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  • JULY 31, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 31, 2003

    alex got an email from a brand new rock and metal website in the States aptly titled that has us on their site! pretty cool…we’re classified under “hardcore” – hopefully this will help open us up to more people in the States etc…NEXT: we’re moving into our new bandroom this saturday – its much smaller then our old one but for some reason i think its going to be a lot more comfortable…NEXT: okay – we’ve been gotten lots of posts from people looking for members to form punk, hardcore and/or metal bands SO, i just uploaded a new page ESPECIALLY for people looking to form punk/hardcore/metal bands CLICK HERE to check them out…if you’re interested please contact them directly. if you’re a band now and are looking for members just send us the information and we’ll post it up here for you. good luck!

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  • JULY 30, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 30, 2003

    okay…all the information for our next show at the HK Comics Festival is uploaded up above!!! the show is only $20 so NO excuses everyone!!! can’t wait…should be fun! OTHER NEWS: BIG BIG NEWS – our friends in Hardpack are looking for a new guitar player and bass player!!! if you fit the following criteria:

    Love punk rock more than your girlfriend/boyfriend.

    Willing to pay $500 each month for bandroom rent .

    Able to perform some ass kicking bass line is preferable.

    Over 17 years soild experience in being-a-dumb field.

    Able to work under pressure.

    Smokers are welcome.

    Interested parties please contact us ICQ# 47011138 or [email protected]

    then please get in touch with them right away!!! Hardpack have two of the nicest and funniest guys we’ve ever had the pleasure to become friends with in Hong Kong’s music community!!! we can’t say ENOUGH nice and positive things about our brothers in Hardpack…if punk rock flows in your blood like hardcore flows in ours, then get in touch with them RIGHT AWAY!!! we wish our bro’s the best of luck!!!

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  • JULY 29, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 29, 2003

    i just realized that i’ve been writing the wrong dates for all of these postings…sorry – today is in face the 29th. anyway – we finished mixing Masterpiece last night and it sounds pretty amazing if i do say so myself. this song was on our first album and has been re-recorded for this record with some minor changes in parts of the song. our mixing engineer will be out of town until the 8th so we won’t be mixing for a week…HEY: if there are those of you who don’t work and would like to see a show today – go check out our brothers and sister in Choke and 5 Disciplines this afternoon at Plaza Hollywood (or Hollywood Plaza – i don’t know which one is the correct name) in Diamond Hill. they’re playing at 2pm and i think they’re covering each others song which should definitely be fun to see! if i didn’t work i’d be there…i’m psyched that we’re moving along on the mixing trail…ho yeh…we still haven’t received any more information about the August 10th show. she did send an equipment list to me and it looks good!!! the equipment is all for big shows so this should be a pretty damn large-scale show…see you then.

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  • JULY 27, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 27, 2003

    check out the poster i made for Alex’s show on August 17 CLICK HERE…its going to be a fucking great show (possibly Hong Kong’s version of Hellfest? :-) so come on down and support the awesome cause of the show…we confirmed a VERY good friend of mine Fei Keung (who used to do the sound at the Warehouse, back when the Warehouse was run properly) to do sound at this show!!! he’s the man – i’ll be helping him on stage so its going to be the 2 of us that are going to handle everything for sound. can’t wait…have a nice monday – yeah right, like monday’s are EVER nice!

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  • JULY 26, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 26, 2003

    yo everyone – our next show is on August 10!!! we just got it confirmed last night…we’ll be playing with our brothers and sisters in Fat Job, Choke and 5 Disciplines so its going to be a FUN FUN day!!! the organizer is some idiot who doesn’t know anything about bands and has no clue what equipment is going to be on the stage. she said that we just have to wait until the day of the show to find out. is this world really full of these types of idiots? or is she just a joke? i don’t understand why show organizers don’t seem to get through their THICK heads that equipment is FUCKING important to bands. anyway – i’m going to demand her to give us an equipment list so all the bands will know what to expect. it should be fun anyway…we’ll probably end up bringing our own amps anyway. the show is actually part of the annual Hong Kong Comics festival…its a 5 day festival with bands everyday. the 4 of us will be performing on the last day…CAN’T WAIT!!! OKAY: we just found out that barely ANY bands have applied for the Warehouse band competition…please click on to the message on our MESSAGE BOARD to find out more about the competition. i’m tired…going to bed. see you at the show!!!

