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  • JUNE 30, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 30, 2003

    today’s the big day everyone!!! it should be a fun show tonight…tomorrow’s a holiday so NO fucking excuses! :-) we’re playing last so there’s plenty of time for you to get off work and get your ass over to Tsuen Wan…yesterdays freedom festival in Lantau Island was HOT and the sound was terrible…but it was a great day of activism. it was great to hear so many people talk about things that you NEVER hear at bandshows!!! it was awesome to hear people talk about freedoms and how shit our government is…Hardihood – a new metalcore band played yesterday and they were great! it was their first show…being honest – they’re the best NEW band i’ve heard in the past year. they’re going to be AWESOME with some more experience and practice…good job guys! going to bed…see you tonight!!!

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  • JUNE 28, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 28, 2003

    what up yo…we didn’t get home from mixing the first song until around 6am last night!!! sorry for the late posting…a recent University of Hong Kong survey says 2/3′s of Hong Kong people are OPPOSED to article 23. the government still isn’t going to listen – i wonder if they sit in their offices at night and wonder, “why do HK people not support us?”. because you don’t listen! a government that doesn’t listen to its people is NOT a government that represents the people. you DON’T represent us – you represent yourselves. why would HK stand behind you? chi sin ah really…ANYWAY: last night before we started mixing the first song (Stand Strong – Kei Ngang) – we watched Jun and his band practice. they’re playing tonight for FREE at Western Market in Sheung Wan at 10pm…come down if you can – Kevin is going to play drums for him for one song! its going to be awesome…THEN: tomorrow is the Freedom music/arts festival and we hope it DOESN’T FUCKING RAIN!!! guan 36 probably has the worst luck in HK…every time we play – it rains. we’re thinking about changing our name to Guan Rain. what do you think? does that sound good? oh yippee – as i typed that last line – it started raining outside my window. andy has a joke with us – if you want to know if its going to rain on a saturday or sunday – just find out if Guan 36 is playing a show. chances are that it will rain…hahaha…remember there’s a new hardcore band called Hardihood that will be playing tomorrow!!! check out their website for MP3′s…they’re heavy!!! finally there’s ONE more hardcore band in Hong Kong!!! the 4th…LASTLY: it looks like a LOT of people are going to come to the show on monday night!!! AWESOME!!! its going to be fucking amazing…see you then!!!

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  • JUNE 27, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 27, 2003

    i forgot to mention to you guys to come support a new band called Hardihood on Sunday…they have a website up CLICK HERE and you can check out their songs!!! they have a cool positive attitude so its great to add one more band to the hardcore community in HK!!! thank god!!! finally a NEW band! hahaha.. :-) …NEXT: Taiwan finally, graciously, took the stupid 10-day procedure off of people from HK. that means we will ALL have no problems going to the Formoz music festival next month! AWESOME!!! to all our taiwan friends – we can’t wait to see you guys again in one month!!! NEXT: our good friend Jun (Gung Sek Leong) has a show this saturday in Sheung Wan – kevin will be playing drums for one song!!! so come out and check out King Ly Chee jamming with Jun!!! :-) i think the show is free…but i don’t know – check out to find out more…NEXT: we did an interview with Easyfinder (Yut Boon Been Lei) last night about the band and the 7/1 protest. it’ll be released on 7/1 so check it out then…of course we are nervous that everything will be changed but lets HOPE that everything comes EXACTLY how we said it! we took some stupid photos for it…anyway it’ll be out next tuesday…going to bed see ya…

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  • JUNE 26, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 26, 2003

    IT IS SO FUCKING HOT IN HONG KONG!!! not just hot – it is SO stuffy…you can’t even really breathe walking around. goddamm – it is SO easy to get annoyed dealing with this weather and every time i read something else the Secretary of Security Regina Ip says just makes me want to find her and tell her to fuck off. what did she say recently? she said that the fact that the government isn’t trying to stop the 7/1 protest is proof that HK’s freedoms are STILL protected. WHAT A STUPID WOMAN!!! Article 23 has NOT been passed yet! so OF COURSE Hong Kong’s freedoms are still okay!! article 23 will be passed on July 9th!!! it is AFTER this date that if the government allows SUCH BIG protests to continue that she can say that HK’s freedoms are still okay. what an idiot…goddamn – someone shoot this woman. ANYWAY: wei – Guan 36, 5 Disciplines and a new band called Hardihood will be playing between 3-4pm on Sunday at the Freedom Festival in Lantau Island…come down if you have time! there are so many bands playing and a lot of them haven’t played in a long time…okay – i’m too fucking hot in my own room to write this message. sorry boys and girls – have to go take a shower or try to find a way to sleep INSIDE my air-conditioner tonight…:-)

