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  • OCTOBER 31, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 31, 2003

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all our ghosts & goblins who venture on to our website everyday for some ghastly reason! :-) i’m DEFINITELY going to have a fun day because we’re going to be celebrating all day at my school so i get to work with little 5 year old children who are going to come to school dressed as Dracula, Pumpkins etc…stuff like that! its going to be so much fun…we went on a school trip to the Hong Kong Park yesterday and it was amazing! have you ever been there? i never knew just how HUGE that place is!!! there is so much to see and its RIGHT in the middle of HK!!! awesome location with lots of stuff to learn…then at night i went with my girlfriend to an ice cream place in Wan Chai called Kida Garden and were met with the rudest fucking bitch i’ve had to deal with in a LONG TIME!!! these are the times where i fucking DESPISE Hong Kong!!! the gril working behind the counter was so rude and impolite that i couldn’t believe it – she drove me crazy! and she wouldn’t stop – she kept saying stupid shit even though i said that i was going to complain to her manager. you know what her response was? she’s the supervisor of Kida Garden!?!?! YEAH RIGHT?!?!?! i gave her the fucking ice cream back and when she dumped it my girlfriend heard her say “sai sai” (wasted it all)! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!! dumb bitch – i’m going to call the Consumer Council today and we’re going to try to complain to whatever authority we can because there is NO way we are going to let HK RETURN to its previous INCREDIBLY impolite days!!! since the economy has gone down, the ONE good effect it has had is that it has made shopkeepers and its staff realize how IMPORTANT it is to be polite and have a good positive attitude while selling products, food or whatever. it has been a LONG time since i’ve had to deal with a complete idiot serving me food…WHAT A BAD NIGHT!!! grrrr…

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  • OCTOBER 30, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 30, 2003

    t-shirts are in! they look pretty good – some of them came out better then others but they still look great…Wow – this sunday’s show looks like its going to be pretty crazy!!! all 6 bands playing are heavy and energetic – i think Farm is going to realize soon that its always these bands that attract the MOST craziness at Farm shows! :-) hahahaha…we’ll all be known throughout HK as “bands that bring the craziest audience”! FUCK YEAH!! that’s right…i read on a website somewhere that said during Electric Eel Shock’s performance last saturday that “that was the craziest mosh pit HK has seen in years”. WHAT?! i was like what are you nuts? did you not see the Poly U AP this year? how about the Tsuen Wan show with LMF, KLC, FJ and others? did you attend the recent Naiad show? have you not seen ANY of the videos on our site?!?!? have you seen a King Ly Chee show? a Fat Job show? a 5 Disciplines show? a Hardpack show? a Guan 36 show? ALL THESE BANDS BRING IN MORE PEOPLE first of all, and the CRAZY MOSH PIT’s for each of these bands are a million times BIGGER and WILDER then the tiny pit that Electric Eel Shock attracted at the Expat Festival (sorry, Rockit Fest). anyway – anyone that TRULY knows whats up with music in HK knows what the real deal is…if you don’t know – then come to the show this sunday and experience the madness. its truly amazing…

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  • OCTOBER 29, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 29, 2003

    we have over 50 people on our Street Team now!!! HOLY SHIT!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU!!! that’s rad…in just over a week we were able to get that many people to volunteer their precious time and energy to help us – this tiny little band… :-) …more news later…ANYWAY: i haven’t talked about my kids at school in a long time and something funny happened yesterday so i want to share that with you. yesterday after i bought my lunch i was walking back to the elevator and i realized that i left something in the canteen so out loud i screamed “oh shit!”. right in front of me were 4 little girls and they looked at me startled and TOTALLY surprised!!! i looked at them and said, “you didn’t hear that did you?”. they said, “yes we did Mr. Farooqi!” HAHAHAHAHA…that was so embarrassing! anyway…a few more days – check out the timetable for all the bands that are going to be performing this sunday – we have it posted up above…the new Hatebreed album came out yesterday – i can’t wait until we get it in HK!!! want to hear it…

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  • OCTOBER 28, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 28, 2003

    alex, andy and i worked on the lyrics for the new song last night and i can’t fucking wait to play it on sunday!!! its going to be so rad…there still MIGHT be a chance that we won’t play it because, of course, we want to play it well – so we need to practice the lyrics like all week to make sure its ready on sunday. anyway…its going to be rad…just a few more days until our next show…CAN’T WAIT…

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  • OCTOBER 27, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 27, 2003

    TO ALL STREET TEAM MEMBERS!!! i’ve sent out a big email yesterday – please check your email box. if you have NOT received it i will send it again…thanks!!!

