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  • SEPTEMBER 30, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 30, 2003

    the last day of another month!!! goddamm…this year is fucking FLYING by isn’t it!!! remember – just 3 months ago i asked you to look at your life and see what you have accomplished in the 6 months from January – June! with a few more months i’ll ask you what you’ve accomplished all year!!! damn…its crazy how fast this year has gone by. ANYWAY: stuff to read – check out these two awesome interviews that i found on with Snapcase and Shai Hulud…(CLICK HERE FOR SHAI HULUD’S INTERVIEW) (CLICK HERE FOR SNAPCASE’S INTERVIEW) both bands are interviewed by an organization in USA called PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)…both bands talk about why they are vegan and why they believe in animal rights and how this affects their hardcore bands and their lives. both are awesome interviews…think about the stuff they say and read carefully, the stuff they talk about is exactly what hardcore is all about. LASTLY: tonight’s the night of the show! remember TVB Pearl at 8pm…don’t know how long it will be. could be a few minutes or a little bit longer…see ya!

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  • SEPTEMBER 29, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 29, 2003

    okay…got an email from the reporter that interviewed us for TVB tomorrow and he said that he has received our song that we wanted them to air on tv. BUT – he says its not his decision…the show’s producer, his boss, will make the final decision. so there might be a chance that our song won’t be played on the show…oh well. the reporter also said that the whole story is looking good…makes me a little bit impatient to check it out! but still nervous. any of you guys know how to record the show and put it onto a computer file? if you do please let us know! we’ll upload it for our friends around the world who don’t have any way to watch this show…NEXT: alright – the Thursday record is fucking incredible. this album has both kevin and my stamp of approval – i got on ICQ yesterday and the first message kevin sent me was, “man, Thursday is sick!”…also, it looks like this album has the stamp of approval of HMV as well since they put it in the “recommended” section yesterday. its so good…its as good as the Beloved record – which by the way, has been receiving RAVE reviews from everywhere on this planet…so all you emo/hardcore lovers out there get both Beloved and Thursday. NEXT: yesterday in the South China Morning Post they ran a super inspiring article about a bicycle shop in Tsuen Wan!!! did any of you guys read it? its a bicycle shop owned by an old Indonesian Chinese man who has been living in hong kong for decades. anyway – every saturday night from 6:30pm to 11pm the owner puts all his bikes away in the back of the shop and brings out drums, guitars, keyboards and big speakers and jams with a band!!! not only that, but every saturday night starting at 6:30pm up to 200 of the neighborhoods elderly come down to watch them play and dance for a few hours!!! DOESN’T THAT JUST BLOW YOUR MIND?!?!??! i couldn’t believe it!!! i’m going to go find this shop this saturday night to see what its like!!! the photos in the article showed a super energetic night with elderly people having such a great time…the crowd was HUGE! i seriously can’t believe it…it was one of the most inspiring stories i’ve read about music in hong kong in a VERY long time…apparently, he fell in love with music at a very young age in Indonesia but he was sent up to China during the cultural revolution. during this period, of course, all types of western music was banned so he couldn’t do anything. he had to hide his love for music…then he escaped to hong kong with his family and for the past 10 or so years he has been holding this saturday night show!!! awesome man…i don’t think any of us can ever imagine the struggle this man has gone through for his love of music…be inspired!!!

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  • SEPTEMBER 28, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 28, 2003

    holy shit…okay – all you people who don’t do anything all day but sleep until 4pm in the afternoon and waste the whole day away – get up a little early Sunday morning and run down to HMV!!! yesterday i walked in and bumped into my friend Siu Pak and she told me that the new Sick of it All album was in the “recommended” section!!! i ran over and lo-and-behold the new record “Life on The Ropes” was there on the shelves!!! to make things even better…the new Thursday album is in HMV now as well!!! ho FUCKING yeh!!! i’ve been listening to the Sick of it All record non-stop and haven’t even had time to pop the Thursday album into my CD player – there are some total punk rock type of songs on the new Sick of it All album!!! sounds so rad…for the Thursday record, i was reading the CD booklet on my way home and they seem to have some political lyrics talking about the war – quite surprising but awesome…ALSO – i need to promote something our brothers in the Taiwanese punk/hardcore scene have just done…a brand new punk rock label in Taiwan called Fei Records have just released their first CD – an AWESOME compilation CD of some of Taiwan’s best punk/hardcore bands. here’s an article that they sent to me for all of you to read and so you can find out more about the reason they released this (its in chinese – i’ll get the english one from them soon)…CLICK HERE to read it…here’s a photo of the cover which is SO funny CLICK HERE!!! :-) good news for you all in Hong Kong – the owner of the label, allen, is sending me 20 CD’s to sell at the October 11 show!!! so bring some extra money if you want to buy this and support our Asian hardcore/punk rock brothers in Taiwan!!! i can’t WAIT to hear this CD compilation!!! we’ve played with all the bands that are on this CD when we toured Taiwan and i can tell you personally – that they are ALL FUCKING INCREDIBLE!!! okay…over and out…go to fucking hmv RIGHT NOW and get your dose of pure hardcore from the kings of hardcore – Sick of it All!!! while you’re there pick up Thursday too of course…there is a BUNCH of other stuff there too which is crazy…(if you want to hear some songs from the Sick of it All album go to their website – if you don’t know their website address then DON’T say that you’re a fan of hardcore!!! hahahaha…)

