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  • DECEMBER 28, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 28, 2003

    whats up everyone!!! i’m sitting here in Beijing with my girlfriend enjoying the freezing cold weather…unlike Kevin, i LOVE the cold so i’m super happy here. OKAY – so here’s what i’ve done already – went to a CRAZY CRAZY punk rock show last night!!! when i first arrived in Beijing i called a friend of mine and asked him if there were any shows. he said, “yeah – there are two shows tonight!”. i was like cool and asked him who was playing, “he said some beijing bands and 2 bands from taiwan”. i was like taiwan!? which bands? turns out to be Semi-Conductor and The Fire Extinguisher!!! two of our good friends from Taiwan that we’ve played with before!!! so the show last night was like a UNITY show of HK-Taiwan-and-Beijing!!! it was rad…at the show i saw all my old friends from old bands like Reflector, Anarchy Boys and people who saw King Ly Chee when we played in Beijing 3 years ago!!! it was so rad!!! it was like coming home to see old friends!!! :-) i also met one of the girls from Hang in the Box who said they will be playing in HK in March – so that’s something that we can all look forward to! especially all you HK punk rockers like Hardpack, Milkshake 7, Lark, 218, etc!!! you guys should all be happy that some Beijing punk rock will be in HK soon! but the show last night was TOTALLY crazy…the beijing punk rock scene is HUGE – there are more than 50-60 bands here!!! can you believe that – that’s just PUNK ROCK bands!!! because the scene is so big – the scene is VERY divided. they have the “old-skool” punk rock bands, and the “new-skool” bands. the “old-skool” bands play the old punk/hardcore type and the new-skool play the NOFX type. but the show last night was mainly all old-skool…anyway – the show was going fine until my friends in The Fire Extinguisher got on stage. when they got on stage they started banging on the drums and apparently broke the crash. the drumset and all the amps belonged to the old-skool punk rock bands and they got SUPER angry!!! in the middle of the song the old-skool punk kids took all the drums away and took the amps away!!! we were all like WHAT THE HELL!?!?! then they started to fight with the owner of the bar! there was a fight at the show last and the old skool punk kids through bottles against the door of the bar! it was insane, all the other punk kids were like, “riz – don’t go out side man”. because i just wanted to go outside because it smelled so fucking bad inside the bar! hahaha – its IMPOSSIBLE to stay straight edge in beijing because these punk kids smoke SO MUCH!!! JESUS CHRIST!!! the whole bar stinked so much and i needed to step outside every 5 minutes just to breathe. anyway, i couldn’t go outside now because the old-skool punk kids were still outside demanding money from the Taiwan bands. that was REALLY fucking sad to see…this would NEVER happen in HK or in Taiwan. both HK and Taiwan people are so friendly and nice that nothing like this would happen…i can’t believe they have fights at punk shows here. that’s so sad and just stupid…punk rock and hardcore are both about unity – i’m sure these old-skool punk bands were singing about unity to in their songs – but then they started fighting with each other. so dumb – at the end the police showed up to take a report. WOW – that was my first night in beijing!!! CRAZY!!! anyway – after watching this show, i really missed HK so much… :-) i miss all the warm people that come to our shows just for a POSITIVE time – to have fun with each other, to dance around, to stagedive, to singalong like A BIG FAMILY!!! we’re all there for each other – there’s NO reason for any divisions or separation…hk’s community may be small – but at least we stand TOGETHER…stay positive everyone!!! that’s the only way…see ya!!!

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  • DECEMBER 26, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 26, 2003