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  • OCTOBER 26, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 26, 2003

    our bro Ah Pang is working on King Ly Chee’s “E-Card” and hopefully we’ll have it ready and uploaded on our website by November 1!!! if you guys don’t know what an “e-card” is, its basically an online advertisement that bands put on their website to help promote their upcoming album. to see what one looks like, please check out Most Precious Blood’s new album’s e-card by clicking HERE. its a great way to hear a few songs from the album…we will include 3 full songs on our E-Card so you guys can hear what the album will sound like and what to expect…ANYWAY: did any of you go check out the Rockit Festival in Causeway Bay yesterday? kevin, myself and ah ho (fatjob) went to check it out and we were pleasantly surprised and a bit upset. we were surprised because if the idiots who decided the bands had picked better bands then it really would’ve been a great festival. its in such a GOOD location right in Causeway Bay and its on grass so the atmosphere feels great. the sound is good too and everyone was super friendly and having a good time. but the bands were so weak – EXCEPT for Electric Eel Shock!! holy shit!!! they were great!!! if you missed them then i feel bad for you…their music is a good mix of metal, punk and good ol’ rock n’ roll – plus they are SO FUNNY live!!! i wouldn’t buy their albums but i would definitely see them live again. they were full of energy and a positive attitude that it was just fun to watch…i wish all the other bands could be of this caliber but – i guess that’s wishful thinking. everything about this festival really is a waste – great location, good sound, good atmosphere…but bad line-up. also – what’s up with the stupid rule that once you leave the place you can’t come back in! that’s a really terrible way to rip people off. oh well…can’t wait to upload the King Ly Chee E-Card!!! LASTLY: thanks again for those of you who’ve posted messages of support about what i wrote yesterday…we’re certain that we’ll do fine. why? because we have YOU on our side. :-) a week from today we’ll be playing at Victoria Park so we’ll see YOU ALL then!!!

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  • OCTOBER 25, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 25, 2003

    got some annoying information – it turns out, one of the major labels in Hong Kong is certain that King Ly Chee won’t sell more than 1000 CD’s in Hong Kong. they met with the guys in Polar Bear this week and Polar Bear told us this last night. what do you guys think of this fucking bullshit?!?! Polar Bear laughed at them too for being so clueless of just how many people are ready to support us. go to our messageboard and post your thoughts about this – do you think King Ly Chee will ONLY be able to sell this tiny amount of records?! or do you think we’ll be able to sell 1000 in just the FIRST week!??!?! LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!! when i first heard this my reaction was “the idiots don’t know ANYTHING about Hong Kong and DEFINITELY don’t know anything about us! now i DEFINITELY want to work hard to prove these FUCKERS wrong for SURE!!!” i have faith in this album – we ALL have faith. these “majors” who don’t know ANYTHING about Hong Kong’s underground can continue to live in their ignorance. we ALL have faith that we will sell 2000 or even 3000 without a problem!!! what do you think? is 3000 an easy target? let us know what you think…ANYWAY: have a good weekend…its been a GREAT week for King Ly Chee and i know that ALL 4 of us are so filled with emotions about the beautiful support that you guys have shown us. its so great to know that we have people we can count on when we need help!!! our music, lyrics and this band have truly created a place in your hearts – that’s more than we could EVER ask for!!! do you know that feeling where everyday just feels great because you have so many friends behind you? that’s what i have had ALL week!!! :-) no matter what i did all week in school or whatever, i just felt so good. i kept smiling and kept saying “hello” to people on the street. hahaha…just walking around like this fucking ray of sunshine! :-) …nothing could ruin my day!!! LASTLY: our good friend Warren at uploaded a Street Team message on his site…check it out and surf around his site! there’s a video of me skating on there somewhere…peace.