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  • SEPTEMBER 27, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 27, 2003

    what a tiring week with the kids and at school…it was a VERY long week and i’m happy that its friday night and i can just sleep and re-energize. a few more days until the Money Magazine interview with us is played on TVB…the reporter called me yesterday to check some details about the price of our first album and stuff like that – so it seems like he’s going to do a lot of talking!!! that gets me REALLY REALLY nervous!!! the reason? because he didn’t ask a lot of details regarding the band and the first album so i’m really scared that he’s just going to make up things and put them in the interview. the end result COULD be that we look like absolute idiots…i know that he will run some live videos of us that KK took and he’s going to use our acoustic song, called “A Useless Gift”, from our new album…aiya – interviews like this always give me too much stress because i worry about how the reporter is going to portray us!! :-) too many bad experiences with reporters…

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  • SEPTEMBER 26, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 26, 2003

    the covers done!!! we just have the shit job now of typing ALL the english and chinese text into the files that we have…its going to take days to do but our bro Ah Heng in Guan 36 is going to help us type ALL the chinese text into the files while i retype ALL the fucking english again…what a pain in the ass but worth it in the long run. still no news on when we’ll actually release the record though…soon soon la…trust me! :-)

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  • SEPTEMBER 25, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 25, 2003

    okay…really sleepy so i’ll make this VERY short…we just got an email from a punk rock band in Beijing called Reflector. apparently the bass player of that band is organizing a punk/hardcore compilation and they’ve asked King Ly Chee to be on it! that’s going to be rad!!! i don’t know the details yet but it looks like it’ll just be released around Beijing…we’ll let you know more as it happens…going to bed – SUPER SUPER tired…good night.

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  • SEPTEMBER 24, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 24, 2003

    okay…this whole harbor reclamation thing is totally getting out of hand. for those of you who don’t know…the government has been given a court order to STOP pouring sand into the Hong Kong harbor. what are they doing? directly DEFYING the court order handed down in Hong Kong’s courts and continuing to dump sand into the harbor and continuing to work on reclaiming land. this government for the past 2 years has been talking about the importance of the “rule of law” and how Hong Kong is such a special Chinese city because everyone in this city follows the laws of Hong Kong. but how about the government? the government is exempt? is that how it is here? its totally ridiculous. they are now saying that if they stop their projects now that it will cost the government MORE money. but that’s not the issue! the issue is that a judge in a court has passed down the order that the government must halt ALL projects of land reclamation in our harbor immediately, but they haven’t stopped yet. there is already nothing left in our harbor…if they continue to pour sand into the harbor, one day we won’t even need the Star Ferry anymore – we’ll just be able to walk across. after going to the Hong Kong Story exhibition, this whole problem about the harbor reclamation is even more frustrating. in the Hong Kong Story exhibition you can see old photos of the harbor and it seems twice the size of what it is now…the harbor actually looks beautiful! LASTLY: have you guys heard of Operation Ivy? obviously this question is for all our local Hong Kong readers who have gotten involved with punk rock and hardcore in these past few years. Operation Ivy is a legendary punk rock band that within a VERY short time (back in 1988-1989) built a HUGE following and released some of the most important punk records ever…the band broke up and two of the members, tim armstrong and matt freeman, went on to start Rancid. ANYWAY – the other day i went on the website and was SO pleasantly surprised to find LIVE videos of their old shows!!! holy shit…i was so happy to watch them play Bombshell, I Got No, Stop This War…and other awesome and MEMORABLE songs…they were and still are one of the best punk rock bands i ever had the pleasure of falling in love with…HEY – that TV show that we’ll be on next week is on 8pm!!! just found out yesterday…see ya.

