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  • AUGUST 31, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 31, 2003

    yo what up…last nights band competition was rad! 11 bands had made it to the final and they were all awesome! seriously – there was such a BIG mix of different styles of music last night that it made me so proud to be from Hong Kong!!! there was black metal, rock, punk rock, j-rock, pop/rock and they were all so damn good! plus the new warehouse equipment helped make each band sound great too. its too bad about the people who were behind the mixing board though – it was obvious they had no experience. later on we found out from our friend karen that the sound people were actually students learning about sound etc…that explains a lot! hahaha…anyway – it was still rad and we were really happy and honored that the warehouse picked us to play as the “guest” band…the winners got 5k in cash! can you believe that! i don’t remember the warehouse having giving away that much money…we want to say an EXTRA BIG thank you to our friend Chi Wai who came to the show last night to help take photos for our album!!! if you guys don’t know who he is – he is the one that takes all the photos for Beyond, Paul, Hann, and LMF…he takes some of the most emotional and professional band photos i’ve ever seen! so kevin made a few calls to see if Chi Wai was free to come take some photos of us…we were lucky that he was!!! he’s such a nice guy and spent over 5 hours with us yesterday…we’ll see the photos on monday but you guys WON’T see the photos until the album’s out! hahaha…trust us – these are going to be fucking awesome photos! we have all the faith in the world that these are going to be some of the best King Ly Chee photos you’ll EVER see…this week – the schedule is mixing the acoustic song tomorrow night and then start mastering later this week. hopefully the cover will be near completion too…THANK YOU to everyone that came out to see us and the other bands last night!!! it was a lot fewer then everyone expected but it was still great. we also want to thank all the new bands that we met last night! everyone was so friendly it was great!!!

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  • AUGUST 30, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 30, 2003

    alright – today’s the day that we rip through 3 songs for a QUICK blazing set at the warehouse…within these 3 songs we HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE that we can get some awesome photos to be used inside the CD booklet. kevin managed to get an awesome photographer to take some photos tonight – but even the photographer has said that 3 songs is really TOUGH to get photos because its a really short time. but we trust his expertise AND we trust that you guys will go crazy through the whole time so that you will give him MORE opportunities for awesome photos…see you later tonight!

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  • AUGUST 29, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 29, 2003

    hey…in the newspaper it said that Mars can still be viewed for another month! so if you haven’t seen a bright orange star in the sky these past 2 nights – then you still have time to see it. anyway – these past few weeks working with kids, i’ve realized how much adults suck. really – its so strange how rude and full of shit adults are towards other adults. you would think that when adults get to over 40 years old that they would’ve learned by now the VALUE of treating and speaking to each other with respect. when kids speak to each other its always with pure honesty and if they do say something mean, getting them to say sorry is so easy and they are totally sincere too which is the best part. ANYWAY – sorry, letting off a bit of steam – hey – there’s a show tonight with our bro’s and sisters in 5 Disciplines playing. its in Cheung Chau which should be cool…unfortunately i won’t be able to go because by the time i get home from school i’m so fucking tired i just want to sleep. if you want to find out more info for this show check out their website from our links section…going to bed…peace.

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  • AUGUST 28, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 28, 2003

    another one done! we have one last song to mix and we’re not going to be able to do it until monday night…then later next week we start mastering!!! this fucker’s almost done…ho yeh…NEXT: the new issue of one of my favorite magazines from the US called Invasian Journal, has released a new issue finally!!! they’ve almost taken as long as it has taken me to release “Yao Ling Hoi Qi” hahaha…anyway – check out the online version here this magazine talks about the problems that Asians face while growing up in the USA…ALL the articles are written through the eyes of Asians so don’t feel surprised when you read through some of the articles and you know EXACTLY what they’re talking about!!! its one of the best most well written magazines i’ve read…enjoy! NEXT: kids – haha – you knew i had to throw in another story…one of the little girls fell down and hurt her knee and started crying really hard during playground time. while she was crying i was trying to find out what happened and then the cutest thing happened. 3 of the other little boy children came running over and were wiping her tears for her and started lightly brushing all the sand and stuff off her clothes. it was so cute and so nice of them to be so caring…they were like, “don’t cry don’t cry!! its okay – it will be fine!!!”. if you have worked with kids before then you’ll know how hard it is to take boys AWAY from playing with cars etc. kids are the best…LASTLY: so who saw Mars last night!!! i can’t believe you can see Mars WITHOUT a telescope or anything!!! with your naked eye if you looked towards the southwest part of HK you can see it!!! its insane how close Mars is to earth…it won’t be that close again for 60,000 years i think…so if you missed out you’re lame! haha :-)