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  • OCTOBER 24, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 24, 2003

    yeh – flyer and sticker designs were finished last night…FINALLY – took fucking 3 days to do them. we’ll send them to the printers soon and hopefully they’ll both be ready by our show next week!!! TO ALL OUR STREET TEAM MEMBERS: Please try to make some time at our next show to help us (November 2)…we are hoping that will be the FIRST day to do some promoting stuff!!! if all the flyers, stickers and shirts are ready by then then we will ask you guys to help us give them to people that day…so please save some time to come to the show on November 2!!! thanks guys for your support yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever… :-) for everyone else: if you want to see the flyers and stickers then you’re just going to have to come to the show next Sunday and grab a copy! :-) the stickers are nice and big…

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  • OCTOBER 23, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 23, 2003

    spent 4 lovely hours last night trying to finish the flyers and sticker designs…we’re almost done with them and we have to add one last thing and fix one other part then we can send them off to the printers. i placed an order for 40 Street Team t-shirts and hopefully they’ll be ready by next week. i will send out a BIG email to everyone that has joined the Street Team so far, so please kindly be patient!!! i have at least replied to EVERY single person that has written in – my hands are about to fall off!!! :-) we have so much to do right now but once its done, i will take some time to write a fucking rad emotional email just to show you guys HOW MUCH WE APPRECIATE all your help!!! seriously – one person sent me like a list of 10 places they can help us promote our record and then said “sorry, thats all i can do!”. i couldn’t believe it!!! i wrote back saying that that was already more than we could ever imagine someone doing for us just to help us…you guys are fucking great…we also got an email from someone that runs a Metal website in HK!!! its so cool that ALL THESE NEW people are finally getting in touch with us!!! i didn’t even know we had this many people reading our site…here’s his website and check it out!!! he’s going to help us run King Ly Chee CD banners on both his websites!!! what a nice guy!!! CLICK HERE and this is his other site CLICK HERE…can’t wait for you guys to check out the flyers and stickers…they look fucking AWESOME!!! (just a side note – i realized how many spelling mistakes i made on yesterday’s post – just thought i’d tell you that when i type these news postings i do them so fast because i’m so excited to tell you guys about all the stuff that’s going on…i also get so excited because i’m so overwhelmed with all the AWESOME messages that we’ve been getting…all your positive and encouraging messages have filled me up with the most awesome feelings…i can’t even describe!!! so if there are any spelling mistakes then i’m sorry! hahaha…just imagine me typing like crazy, trying to connect the thoughts in my heart to the letters on my keyboard – pretty easy to get them all confused!). okay…more news later…

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  • OCTOBER 22, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 22, 2003

    almost 30 people have volunteered for the King Ly Chee Street Team!!! i talked to andy last night about all the messages we’ve received and he said “its so touching!!!”…its basically how we feel that so many people stepped up to help us when we really needed it. the best thing about the Street Team is that 98% of the people that have volunteered to help us aren’t people we know very well! the point i’m trying to make is – that we hardly realize just how many people in Hong Kong support us! not only in HK! we’ve received two messages from people outside of HK (the UK and Singapore) who have volunteered to help us in their countries too!!! that’s crazy…obviously, for the time being are MAIN concern is in HK. we already have so much to do here that i can’t even think about anything outside of HK…we might have a Halloween show on October 31 but its not confirmed yet…ALSO: we’re going to upload 2 songs from our album on to the website in November!!! that will be the first time you guys get to hear what the new album is going to sound like!!! remember that date and check back here…can’t fucking wait…slowly we’ll add the cover of the album on to the website so you guys can check it out. everyone that has seen the cover has fallen in love with it…that’s how exciting!??!?! lastly – did you guys see the Street Team image on the main page? that’s the Street Team t-shirt design guys!!! all of you that have volunteered will get those shirts…hopefully they’ll be ready NEXT week!!! the Chinese version of the Street Team information is uploaded now (SPECIAL THANKS TO SIU PAK FOR TRANSLATING IT FOR US!!!). CLICK HERE! oh man – these past couple days have been so fucking exciting…there is SO MUCH to do its crazy!!! but that’s the best feeling for me – doing all this stuff is so great…reading all your messages that have been coming in have given me so much more energy and filled my soul with this urgent feeling that i need to spend every second of my day working on promoting this album. all the messages with your beautiful words of encouragement helps me believe in myself and this CD and all the things this band has done…believe me when i say, until this album is released – i will not rest a second…that’s my promise to all of those of you who believe in us and want King Ly Chee to do our best. thank you…

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