    holy fucking shit…i don’t know what to say – i don’t think the ENTIRE band knows what to say…last nights show, where do we start? should we start with all our closest friends who met us at 9am in the morning to help us move all our equipment to the show? should we talk about how they stayed with us ALL day, ALL night and after the show was over were STILL with us helping us pack all the equipment and bringing back to our bandrooms? should we start with all those bands who came and helped us check tickets at the door, do other staff work at the show, do security work at the show? how about our friends Bong and Heng who went all the way to Hitec in Kowloon Bay to pick up 20 steel fences by THEMSELVES for our show?!?!! when i think back at the show my heart gets filled with so much joy, because we are SO SO SO SO lucky to have the friends that we have…who help us no matter how RIDICULOUS the request may be. how about our friends Siu Pak and her 3 friends who stood outside helping us sell t-shirts, CD’s and jackets all night? they had to watch the show through an open door! how about when Fat Job made you guys scream “KING – LY – CHEE” non-stop for at least 5 minutes!!! kevin and i sat there totally speechless! :-) lastly – what can be said about YOU GUYS!?!?!?!?! you guys were INSANE from the start of the show to the end…when you guys sang along to the chorus of A Useless Gift you made people get tears in their eyes. yes – that’s right – YOU guys were able to touch people along with King Ly Chee. i know one girl who cried while we played this song – she later told me that EVERY time she hears this song at home it makes her cry. for a lyricist and a songwriter, that is the GREATEST compliment you can receive…to know that the words that go through your mind, and the music that comes out of your heart can have such a strong impact on a person. i still can’t believe we played 16 songs and YOU GUYS were NOT tired!!! that was incredible…you made us play Refuse again!!! :-) 17 songs in total… ANYWAY: at the end of this show and on my way back to the bandroom, i was finally able to relax. it has been a BUSY BUSY year for us in King Ly Chee!!! this show FINALLY brings our ENTIRE year to a beautiful beautiful end…i know i’m forgetting SO MANY things to say right now – but that’s because my mind is overwhelmed with emotions and feelings…its 3:30am and i’m exhausted – the rest of the band is probably dead too…tomorrow i’m traveling to beijing with my girlfriend for a week…i will still be updating this website everyday so check back for my crazy news messages from beijing…keep posting messages because i’ll check them while i’m there, then send them to alex to update daily…THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE HEARTS OF EVERYONE IN KING LY CHEE – i am going to sleep tonight with the biggest fucking smile on my face and i’m sure everyone else is going to sleep with one too…

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  • DECEMBER 25, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 25, 2003

    MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! i think HK did a GREAT job preparing for x’mas this year. i’ve NEVER in my 27 years of living in HK seen hong kong SO SO SO SO SO festive! i mean, street decorations, GIGANTIC tree’s, a street full of bells and wreaths were ALL over the place in this city…all of these things totally touched me. hk became such a romantic place for a few weeks. to tell you the truth, i’m a little sad that christmas is here now, because that means all of these beautiful decorations will be taken down in a day or two. :-( ANYWAY: today’s the big day for King Ly Chee!!! our first MAIN show in Hong Kong!!! i can’t believe it – i’m going to be nervous as fucking hell all day about this. still worried that like 10 people will show up to a place that can hold up to 1000. :-) also, my throat is still not a 100% so that means i REALLY REALLY need your help at the show tonight!!! remember that the stage does not just belong to us, it belongs to every ONE of you so get up and grab the mic and sing, scream your heart out…tonight’s show is NO DOUBT going to go down in history as one of the craziest fucking shows HK has ever had!!! we’re all going to remember this for a long LONG time…by the way – we’re filming the whole show! :-) if the video looks good – guess what we might do?!?!?!?! ;-) see you at the show!!! make this a night that you will never forget – it is up to you to make this happen. it is up to you for this to be a show that one day you will tell your own children about! :-)

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  • DECEMBER 24, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 24, 2003

    i went to check out the venue yesterday – its HUGE!!! holy shit!!! its fucking ENORMOUS!!! i really hope a lot of people come to the show or its going to look REALLY bad! hahahaha…the last time they held a show there was when Beyond played. when Beyond played, 3 lights fell down from the ceiling of the venue! hahaha…paul keeps saying, “when we played 3 lights fell down. what the hell is going to happen when YOU guys play!”…we’d all like to know! should be interesting…the venue is right next to this BEAUTIFUL cathedral!!! when i saw it yesterday i stood there speechless looking at this beautiful building. i went inside and found out that this cathedral was built in 1900!!! its still here today!!! can you believe that the HK government did NOT tear it down? the HK government tears anything and EVERYTHING down, so its so surprising that they preserved one building at least. i don’t know about you, but i love looking at old buildings, old streets, old signs – things that REMIND me that Hong Kong HAS history. anyway, come to the show early so you can go look at this cathedral – its beautiful. ANYWAY: the sound is going to be insane that’s for sure. the company that’s doing sound for us is an amazing company with such a great attitude of wanting to do the best they can and make sure that the bands are happy with what’s going on. fucking rad! such a good attitude and its DEFINITELY going to help the entire atmosphere of the show. if the performers and staff are happy – that positive attitude will make it fun for everyone else that is involved. we got our jackets and t-shirts yesterday – they look GREAT!!! make sure you bring EXTRA money for the shirts and jackets!!! plus our good friend Josie’s album is in shops now – but we’ll also be selling her album at the show!!! bring even MORE extra money! :-) everyone was wearing the King Ly Chee jacket last night at Polar Bear – looked like we were all King Ly Chee staff! hahahaha…its 3:30am – so weird to be updating the site SO late – but i’m getting used to it…hey also – the venue is pretty hard to find so we are going to have some people standing outside giving directions to people. make sure you get there early in case you get lost! WAAH: there is SO MUCH to do today for this show!!! its crazy…

