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  • NOVEMBER 5, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 5, 2003

    you like the countdown on our site?! 25 days left to go baby!!! then our lovely little album will be in shops ALL OVER HK!!! :-) once again – our label is clueless about promotion work…so we can only depend on you guys, our friends, our BEAUTIFUL STREET TEAM MEMBERS (we have 75 people on the team!!!), and ourselves to make sure that everyone in HK knows what to spend their money on on November 30, 2003!!! :-) to all the NEW people who are reading our website for the first time after seeing our stickers around HK or after meeting our lovely Street Team Members, who introduced King Ly Chee to you: WELCOME TO OUR WEBSITE!!! please feel free to look around, watch the videos, listen to the music, read the lyrics and find out more about what King Ly Chee’s purpose is…if you have ANY questions please feel free to ask us…ON FRIDAY (NOVEMBER 7, 2003) THIS WEEK WE WILL UPLOAD THE KING LY CHEE E-CARD!!! IT WILL INCLUDE 3 SONGS FROM OUR ALBUM!!! COME BACK ON FRIDAY TO CHECK IT OUT!!! SPREAD THIS NEWS TO PEOPLE WHO WANT TO HEAR SAMPLES OF THE NEW ALBUM!!!

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  • NOVEMBER 4, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 4, 2003

    our brother Ah Pang (Guan 36) is almost finished with the special “E-Card” that he has been making for us for the past few days. once its ready i’ll upload it here along with 3 songs from the new album…for all of you on our Street Team who have ALREADY started promoting our album (YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!! people have already told me that they’ve stuck the stickers ALL OVER their schools and handed them out in their universities!!!) please let people know that by Friday this week they will be able to hear a few songs from our album…we have 70 people on our Street Team now – after the show on Sunday A LOT of new people have emailed us and told us that they want to help with the promotional stuff! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CARING ABOUT THIS ALBUM SO MUCH!!! you guys have shown so much heart and concern that i always ask myself, “is this really HK?” :-) . hahaha…it is a good thing that we printed 80 t-shirts!!! but sorry guys – we have NO MORE XXL size t-shirts left!!! sorry…we printed 20 of those and they’re all gone. we only have M and L left…anyway – for those on the Street Team please look out for another SUPER LONG email from me sometime this week. after we confirm the dates of the flyers and the re-print of the stickers then i will let you guys know when we can give them ALL to you guys…thanks especially goes out to Heidi and Josephine (the new photo on the intro page of our site is taken by her) on our Street Team for sending such a great and encouraging messages to me these past couple of days…you guys are awesome and i am SO honored to have people like you on our Street Team…:-) yes josephine – i am SUPER emotional as always! hahaha…we have also had some Street Team members start to design things for us – we met a person named Bob on our street team (i linked his AWESOME metal website to our site last week) that is now taking time to design an internet Banner for us!!! its amazing how much help people are offering us…words can’t describe our thanks…okay…keep going guys and girls…

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  • NOVEMBER 3, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 3, 2003

    oh well…another show with a MILLION technical problems…we must be one of the unluckiest bands LIVE for sure…alex (AGAIN!) broke a bass string into the first song – he must be the MOST unluckiest bass player i know!!! i don’t know ANYONE who has so much bad luck as he does…in the past year, if you have gone to see King Ly Chee you will probably already know that he has broken his first string at almost EVERY show…poor guy!! my guitar was fucked up right from the beginning but i thought, “fuck it – everyone in the audience is having so much fun that i might as well keep going…”. then the fucking guitar cut out all together – no sound…everything was plugged in properly but the sound just died…sucked…we only played 3 songs and andy had to play all the guitar parts for Lik Kit because i just put my guitar down and sang the rest of the song…we meant to play 7 songs including a brand new one but we didn’t get to play it. after the show was over i was SO depressed because i really wanted us to have a good show and because you guys in the audience were SO SO SO SO SO NICE TO US!!! i couldn’t believe how sweet you guys all were yesterday – you kept encouraging us by clapping to show how much you cared…it was amazing…then i left the show and thought back at all the fucking guitar problems and i realized how great my friends are…i don’t know if you guys noticed – but when my guitar fucked up, i had 4 people JUMP up on stage right away to help me fix it: Bong (Guan 36), KK (Hardpack), Heng (Hardpack) and Joseph (Hardpack)…they tried their hardest to help fix my guitar and i am SO SO SO SO grateful to all these guys. they are the true definition of “friendship” and i just want the world to know that…i only hope that you guys reading this website are as lucky as i and KLC are to have friends like Bong, KK, Heng, and Joseph who are ALWAYS ready to help us on stage…anyway – a big sorry TO ALL of you who came to the show especially to see us – hopefully, next time we won’t have a problem (yeah right)…ANYWAY: it was also SO GREAT to meet most of the King Ly Chee Street Team people yesterday!! HO YEH!!! that made my day definitely to know that i now know what you guys all look like! :-) i hope you guys like the stickers and t-shirts…the stickers are the fucking best…we’re all so happy with them!!! ANYWAY: sorry about the show yesterday…

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  • NOVEMBER 2, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 2, 2003

    KING LY CHEE IS GOING TO BE PLAYING A BRAND NEW SONG TODAY!!! ALSO – everyone on the Street Team is going to be receiving their t-shirts today…the Street Team crew, our friends and the KLC guys are all going to be handing out brand new King Ly Chee album stickers today!!! me and Ah Ho (FJ) picked up the stickers yesterday and they look SO fucking good…the image when you open our website is the sticker design…we will arrive at victoria park around 2pm so please come and find us if you are on the Street Team to pick up your shirts and stickers…all the KLC guys will be together because we really want to thank you guys for joining our team and trying to help us make this album become a part of Hong Kong history!!! :-) see you later on today guys!! i’m so fucking excited that i probably won’t be able to sleep tonight!!! :-)

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  • NOVEMBER 1, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 1, 2003

    the streets were SO merry last night with all types of people of all different ages celebrating Halloween together joyfully…it was awesome to be a part of the beautiful air and atmosphere of people. the weather last night was nice and cool!!! FINALLY…its starting to get cooler again here…ho yeh!!! OKAY – we still haven’t received all the materials for the Street Team. the only things that ARE ready are the t-shirts and stickers (of course, the things that we handled ourselves are the things that are ready. the things our label handles is nowhere close to being done.). so PLEASE – if you are ON THE STREET TEAM then check your email. i have already sent ANOTHER Street Team Update email. you will be able to get your t-shirts at the show on Sunday…see you then!!! should be a fucking GREAT time…last night i was waiting for Kevin with my guitar, that has the huge words “King Ly Chee” on it, in front of HMV when something really nice happened. a Japanese couple came out of HMV and came up to me with a yellow sheet of paper in the guy’s hand. i thought he was just a tourist and was lost and needed some help. but when he came over he was smiling and looked at my guitar and used his broken English to say things like, “seen your website – i remember you from your website”. i was like wow cool! then in his yellow sheet of paper he had the names of all the bands that are going to play at the show on Sunday and had the chinese characters “Tong Lo Wan Wai Yuen”! really fucking rad!!! he’s a hardcore guy from Japan that is in HK with his girlfriend or something and before he came here he must’ve searched for “hardcore” in Hong Kong and found this website! that’s so rad!! he had a Straight Edge watch on and he took a photo with me and i’m going to be excited to see him on Sunday!!! i love when stuff like this happens!!! it makes hardcore even more special and shows the true power of uniting hardcore with people from all over the world – people who can’t even speak the same language!!! :-) AGAIN – sorry that the materials are still not ready…blame our label. the stickers and shirts are and we’ll give them to you tomorrow…

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