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  • JULY 25, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 25, 2003

    yeah…finished mixing the second song last night…it sounds awesome but of course i’m listening to it again for the fucking millionth time right now at 2:30am so my ears are fucked. anything will sound good…the real test is tomorrow morning when i listen to it after my ears have had time to rest. hopefully it’ll be fine – then we’ll go in on monday to mix our third song…i don’t remember which one it was. but so far we’ve finished Stand Strong and Everlast – only 10 more to go…seems so far away! ANYWAY: there’s a show today in a cool place that i’ve never been to in HK – 5 Disciplines are playing so go to their site (CLICK HERE) to find out more info on the show today…should be fun! its a daytime show so don’t be late…peace…WOW: just found out that a video of us performing in Taiwan last weekend is being sent around the internet!!! isn’t that crazy! :-) ah heng just told me that a friend of a friend of a friend has a video of us playing formoz – i was like, “how’d he get it?” cause we don’t even have one! that’s crazy…

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  • JULY 24, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 24, 2003

    we start mixing our second song tonight!! ho yeh…we’re mixing Everlast tonight…we’re going to try to finish one song a night now so hopefully things will be faster. but i don’t know – i’m more concerned on the quality. but money doesn’t grow on trees dude…and we aren’t some huge selling band so its not like whatever we say the label will do. you know what i mean? but i believe in this record and so do the rest of the guys…its full of heart and soul from beginning to end and when its out, it’ll probably be the most proudest thing we’ll have ever worked on. the day its out and it sounds exactly how we want…is going to be a day that will go down in our own personal histories. ANYWAY: alright everyone – our next show is August 17th at the warehouse – its a charity show that Alex is organizing. ALL the profits will be donated to the family of the Tuen Mun bus tragedy so if you all come out to support…that would be nice. we know its the warehouse and if you’re older you may not feel comfortable – but hopefully the cause outweighs whatever personal insecurities you may have. he’s finalizing all the info now and we’ll upload it soon…enjoy our new cover page? i thought it was a nice thing to put up for everyone to see – i like the photo a lot…

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  • JULY 23, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 23, 2003

    yes – typhoon #8 has been hoisted as i type this!!! i hope it stays here until the morning then we don’t have to work!!! awesome awesome…but i doubt it…anyway – more photos have been added to the photo page from our last weekend in Taiwan check them CLICK HERE. damn – our beloved Tung Chee Hwa has accumulated over 325 days of annual leave!!! can you believe that! holy shit – if he wants he could take an entire year off…that’s crazy. how can someone that hard-working still not be able to do his job right? doesn’t that make you wonder just how thick and stubborn this guy really is? i mean come on – there are plenty of signs everyday that proves that this job isn’t for him. anyway…2007 everyone…that’s the date. also – 310,000 people have become voters in the past month and that is the first time in history that so many new people have registered in such a short amount of time. the newspaper said that the majority of these voters will vote for the pro-democracy parties so that means more of our voices will be represented in the legislative council!!! ho yeh…

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  • JULY 22, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 22, 2003

    GOOD NEWS!!! we finished mixing our first song of our new album!!! ho yeh…Stand Strong was finished last night…we will finish another 2 songs hopefully this week too. lets just tell you now – Stand Strong sounds fucking AMAZING!!! it should because it took us 3 fucking days to mix!!! chi sin…the rest should be much easier…OTHER NEWS: we have some photos from Formoz Festival that we played at last weekend! CLICK HERE to go to the photos page to check them out…LASTLY: looks like we have a show in the first week of August! ho yeh…that’s soon…we can’t wait to play again in HK…OKAY: today that shop Zoom is open so GO THERE ASAP to pick up the pins!!! see ya…

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  • JULY 21, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on July 21, 2003

    okay – so all of you who want to buy our King Ly Chee and HKHC pins you can now go to our friends shop called Zoom in Tsim Sha Tsui and get them now!!! (except Tuesday cause they’re closed on Tuesdays) if you don’t know where the shop is then click on the link ABOVE or just CLICK HERE…its near HMV in Tsim Sha Tsui and is SUPER easy to find! pick them up soon because there are only 30 of each pin left. we placed a new order for pins already but don’t know when we’ll get them. NEXT: you gotta check out the following two sites: HONG KONG PUNK PAGE and GLUTTER HONG KONG…these are 2 awesome SUPER informative and opinion-filled sites. one in regards specifically on punk rock and the other with full social commentary on happenings in Hong Kong. awesome sites…NEXT: Tony Blair is in hong kong today…CRAZY – my security guard filled me in on what Blair said in china in regards to hong kong. i’m pretty sure he’s going to say something in regards to our freedoms when he gets here today…LASTLY: we’re going in today to do the FINAL mix on our first song!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!! this should be it…this song will then be the reference for the rest of the album. we are pretty sure that this album will be done by the end of august everyone…

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