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  • DECEMBER 23, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 23, 2003

    two more days everyone…can’t wait! i went to go see a doctor about my throat last night and the first thing he said was, “WHY is it so red?!” hahaha…then i had to explain to him that i play in a band etc. anyway – now i have medication and hopefully won’t get the other guys sick. that would be terrible if we all got sick because of me. 2 days before the show and i’m sick…sucks! anyway…went to the TST hmv last night and noticed that we fell hard from #11 to #23! hahaha…i knew it was too good to be true for us. oh well – it was fun dreaming for awhile! :-) anyone notice the new $100 and $500 dollar bills! i thought they were fake! i got some money out of the ETC and when i looked at them i thought the ETC machine gave me fake money. i was about to run into HSBC and kick some ass. but then i looked closer and realized that they’re all new designs…look pretty good! we get our King Ly Chee jackets today!!! can’t wait to see what they look like…

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  • DECEMBER 22, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 22, 2003

    dude – i lost my voice…how much does that suck! i’m going to take a break from singing today and tomorrow, hopefully by thursday my voice will be back – or i’m fucked. kevin’s trying to convince me to take steroid injections if worst comes to worst! hopefully it won’t go that far…because of this show and our album i feel like i’ve been missing so much about what’s been going on in HK for the past few weeks. like i didn’t even know that the new West Rail KCR line is open! shit!!! i felt so stupid when i read about it in the newspapers yesterday – i was like, “oh shit! they finished that already?!”…this new line is going to make HK even smaller then it already is…but it should be good in many ways because now people will be able to take a trip to places like Tuen Mun without much hassle. before you had to take the MTR to Tsuen Wan then change to a bus which took forever to get to Tuen Mun…now its just train station. pretty crazy…hopefully i’ll get my damn voice back soon! OH: our good friend Karen started up an online shop that sells punk, hardcore and emo – CLICK HERE to check it out!

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  • DECEMBER 21, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 21, 2003

    i have the worst luck with guitars i think…i don’t know ANYONE else who has as many problems with guitars, amps or guitar effects as i do. i don’t know what happened yesterday but my guitar’s sound kept cutting out. then i looked down at my pickups and one of them is twisted INTO my guitar. really weird…i was getting so pissed off that i just started throwing my piece of shit guitar around. so annoying – we have so much to work on before thursday that i was getting so annoyed that my guitar wasn’t letting me practice. so annoying…i’m going to try and to get it fixed today. hopefully they’ll be able to check the WHOLE guitar to see what other problems there are and fix it all at one time…have a nice sunday – it was supposed to be 9 degrees last night, but it stayed at 13…this weather is the best!!! i love it when its freezing in hk…

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  • DECEMBER 20, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 20, 2003

    HOLY FUCK!!! King Ly Chee has moved UP on the HMV charts in Causeway Bay and Central!!! we’re number 10 now (according to a friend who posted a message on our messageboard!!!)!!! CRAZY!!! how the hell can a hong kong hardcore band make it on this chart in the first place? and then how in GODS NAME can we start moving up?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! hilarious man…this is so funny…someone please take a photo and send it to us!!! i don’t have a digital camera so i can’t take a photo but if you guys do – send it to us and we’ll upload it here!!! have a nice weekend…we’re still practicing hard for the show next week – 16 songs is CRAZY to play but its going to be fun…i didn’t go to practice last night but my throat is still killing me…holy hell…

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  • DECEMBER 19, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 19, 2003

