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  • JULY 20, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 20, 2003

    what up everyone…KLC is back in HK after a weekend in Taiwan for the third time in 6 months! hahaha…we’ve been there TOO MANY times in the past few months. we didn’t even need a guide this time around because we all already knew how to get everywhere in taipei. anyway – the audience for us were incredible…we had A LOT of technical problems but that didn’t stop them from going nuts. the amps that Formoz used for this festival on our stage were all garbage. i brought my own power/preamp but because the power in Taiwan is 110V and HK is 220V, i had to buy some power converters. after 3 songs – my power converters blew up basically. so i had no choice but to use the amp that they had on stage. andy was already playing through one and his sound was terrible. for the first 3 songs my guitar sounded beautiful because i was able to use my own amp. as soon as i used the amp that Formoz had on stage, the sound was a BILLION times weaker. but the audience didn’t mind – they still kept going nuts! :-) it was so awesome to stand on stage and see so many people there who came to see us. i can’t believe that we actually have that many supporters outside of HK…because the sound sucked we decided to cut a few songs and played a shorter set – but the amazing Taiwan audience asked us to play an encore song so we did. we are so lucky to have their support!!! if it wasn’t for them, i’m pretty sure we would’ve stopped playing after the third song. HIGHLIGHTS: our brothers in the Taiwan hardcore band Fall Of This Corner have gotten SO GOOD!!! they added another guitar player so the sound is fuller but the MAIN stand-out for both kevin and me was the drummer!!! in just 4 months he has gotten SOOOO good!!! that’s awesome…they played 2 new songs that aren’t on their EP (one is being featured on the brand new independent label Fei Records CD compilation – this label is owned by our good friend Allen who lives in Taizhong and who does SO MUCH work for the punk rock community of Taiwan) and those 2 songs ROCKED…super Envy/Poison the Well style – i love the way they’re going with their songs having a perfect blend of emotions and power…before Fall Of This Corner there was a punk band called Fire Extinguisher who played and they were awesome too! the singer also complained about the amps and the sound. lets just say that our stage was a big disappointment for lots of bands (Fat Job also had the same problem with the sound…). but they were great…really fun and energetic. a Singapore death metal band called Impeity played while we were on stage and from what i could hear they sounded great. of course, they were on the BIG stage where the equipment is a billion times better and the sound balance is good too so they had these advantages – PLUS the fact that they were tight and good too helped of course :-) . ANYWAY: in summary, Formoz did not live up to our expectations. both King Ly Chee and Fat Job were so excited to play at this year’s festival. when we got there and looked at the amps they had on stage we were pretty heart-broken. we still don’t understand – this is the biggest rock festival in Taiwan – why don’t they understand that GOOD equipment is really important? but – the audience made it great. we gave almost 300 free LIVE King Ly Chee VCD’s away and ran out of all our stickers (Fat Job ran out of their stickers too!). we also sold a total of 60 King Ly Chee pins and 60 HKHC pins!!! that’s crazy…this is one part about the Taiwanese that i wish HK could follow. taiwanese audience LOVE buying clothes, pins, accessories, stickers, CD’s of independent bands…as soon as we got there and put our stuff down on a table, ALL the kids came over and lined up to take the free stickers/VCD’s and buy our pins. it constantly brings me so much joy to see so many people support independent bands…they’ll buy anything with the bands name on it. that’s so healthy…OKAY – i am so tired now…just got home from taking all our stuff back to our bandroom. LATE ADDITION: just went to the Formoz Festival website and they put some photos up from the show – there’s one photo there from when we performed…the photo isn’t clear but you can see our banner CLICK HERE


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  • JULY 18, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 18, 2003

    alright boys and girls…we are leaving for taiwan today…wish us luck!!! we’ll be playing tomorrow night and it should be a fucking great night!!! we’ll be back sunday night…i am going to try to log on to SCMP.COM as much as i can because i am SO sure that there will be more news going on in HK while we are away!!! i’ll beg my girlfriend to send me ANY crazy news that happens in HK through SMS…hahaha…she’ll hate me but she understands that i can’t live without finding out whats going on in hong kong my home, my heart…to all our friends in taiwan – get that fucking pit ready boys and girls!!!

