardcore festival. then at 9pm we’re going over to the Espalande to play our last show of the tour…can’t believe the tour is almost over. its been such a dream and we’ve been blessed to have met all the people that we’ve met on this tour. all the new friends we’ve made our going to remain in our hearts forever…okay – its 1:20am right now and i need to get to sleep…hope you’re all having a good time in HK and KUNG HEI FAT CHOI from everyone in the band!!! :-)

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  • JANUARY 19, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 19, 2004

    yo yo yo…last night’s show was fucking AWESOME!!! :-) so much fun…we played with one band that had 15-year-old members and they almost put us to shame! hahahaha…they were SO good for 15 years old! tour diary updated…one more day to hang out in Bangkok then we’re off to Malaysia!!! :-)

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  • JANUARY 18, 2004

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on January 18, 2004

    alright – the show is done and its 2am and i’m sitting in an internet cafe trying to upload this site…i started a new page called TOUR DIARY so just click on that to read the total summary of tonights INSANE show! :-) hope you’re all having a good time in HK!

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