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  • SEPTEMBER 23, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 23, 2003

    okay…i can’t keep it a secret anymore…for the past week i’ve been contacting hardcore show organizers in Thailand and Malaysia because King Ly Chee is going to go on a Southeast Asian tour in January!!! we are ALL super fucking excited about this!!! from January 16 – January 25, 2004 we will bring King Ly Chee and the HKHC to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore!!! we can’t wait to meet all our hardcore brothers and sisters down in these 3 countries…in Malaysia we have contacted promoters to play in 3 cities (Penang, Johur Bahru and Kuala Lumpur)…for Thailand we’ll probably only play one show in Bangkok…when we get to Singapore we already have one show confirmed and have been contacted by someone else already for a second show!!! GODDAMM!! so excited about this…so we are planning on playing 7 shows in about 9 days!!! its so far away!!! :-) we’d like to thank all the people in these countries who are helping us organize shows etc!!! thanks for your love and assistance boys!!! thanks for keeping asian hardcore united!!! ALSO: i suggested to the producer of the show Money Magazine, that will air our interview next Tuesday, to use one of our songs on their show…he thinks its a good idea but he wants to hear the song first. so i’ll send it to him later this week. SO – if he likes it then he will use it…that means you guys all will get to hear one NEW song from our album next week if you watch the interview next week!!! :-) (just a warning – its an acoustic song… :-) can’t wait!!! good shit…

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  • SEPTEMBER 22, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 22, 2003

    wow…have any of you seen the “Hong Kong Story” exhibition at the Science Museum in Tsim Sha Tsui? i went there with my girlfriend yesterday and i was totally blown away!!! i can’t believe how BIG it is…its huge – and it talks about EVERYTHING regarding Hong Kong’s history…even back before dinosaurs used to roam around this planet. like, did you know that Hong Kong at one point was a desert!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!! also, to all those people who don’t think minorities in Hong Kong like Indians should consider themselves “Hong Kong people” – there is an interesting fact that i found at the exhibition. Indians were part of Hong Kong’s police force starting back in the 1860′s!!! that’s how long Indian people have lived in Hong Kong!!! SO DON’T EVER TELL ME THAT PEOPLE LIKE ME CANNOT SAY THAT WE ARE HONG KONG PEOPLE!!! :-) also, did you know that when the Japanese took over hong kong for 3 years they thought the HK population was too big so they just grabbed people from the street and dumped them in China!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT!!! that made me feel sick…at the time the population was like 1,400,000 – and they thought it was too much so they forcibly removed HK people back up to china. they finally got the population down to 600,000. that’s crazy… anyway – the whole “Hong Kong Story” is a two floor exhibition and it is PACKED with information and other things to look at…they’ve recreated a whole STREET from the early 1900′s and stuff like that! it has short movies in different corners of the exhibition to talk about culture and the different periods of Hong Kong’s history – like the Opium Wars, when the Japanese ruled Hong Kong and things like that. this entire exhibition is so beautiful because you can finally feel how much history and culture Hong Kong has – if you walk around Hong Kong now it doesn’t look like it has any culture, heritage or history beyond money. we were there for like 3 hours and we STILL didn’t finish looking at everything…i’m going to go back again at some point to finish looking at the stuff that i missed…i HIGHLY recommend any of you who truly love Hong Kong to go check out this exhibition at the Science Museum in Tsim Sha Tsui East – it is worth the 3 or 4 hours that you will spend there. it is a permanent exhibition so don’t worry, it won’t be taken down tomorrow or anything like that. but it is breathtaking…you will be amazed and totally surprised at the amount of things that have happened in this little part of the world. makes me even more proud to call Hong Kong home.

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  • SEPTEMBER 20, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 20, 2003

    it was a pretty awesome show last night…for me, 5 Disciplines were the best but all the other bands were cool too. Krave’s female vocalist blew me away! holy shit! she’s only 17 and she already has SO MUCH natural talent its insane. the sound at the Warehouse sounds rad but all the guitar players need to realize that the HIGH on their settings need to be turned down. everyone’s guitar sound was SO piercingly high – it started to get painful after awhile. anyway – we did that interview with Money Magazine for TVB last night…if you guys were at the show you will remember how fucking annoying they were. they had this HUGE professional camera and were walking around all over the place. everywhere me, andy or alex went they’d film us – it was so embarrassing. but the good thing was they filmed some of the other bands last night! they filmed 5 Disciplines, Krave and one other band – so you guys will all be on TV too!!! HO YEH!!! anyway…we can never be rockstars because we fucking HATE having camera’s in our faces like last night. i think andy was about to kill someone – he was so annoyed. its was really embarrassing!!! ANYWAY – we finished the interview and they told us that it will be on TVB (English Channel) September 30. so check it out if you have time…we talked a lot about the truth about HK’s music situation for local indie bands. we DON’T know if it will be a good show or not…we have learned many many times, that after you finish an interview – there is a VERY good chance that the magazine or television producer will change EVERYTHING you said to make you look retarded. there is a VERY good chance that they will do that…so anyway, we don’t have any high expectations. but it should be an interesting show for people who don’t know anything about the local music scene. OTHER NEWS: Tim Armstrong (the main songwriter for Rancid) wrote a song for Pink! isn’t that crazy…you can check it out on the website…Hatebreed has a new song out and you can check that out on – this song will be on their new album which is coming out next month…wow – did you guys know that Britney Spears kissed Madonna on tv!!! hahaha – i’d love to see this footage!…our friend Monkey said a friend of his went to watch Envy play in Japan and he said that Envy now has 3 guitar players!!! that must be total chaos…

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