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  • JULY 17, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 17, 2003

    THERE REALLY IS A GOD EVERYONE!!! HOLY CRAP!!! WHAT A FUCKING NIGHT IN HONG KONG LAST NIGHT!!! 2 of the most hated (except for Tung Chee Hwa) officials in the government – Regina Ip Lau Suk Yee and Anthony Leung – resigned last night!!! can you believe that!!! i still can’t believe they’re finally GONE…this is already such dramatic news for Hong Kong – you would think that nothing else could happen yesterday. but you’re wrong – something EVEN BETTER happened!!! the ICAC arrested 26 people in HK’s corrupt entertainment industry including the owner of EEG and the CEO of Universal Hong Kong for charges of bribing TVB to give preferential treatment to their artists on award shows and television shows!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!! i am so happy that these fuckers are arrested!!! THERE REALLY IS A GOD EVERYONE!!! i really hope that they get thrown in jail!!! ANYWAY: oh man – its so hard to talk about anything else…but as you can see above – the first King Ly Chee and HKHC pins are here now!!! we will take them to Taiwan and sell them there first (we REALLY hope that they don’t sell out there!!!) then when we get back we’ll put the pins in shops…please check back on our website – once we get a bunch of shops we’ll put their names here. anyway – go watch the news!!! i will remember these days in Hong Kong for the rest of my life…

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  • JULY 16, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 16, 2003

    early yesterday our good friend Da 7 from the band Lark sent me an icq message saying that on they introduce King Ly Chee as this week’s International Profile! that’s so awesome! its pretty cool to see our name as a topic of conversation on a big news website like that. check out the site to find out other cool news about punk/hardcore around the world. NEXT: i realized yesterday that we haven’t made an album update in a LONG time – so if any of you care, we are still mixing the first song. we’ve spent two days on this song and its still not perfect so we’re going in for one more day. we are NOT going to spend 3 days on each song – our label has told us that we’re only doing this for the first song because this song will be the reference for everything else. ANYWAY – once that song is taken care of then we can start moving on. i can NOW confirm that our album will be released —————————————————————————————————– still guessing? —— it will be released on ——————– I HAVE NO IDEA!!! haha…i’m such a dick. LASTLY: i saw an article yesterday about all the relatives of the people who died in the bus accident last week staging a protest inside the KMB offices yesterday demanding compensation. i don’t know about you – but i don’t understand how this accident was KMB’s fault. KMB did not plow the bus over the bridge on purpose. the driver died too – the driver was not at fault. it was not a technical problem with the bus either. you don’t think KMB’s management and staff are just as destroyed about losing a staff member? so just how and why is KMB in any way responsible to pay victims families? if someone has an answer please feel free to send it to me [email protected] thanks…

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  • JULY 15, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 15, 2003

    my frickin’ amp is fucked up again!!! goddamm this amp – i’m planning on taking it with me to taiwan this week and now one channel isn’t working. SUCH a pain in the ass. anyway – it’ll be fine before we go that’s for sure. i think one of the tubes just got loose and i need to fit it back in. NEXT: we want to promote a really cool show that’ll be held at the Warehouse this saturday – it’s the first time that some of Hong Kong’s secondary schools are coming together to organize a bandshow that features other secondary school bands. we hope all of you guys will take some time to go to the Warehouse on saturday night to check out these bands and give them some encouragement and support. remember – new bands are the ones that need more support then the older ones sometimes. check out the poster below for MORE information!!!…if we were in HK we would definitely go up to check it out.

    LASTLY: fuck – i forgot what else i wanted to type here…anyway…i have been listening to the band The Comeback Kid (just click on the name to check out their website for some MP3′s) NON-STOP these past few days!!! you HAVE to check out this band if you love hardcore…they’re the perfect blend of old-school and new-school hardcore…awesome awesome shit!!!

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  • JULY 14, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 14, 2003

    anyone confused about what time the rally was supposed to be held yesterday? some people said 12noon, then 3pm then 5pm. i ended up having no idea what time the rally was and had our friend Bong check the radio etc to find out but he couldn’t either. i got home after practice and looked for my security guard. when i finally found him he told me it was on from 5pm to 7pm! hahaha…totally missed it! ANYWAY: beijing officials were in Hong Kong last week and they met with members of the Democratic Party (Mun Zhu Dong)!!! our own government won’t meet with the Democratic Party but the China Central government will!!! i think that’s amazing and VERY shocking. some of the members of this party aren’t even allowed inside China because they stand for Democracy – so the fact that the Central Government officials wanted to meet them is very surprising. it’s a good good sign that things in China are slowly getting better – they are slowly becoming more open to hearing different views of the public. hopefully Tung Shit Head gained some guidance from all of this. LASTLY: holy shit – just a few more days and then we’ll be in Taiwan!!! we all can’t wait…we practiced last night and our set is so much fun for us…we hope everyone in Taiwan has a good time too!!! :-)

