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  • OCTOBER 29, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 29, 2003

    we have over 50 people on our Street Team now!!! HOLY SHIT!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU!!! that’s rad…in just over a week we were able to get that many people to volunteer their precious time and energy to help us – this tiny little band… :-) …more news later…ANYWAY: i haven’t talked about my kids at school in a long time and something funny happened yesterday so i want to share that with you. yesterday after i bought my lunch i was walking back to the elevator and i realized that i left something in the canteen so out loud i screamed “oh shit!”. right in front of me were 4 little girls and they looked at me startled and TOTALLY surprised!!! i looked at them and said, “you didn’t hear that did you?”. they said, “yes we did Mr. Farooqi!” HAHAHAHAHA…that was so embarrassing! anyway…a few more days – check out the timetable for all the bands that are going to be performing this sunday – we have it posted up above…the new Hatebreed album came out yesterday – i can’t wait until we get it in HK!!! want to hear it…

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