    Tsim Sha Tsui HMV Charts for Canto (supplied by Czarina of Milk Magazine)
    Ranking     Artist     Album Title
    1     女子十二樂坊12 GIRLS BAND     奇蹟:女子十二樂坊現場音樂
    2     VA     追憶林振強
    3     王菲WONG, FAYE     將愛
    4     古巨基KU, LEO     遊戲:基
    5     VA     英皇精挑細選
    6     VA     再現蒲公英
    7     楊千嬅YEUNG, MIRIAM     新曲加精選
    8     關心妍KWAN, JADE     JADE FORWARD
    9     盧巧音LO, CANDY     花言巧語
    10     VA     愛情蒲公英DANDELION LOVE
    11     荔枝王KING LY CHEE     硬心
    12     鄭融CHENG, STEPHANIE     成人對待
    13     張偉文CHEUNG, DONALD     唱好女人演唱會
    14     李克勤LEE, HACKEN     CUSTOM MADE
    15     周杰倫CHOU, JAY     尋找周杰倫
    16     張國榮CHEUNG, LESLIE     精選CLASSICS
    17     容祖兒YUNG, JOEY     SHOW UP演唱會
    18     劉德華LAU, ANDY     經典重現
    19     蔡琴TSAI, CHIN     走過的歲月
    20     梁靜茹LEUNG, FISH     戀愛的力量

    so there’s the HMV music charts for the “Canto” section! HAHAHAHAHA…there we are on number 11! how crazy!!! thanks to Czarina from Milk for getting us this information directly from HMV. do you think we’ll still be there next week? i don’t think so – that’s why i need to run to take a photo of this before they remove us from the list! my girlfriend went to the Causeway Bay one last night and found out that we’re at number 13 over there. i didn’t know they had SEPARATE charts for each HMV – did you know that? i didn’t. NEXT: Ah Heng (Hardpack/Guan36) just sent me a website for a new punk rock band in Hong Kong called Milkshake 7!!! sounds SO good!!! they only have 2 songs on the site but i want to hear more!!! i’ve linked one song here so check it out by clicking on the name: 吹水王 this song has some blink influence in the drumming! they have great vocal harmonies and really awesome song arrangements!!!…check them out! support your local punk/hardcore bands!!! LASTLY: today’s my last day at school before the big 2 week Christmas holidays…i’m going to miss my kids so much!!! after being with them everyday for the past 5 months, they really become YOUR kids. they feel a part of you – i have children hugging me all the time and holding my hand and saying things such as “i love you Mr. Farooqi!”!!! that’s so amazing because at the beginning of the school year they were so shy and didn’t really want to talk. slowly they started getting really comfortable – and now they treat me like i’m a part of their lives. for the past week they’ve been giving me presents for christmas. for the past 3 days i come home with so many bags of presents – then my mom goes through all the bags as if they’re hers! :-) ok – gotta go to bed…so tired…go check out Milkshake 7!!! peace…

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  • DECEMBER 18, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 18, 2003

    just found out that our good friend Josie (Ho Chiu Yi) will be releasing her new album next week on December 22!!! i hope all of you who support us will give her music a chance – i’ve heard that its very electronic but either way, she has an AWESOME voice and i can’t wait to hear the whole album!!! it’ll be out next week so check it out…we are going to help her by selling her album at our show next week as well!!! ALSO – i forgot to mention, at next week’s King Ly Chee show we will ALSO be selling NEW t-shirts AND jackets!!! the t-shirts will be: HK$100 and the jackets will be: HK$150!!! so bring extra money!!! :-) just ONE more week until the show!!! we are playing around 15 songs at the show!!! its going to be INSANE!!! i think i might fall over and DIE after the show! hahahaha…we are going to need ALL of your help at our show. how can you help? by singing along EVERY song!!! can you do that? if we can stand on stage for 15 songs – can you jump around and singalong as well?! :-) LASTLY: i feel really old, i finally have a friend who has a child!!! OH MY GOD!!! i feel so old…this is a photo of my OLD OLD secondary school friend Sarah’s 18-month-old child Ruby: she is SO SO SO SO SO cute isn’t she!!! :-) hopefully she’ll grow up in a better world, a world safe and free from all the problems that we have today…beautiful little PURE children like Ruby are who we work so hard in King Ly Chee for…its their future that we want to protect…

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