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  • MARCH 8, 2002

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 8, 2002

    So this week went by rather taxingly since I was pretty much recovering from last weekends illness…but hey, its Friday today thank god!!! After work today I’m going to go watch the movie A Beautiful Mind so that should be good (I hope…). Then we have a show tomorrow which should be fun…PLEASE REMEMBER: The show tomorrow night is a CHARITY show – we need as much support as we can get from people around Hong Kong. So let people know about the show – if you need directions don’t hesitate to contact me for English or contact Alex for Chinese. Our phone numbers are in the CONTACT section of our website…see you tomorrow!!!

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  • MARCH 4, 2002

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 4, 2002

    This past weekend was horrible for me…after the show on Friday I came back home and felt a little bit sick…my girlfriend took care of me for awhile on Friday night but I wasn’t very sick then…just a sore throat. Then Saturday morning I woke up and I felt like I had a fever and my head and body was hurting…my throat was hurting even more. My girlfriend came over on Saturday afternoon and stayed with me for hours to make sure I was okay – by the time she went home I was feeling better. Saturday night I couldn’t sleep, I woke up every hour because my body was hurting so much…every time I coughed I felt like I was coughing blood. Finally I woke up Sunday morning and I felt like my face was on fire. When I breathed through my nose I felt so hot, when I closed my eyelids they felt so hot on top of my eyes, when I stood up I was so dizzy I thought I was going to fall down. I called my girlfriend and told her I need to go to the hospital. We went to Kwong Wah Hospital in Mong Kok but they don’t have any doctors on Sundays!?!?!?! CHI SIN!!! NO doctors in a public government hospital. Then she called her friend to find out about other hospitals and we went to the one in Kowloon City. They took my temperature and I had a fever of 103 degrees…crazy…I went back home and my girlfriend stayed with me all day taking care of me…I love her more then anything in the world – she stayed with me all weekend taking care of me, I hope to god that I didn’t get her sick!!!…I am feeling a little better today…the fever is gone…OTHER NEWS: Our friend Crystal sent some pictures from the FC Five show last week. CHECK THEM OUT!!!

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  • MARCH 2, 2002

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 2, 2002

    The show last night was definitely interesting. FC Five were unbelievably tight and were a GREAT representation of the old-traditional hardcore sound – fast, tight and powerful. Good shit!!! Good for kids in Hong Kong to hear…it was great to see so many people support a foreign band in Hong Kong. The sad part however was when half the audience left after FC Five and didn’t support Fat Job (a Hong Kong band!). We all thought it was strange and Fat Job was heartbroken to see so many kids support a foreign band but not support their own cities bands. When we got on stage we dedicated every single of our songs to Hong Kong bands. The first song “Everlasting” was dedicated to Fat Job, the second song “Masterpiece” was dedicated to Hardpack, the third song “Sau Kin Sau Mun” was dedicated to Fo Fun, the fourth song “Lik Kit” was dedicated to the new punk/hardcore/metal magazine called “Dai Huet” and the last song called “Dho Tse” was dedicated to those people who still stayed to support the rest of the Hong Kong bands…for us it was still a great show and we still had a lot of fun playing and having so many people continue to support us. Thanks…see you at the next show…

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  • MARCH 1, 2002

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on March 1, 2002

    First day of a new month!!! Yey!!! Today FC Five from Japan is going to destroy Hong Kong at the Warehouse in Aberdeen!!! Be ready to taste Japanese hardcore tonight…Also: For the show NEXT Saturday, we have added one brand new band called Inappropriate Manner!!! A brand new metal/hardcore band in Hong Kong! Check them out next week and help support their first show!!! See you tonight!!!

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