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  • JUNE 25, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 25, 2003

    welcome to a day in the life of our government:

    Tung Chee Hwa: “Fuck – over 100,000 people are going to attend this protest against article 23! The premier of China is going to be in Hong Kong! I will lose so much “face” if he sees this! These Hong Kong people don’t want to give me “face”!

    Regina Ip: “Yes I know about this. All these stupid people are going to join this protest. When will they understand, we have never listened to their opinions before – so why will we care now?

    Tung Chee Hwa: “I have a good idea – we should get 10,000 movie tickets and give them away to HK people! We can lie and say that this is “to celebrate Sars free Hong Kong”! Hong Kong people are so stupid that they will not realize that we are actually trying to trick them by giving them free movie tickets so they go watch movies instead of joining the protest!”

    Regina Ip: “Oh my! What a wonderful idea! All of Hong Kong’s taxi drivers and the staff in McDonalds will never realize that we’re tricking them! I have another good idea too! How about we send a secret e-mail to the Pro-Beijing political parties and tell them to rent ALL the football pitches on Victoria Park on July 1 at 3pm!”

    Tung Chee Hwa: “That’s a fucking great idea baby! Then after July 9th when we pass Article 23 they will NEVER be able to gather so many people again! We can put them ALL in jail!”

    And then a bomb comes out of the sky and lands right on top of both of them…then i wake up in the morning from my dream and wonder if this is real! hahaha…(of course the story above is made up but the facts are real – they really are giving away 10,000 movie tickets and Pro-Beijing political parties have rented the football pitches in Victoria Park on July 1.). ANYWAY: in the newspaper yesterday they interviewed some New Territories (Sun Kai) taxi drivers who will join the protest – i was so touched because the drivers said that they will ALL take the day off on July 1 so they can join the protest! isn’t that great!!! ALL types of people are going to be walking side by side screaming in unity about something they DO NOT want! but our stubborn gov’t. will STILL pass this law on July 9th…even though July 1st will be the BIGGEST proof that HK people do NOT want this article to be passed this soon. Mainland China took 10 years to pass their National Security Law – why is our fucking gov’t. passing this law in less than a year!!!

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  • JUNE 24, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 24, 2003

    HO YEH!!! HK is finally NOT a Sars-infected area anymore…now, hopefully the Taiwan government will remove the stupid 10-day quarantine procedure so all of the HK bands that are performing at Formoz this summer will be able to go with no problem! OTHER: we finally got all the information for the show next monday night in Tsuen Wan…all the info is above – its going to be a FUN show for sure…the next day is a holiday and the ONLY thing that you have to do on tuesday is to go to the protest so don’t worry! have a good night monday…then go home and sleep…and then join more than 100,000 people at the protest! i was talking to a friend last night who didn’t know that the protest was NOT only about article 23 – but is also a protest against many other things: HK’s medical professionals are going to protest against the fact that an independent group was NOT appointed to review the HK government’s Sars procedure. lawyers and human rights groups, of course, are going to fight against article 23. taxi drivers and many others in their profession are going to protest against the taxi fare changes…10′s of thousands of people are going to join the protest because they’re sick and tired of HK’s government. this protest will definitely have LARGE groups of people who will scream to tell Tung Shit Hwa to step down because he’s a useless dumb ass that belongs at home with his wife and not in an office governing Hong Kong. so – why is it important for you to join? because if you belief, love and respect your human rights – your freedoms of speech, assembly and expression…then you’ll be there.