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  • JULY 13, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 13, 2003

    there’s another rally today in Central with the purpose being a push for democracy…see you there if you guys decide to go. NEXT: friday this week we’re flying out to Taiwan for Formoz!!! can’t wait…i can’t wait to see all our taiwanese friends again!!! our good friends Fall Of This Corner are now playing with 2 guitars so i can’t wait to hear how much heavier they sound with 2 guitar players! NEXT: a good friend, Pranjal, has selflessly arranged for King Ly Chee to advertise our new album in a US punk/hardcore magazine called Clamor! i just finished the advertisement last night and will send it out to them tomorrow…thanks Pranjal for your support bro!!! check out the online version of the magazine – CLICK HERE. when the issue is out i’ll post a copy of the ad here… LASTLY: so some China Central Government officials have admitted that they feel Tung Chee Hwa is TOO indecisive (can never make decisions) and they said that he relies on the Central Governments own decisions too much. can you believe that the Central Government has said that? now with all the trouble in HK, if the Central Government becomes more and more involved with Hong Kong that means the “one country, two systems” idea will fail. according to this system, HK should be making decisions on their own. so if the “one country, two systems” fails, whose fault will it be? that’s right – Mr. Tung Chee Hwa.

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  • JULY 12, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 12, 2003

    the gruesome articles and photos in the local papers about the bus accident left me sick yesterday…if i pick up the newspaper now i can’t even look at those articles – i have to skip them. images of twisted bodies, legs and arms will give me nightmares. our hearts go out to these unfortunate individuals for having their lives abruptly ended in such a harsh way…NEXT: remember the legislator that flicked people off and was caught by reporters? he gave a BULLSHIT apology yesterday and said that he had a bit too much to drink and because when a protestor flicked him off, he got upset and flicked him off but ended up getting caught. first of all, he was in Legco discussing a law regarding Football gambling – so when did he have time to “have a bit to drink”? second, he’s a public official – there’s a law in Hong Kong that states that public officials cannot do anything to degrade the dignity of Legco. SO – no matter what the situation, he should not have resorted to profanity. this guy is as big as a loser as the rest of the members in Exco…going to bed…tired…wow – just realized, today next week we’ll be getting ready to play in front of up to 10,000 people at Formoz music festival in Taiwan! :-)

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  • JULY 11, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 11, 2003

    after such memorable days in Hong Kong…something absolutely tragic happened early yesterday morning…a double-decker bus in Hong Kong plummeted off the side of a hill and fell something like the equivalent of 10 stories…more than 20 people died…if you’ve never visited HK, there are PLENTY PLENTY of hills with super narrow roads winding up and down them. a lot of these roads have a very low barrier on the outside part facing the side of the mountain…if you ride on the top deck of a double-decker and look over the side, it seriously looks like you’re taunting death. its so scary…like everything that has happened in HK, we have to learn a lesson yet again the hard way.

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  • JULY 10, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 10, 2003

    just like July 1, 2003 – now, July 9, 2003 will also go down as one of Hong Kong’s greatest days in history and we were ALL a part of it!!! when i’m old, married with children, and with grandchildren – i will remember these days with the biggest smile. i will gladly tell them the story of how after i got off from work i went home to change into a white t-shirt and then went back out to take the MTR. when i got on the MTR i looked to my right – all i could see were people with white t-shirts. when i looked to my left – it was the same…when we got off the train everyone headed in the same direction (the first photo on the left above is on our way to the HSBC building)…me, alex, bong and karen ended up in the HSBC building for the protest. it was another beautifully peaceful and incredibly calm protest…after the protest was over alex observed that even though more than 50,000 people showed up – in the area that we were sitting, there was absolutely NO trash left! can you believe that? we, hong kong people, have to be the most civil protestors in the world! :-) i got home and watched the news and the aerial views of the protest left me speechless…then of course, i knew to expect someone political idiot say some bullshit. surprisingly, last night only one person said DUMB shit – it was the guy from the CPCC (forgot his name sorry!): he said that ALL the problems in the last week was because of the Democratic Party! WHAT AN IDIOT!!! he ignorantly said that the Democratic Party are:

    anti-hong kong
    anti-tung chee hwa

    someone please tell this guy to shut the fuck up!!! see, this is why i can’t be a politician. if i have to come face to face with a moron like this, it will be so hard for me to control myself. i will just want to hit him! HAHAHAHA…then, both kevin and bong called me to tell me that on the news, cameramen caught one politician give the middle finger to protestors!!! i turned on the TV right away and got to see the video clip!!! ah heng sent me a photo of it, here it is!!!: i couldn’t believe it!!! look at him sitting in his van leaving Legco laughing like a little evil bitch. these are the types of immature and childish politicians that are leading Hong Kong. chi sin…THEN: after all this news, a new report from the USA came out that Hong Kong has won for the 7th year in a row an award for the world’s MOST free economy!!! this should be even more proof for the dickhead Tung to rethink this entire Article 23 deal. ANYWAY: alright everyone – lets see what the reaction is tomorrow from the government regarding another memorable event. GOOD JOB EVERYONE!!! :-)

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