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  • AUGUST 27, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 27, 2003

    have gotten another couple messages from people in Singapore about us coming down!! man – we have like 5 months before we come down, but kids down there have already OPENED up their arms and hearts to us…you guys are so awesome! i’m so nervous that once i get there that i’m not going to want to come back to HK!!! hahaha…NEXT: we’re only playing 3 songs this saturday and its going to be a short but fucking awesome set. get there and ready to go crazy for the camera! :-) i know i’ve been lazy about uploading photos from our most recent shows – but my new job has really taken my heart away from doing band stuff recently. something about the personal and emotional satisfaction i get from directly affecting a child’s day, really drains me emotionally and physically when i’m out of school. i mean basically, right from i get to school at 7:30am until the kids leave, i am walking around non-stop helping about 70 kids have a good day, take care of them if they’re sad, take care of them if they’re annoying the teachers (this happens TOO often!!!), take care of them if they get hurt while playing – trying to motivate and inspire them to do something creative with toys or blocks, some kids need some personal care because they’re really shy or too insecure about themselves etc and THIS TAKES A LOT of energy out of me…because i want to try and help them feel like they fit in with the other kids. i don’t want them to feel like they don’t fit in…its much harder then you think. on top of that i’m a teacher’s assistant that means WHATEVER the teachers need i will hear, “Oh Riz…can you help me do this…do that…”. its kind of funny at the end of the day – but during the day its SO hectic. you know what i hate – is when parents are late to pick up their children. it hurts so much to see one child watch all his/her friends get on the bus and leave, and the child is left at the school by him/herself waiting. they look so sad – in these situations i have to sit with them and try to make them laugh (so they can forget about the fact that their parents are late) until their parents finally arrive. i was supposed to talk about the band but my new job has taken over 95% of my thoughts these past few weeks…i’m going to teach my first 30 minute class tomorrow – i’m so excited! OH – we did a really short interview with a UK magazine called Dazed…its a pretty big magazine but we’re pretty sure that whatever they write about us isn’t going to be more than a few sentences. LASTLY: please check out the link above about HK bands looking for members!!! we have some friends looking for band members!!! LETS KEEP ENLARGING THE HKHC!!! everyone’s gotta believe – hardcore in Hong Kong has never been this large ever in its history.

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  • AUGUST 26, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 26, 2003

    yeah word…the song “Dho Tse” or Thank You – is finished! this is our engineer’s, Yeung Gor, favorite song on the album… :-) two more songs – two more days and then we’re done with mixing thank FUCKING god!!! our bro who’s in charge of doing the cover is on a much needed vacation so we’ll wait until he gets back to get working on it again. we need to take more photos!!! we still don’t have any good photos to use for the CD booklet so we’re planning on taking some good photos at the Warehouse show on saturday! you guys better be there to represent HKHC in these photos!!! :-) what other good news? OH!!! speaking of the warehouse – Ah Bong just told me and alex that the Warehouse has bought new guitar amps!!! after our show 2 weeks ago the Warehouse took photos of our amps and gave those photos to Tom Lee! hahaha…but Tom Lee didn’t have the same models as our amps so they sold the Warehouse whatever they had. hopefully they’re alright – we don’t know…but either way, the amps are with cabinets (meaning there’s a separate amphead and speaker (cabinet)) so of course its going to be MUCH better then what they have EVER had in the history of the Warehouse!!! ALSO – they took our advice about place the house speakers hanging down from the ceilings!!! OH MY GOD!!! i can’t wait to play at the warehouse this saturday to hear the difference!!! its going to be SO much better for all of those of you who like to stand at the very back of the warehouse – before, because the house speakers were on the floor, you couldn’t hear anything clearly in the back. but now that the speakers are up in the ceiling you can hear the sound from ANYWHERE!!! its going to be fucking rad on saturday!!! the new amps will arrive at the warehouse this tuesday or wednesday…I’M SO EXCITED!!! i had some other cute funny stories to tell you guys from the kids at school but i can’t remember them right now…going to bed! peace…2 more songs!!! HO fucking YEH!!!