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  • JUNE 23, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 23, 2003

    check out this upcoming Freedom Fair in Lantau Island (Dai Yu San) on Sunday June 29!!! its going to be a FULL day of arts, culture and music in Hong Kong:

    freedom music & arts fair
    6.29 12:00 – 22:00

    a whole day of free music and idea
    sliver mine bay , lantau

    大嶼山銀礦灣沙灘上 中午十二時至晚上十時


    hopefully it won’t rain…Guan 36 will be playing as well as a lot of other bands including an OLD activist band called Blackbird. NEXT: good news – we will begin mixing our album this week!!! we haven’t confirmed the date yet but it should be sometime this week…that means we’re near the final stages!!! HO YEH!!! thanks so much to ALL of you who have waited so patiently for us to finally finish this…but it looks like the album WILL be released this summer time…GODDAMM – its already monday…i really DON’T want to go to work today. :-( LASTLY: went to the festival in Soho (on Staunton St. in Zhong Wan) yesterday – i rarely go to this part of Central during the day time…it really is an amazing street. it feels like a street out of somewhere in Europe – while i was walking around i think i said, “god – i really love Hong Kong” out loud. :-) just checking out this area gave me such strong feelings of why i love this city so much…we totally MISSED the festival but it was still nice to be there in a part of HK that is so different and exciting…LASTLY LASTLY: new HK band called Stairs have a website up! check them out here

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  • JUNE 22, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 22, 2003

    goddamm…it seems like SO MUCH is going on in HK right now!!! all of it is pretty much wrong too…earlier this week one of the most famous talk-radio DJ’s was reprimanded for calling one of his guests (a government official) a dog and for also cutting another official off in a previous interview. article 23 hasn’t even been passed yet but the government is already clamping down. the reason why the government intervened is because they received 150+ complaints from listeners about the DJ. then after the gov’t. warned him to tone down his voice – over 1000 callers called the gov’t. to complain about the gov’t.!!! how amazing is that!!! even the Asian Wall Street Journal has written a big article about this incident in HK which means that this incident has made INTERNATIONAL news! AGAIN!!! article 23 has already been the topic that most governments around the world are talking about. the US this week finally got involved with this discussion and have made their stand against this article. the Mainland Central Government, as expected, told the US to not meddle in internal affairs. this is ALWAYS their stupid excuse – why can’t they ever say something of value? this is always their only argument. they totally ignore the fact that MOST Hong Kong people are AGAINST this law!!! since our own stupid useless gov’t. isn’t listening to us we have NO choice but to ask foreign governments to get involved! the Central Gov’t. is as out of touch with the HK community as our own government is. a couple days ago the heads of ALL the Christian organizations in HK have pleaded with their followers (600,000!!!) to join the July 1st protest against article 23. the medical profession also sent out letters to everyone in their profession to join the protest. this is going to probably be the LARGEST protest in HK since the 1989 June 4 democracy protest in HK (which over 1 million people joined). THEN – of course, because the government has a terrible image right now, they decided to finally agree to pass a law banning racism in HK in the private sector. this is a great sign for people like me who have been voicing the problems of racism in HK…but they will not include Mainland Chinese as part of this law even though they are discriminated against by local HK Chinese. WHAT A WEEK IT HAS BEEN IN HONG KONG!!! don’t you wish you were here? :-)

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  • JUNE 21, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 21, 2003

    more news on the July 1st protest…now large Christian organizations have pleaded to their followers to join the protest as well!!! oh my god – this is going to be HUGE…i’m more excited about this protest then our show on the 30th (but trust me, the show on the 30th is going to be awesome too). it has been circulated that all people who will take part in the protest wear ALL black clothing because it is a day of mourning. i DEFINITELY will…it is going to be one of the most memorable moments in HK’s history and we will remember this day to tell our children and grandchildren forever. other news: our stupid government decided that they will finally pass a law against racial discrimination next year. it took them more than 3 years to FINALLY think about this law and will still need ONE more year before they pass this. but article 23 was written and passed within one year – where’s their fucking priority! they rather appease the central government then work to help their own people in HK.

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  • JUNE 20, 2003

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on June 20, 2003

    the show on the 30th is going to be fun as hell!!! all friends having fun…those are the best types of bandshows. check out a message posted on our messageboard by a person named Kim – great message…remember, the biggest protest in HK history will take place on July 1…even Hong Kong’s ENTIRE medical profession will join the protest! everyone that cares and truly loves HK will be at this protest because that is how much they respect and LOVE the freedoms protected by the basic law. its 2am…got back from the studio…really tired. have to get up in 5 hours to go to work so SEE YA…

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