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  • AUGUST 25, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 25, 2003

    how was everyone’s weekend? rainy right…sucks – why does it have to rain on the weekends and then its fine during the week! so annoying. did any of you guys watch the Wu Tang Clan saturday night?!?!?! i didn’t go because i don’t have the money…i’m living on like $100 until i get my paycheck in september! sucks…ANYWAY: anyone notice the HUGE amount of Mandarin (pu tong hua) that can be heard on the streets now!!! holy shit!!! i can barely finally speak cantonese now and NOW i have to practice a whole OTHER language!! goddammit…just walking around since the Hong Kong government basically OPENED the doors of HK to people from the mainland, makes me realize how important mandarin is going to be in HK in just a matter of months. already, all sales people in shops around Tsim Sha Tsui are going to be required to have some basic knowledge of mandarin to deal with the flood of tourists that start shopping as early as 7 in the morning! seriously – when i get on the school bus at 7 in the morning, the streets around YMCA are already full of tourists and tourist buses! its crazy…but its good to see – its good to see that HK is finally getting back on its feet. hopefully jobs will finally be created – we have a number of friends who haven’t been able to find work and hopefully since HK’s economy has started showing signs of improving – they’ll be able to find something. we have 3 more songs to mix!!! i hope we’ll be able to mix them this week and finish the record…last 2 steps are mastering and the cover…SHOWS: are next 3 shows in HK are all at the Warehouse…hahaha – that’s so funny. that means all together we’ve played 4 shows at the warehouse consistently. do we love this place? i think so…check our upcoming shows to check out the list of shows coming up. also – we have the new HKHC pins and we’ll sell them at the shows. King Ly Chee pins will be available too. ANNOUNCEMENTS: a guitar player is looking to start a new hardcore band in HK – please read the following announcement and PLEASE get in touch with him if you’re interested!!! come on – lets increase the number of bands involved in the HKHC!!!

    i am Ka Ho i am a guitarist and i would like to form a REAL hardcore band. i am looking for someone who can enjoy band life and can become real friends with all the members and love hardcore…

    i like sick of it all, Evergreen, strike anywhere, throwdown, hatebreed…

    i am looking for a vocalist, drummer and bass player and one more guitarist to form a hardcore band
    contact :
    icq : 35028823
    e mail : [email protected]

    NEXT: alex has posted the following message to sum up the charity show at the Warehouse 2 weeks ago:
    Hey everybody,
    We raised $4812 from 17/8 charity show (”ò‰¹žÙ‰^“®GIG2) at the Warehouse!!! It is a good result for such a small show!

    We would like to thank the Warehouse (Ken, Pheobe and Emma) for letting us use the venue at no charge which helped out a lot!

    Thanks to Chloe for organizing this show with me and for taking care of all the accounting stuff, preparing all the accessories, selling tickets and handling the walk-in stuff!

    Thanks to Karen for selling tickets and handling the walk-in stuff!

    Thanks to Alex (Fei Keung) for handling sound at no charge!! And thanks to Riz for being the on-stage sound assistant!

    Thanks Shun for his guitar pre-amp!

    Thanks to my big brothers Andy and Riz for their guitar amps and speakers!

    Thanks to Ho for his bass speaker, it made the set of King Ly Chee a lot heavier! :-)

    Thanks to all the bands for performing!

    Thanks to all the brothers who helped out moving all of the equipment and the rest of the stuff!

    Below are the accounting table and the bank receipt that we scanned after we donated $4812 to the account of Pok Oi Hospital (”Žˆ¤çΉ@”“Ô–åŒð’ʈӊO‹Ù‹}‰‡•

    If any of you want to verify clearly if the account exists, you can use the details below:
    Account Number: 212-023600-001
    Account Holder: Pok Oi Hospital
    Enquiry: 2478-7800

    Finally, thanks to everyone for supporting and see you all at future shows!


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  • AUGUST 23, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 23, 2003

    cool…Lik Kit is done…there are some surprises in this song for you guys to hear…:-) besides the fact that our good friend Josie recorded vocals for this song – there are some other nice little things in here. so excited…i picked up the new Beloved CD yesterday at HMV – what’s up with HMV here? how come they have so much good shit all of a sudden! it seems like every week i’m buying something from there!!! anyway…its crazy – in the “recommended” section they have Thrice, next to Poison the Well, next to Beloved! its nuts…is somewhere from HKHC working at HMV? hahaha…anyway – dude, this album is SO FUCKING GOOD!!! its the perfect blend of emo and hardcore…seriously, if you want to spend money on something then spend it on this. holy hell…we’ve gotten a couple messages from people in Singapore who have found out that we’ll be playing there in January! goddamn – are Singaporean people the nicest people or what!!! these messages have been so warm…we can’t wait to go down there! LASTLY: i’ve been ending all my news postings with a little story from school – here’s another one…everyday, some of the kids can order drinks from the school. they have to use special “drink tickets” that their parents buy for them before school starts. everyday they give one drink ticket to me and then i get their drink for them before lunch. anyway, all week there was one kid that had seen other kids give me drink tickets but his parents never bought them for him. so thursday night he went home and he made his own drink ticket!!! it was so cute!! he cut a little rectangle and wrote the words “apple juice” on the ticket and drew some apples!! HAHAHAHA!!! it was so cute! so on friday morning, when i asked the kids, “okay – who has drink tickets to give me?”, he pulled his out! i didn’t have the heart to tell him, “i can’t give you a drink with this ticket because its not real…”, so i ran across the street and bought him one and gave it to him at lunch. such a cute kid!…okay…have a nice weekend!

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  • AUGUST 22, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 22, 2003

    yeah word…we mixed two more songs this week and will be mixing “Lik Kit” tonight!!! we mixed Refuse and Sau Kin Sau Mun these past two days…after Lik Kit we only have 3 more songs to mix!!! that means we SHOULD be done mixing next week…goddamm…what a LONG LONG process and it feels good that we’re near being done. the cover is still coming along – still needs a lot of work but we’ll get there! :-) THANK GOD FOR FRIDAY!!! holy hell…what a tough (but extremely fun!!!) week…can’t wait to finish today and get to my bed to relax for the rest of the weekend. its so weird being a teacher’s assistant – you get to see all the things that students never get to see. teachers have such a hell job…but what’s the reward? the smile on the children’s faces when they enjoy playing some sort of educational game that the teacher and the assistant has been preparing for days…its SO SO SO SO satisfying…a reward much more valuable than money…i think some of the kids are finally getting used to me. one child had sort of a sore throat so i had to take him down to see the nurse. all the way down he was holding my hand SO tight because i think he was a little nervous to see the nurse. hahaha…it was so cute! i remember those days. anyway – time for Mr. Farooqi to get to bed! :-) YEH – i think everyone in the band is happy that we’re finally coming near the end of this album process…

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  • AUGUST 21, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on August 21, 2003

    i had an awesome first day with the kids yesterday…guess what they call me? Mr. Farooqi! hahaha…:-) its so cute! the whole day it was “Mr. Farooqi can you help me open my milk carton?” “Mr. Farooqi can you help me do this…Mr. Farooqi can you help me do that? Mr. Farooqi I have to go to the bathroom!”…hahaha…i’m so excited for tomorrow! more strange questions from them…more stories about their summers and past experiences. i had one girl say “back when i was a baby…”! she’s only 5!!! awesome…oh yeah, i go to bed at 10pm or 10:30pm every night! that’s so crazy!!! but i need the sleep to be able to deal with these 5 year olds everyday! :-) ANYWAY: more good news, we’re confirmed to play in Singapore next January!!! FINALLY! man – i’ve been wanting to play in Singapore for such a long fucking time but never had a chance. finally a good friend of ours, Roy of Mouse Records in Singapore, is hooking it up for us…its going to be a one hour set!!! and its an outdoor venue right by the water…that’s going to be rad. so ALL of you punk/hardcore kids in Singapore – please spread the word!!! we can’t wait to meet all you guys finally… :-)

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