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  • FEBRUARY 28, 2002

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 28, 2002

    Its already of the 3rd month of the year!!! That’s crazy…this year is already flying by and we feel like we haven’t done anything! Anyway…tomorrow FC Five is going to be rocking the SHIT out of Hong Kong so you better come down to check out some PURE Japanese hardcore with plenty of Hong Kong bands supporting! All the info is above…

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  • FEBRUARY 26, 2002

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 26, 2002

    Had a horrible day at work yesterday…thinking about quitting (hopefully nobody from my company reads this website or I’m dead)…need to find a new job – if anyone is interesting in hiring me please get in touch! : )

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  • FEBRUARY 24, 2002

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 24, 2002

    Sorry about not being able to get that Hardpack pic to work yesterday! Its up now…Anything else to say? GO CHECK OUT HARDPACK’S WEBSITE BABY!!!

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  • FEBRUARY 23, 2002

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 23, 2002

    Sorry for not updating the website in such a long time!!! My hard-disk fucking died at home so I lost all my files…EVERYTHING. Sucks…anyway, finally after almost 5 days of installing all my stupid programs again I was able to retrieve some files and I can start updating this website again…anyway…sorry about that. We especially want to say SORRY to everyone who came to the show last night at Baptist University. The show was terrible – the environment was great and the audience was great but the people who organized the show weren’t very clever. The equipment they used didn’t work. Every band that played couldn’t used the bass amp because it kept short-circuiting (cutting in and out). The drums were tuned so high it made me laugh when I was banging on them for Guan 36′s set. When we finally got on Andy was getting so pissed at his guitar amp (and Andy is someone that NEVER gets angry about anything), Fei Hin didn’t want to bang on the drums, when I started singing Alex’s microphone would cut out so you couldn’t hear him – it was ridiculous. We played half of one song and then stopped because it didn’t make any sense. SO – we want to apologize to all those people who came out to see us!!! WE’RE SO SORRY!!! We hope you understand…the show next week will be much better…LASTLY – our good friends HARDPACK have a website!!! Check out the link above!!!

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  • FEBRUARY 17, 2002

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 17, 2002

    Ah Heng (bass player of 火墳) told met this morning that while he was walking through Mong Kok last night he saw a 10-year old little boy wearing a Start From Scratch (Yao Ling Hoi Qi) t-shirt!!! hahaha…pretty good stuff! Then Ah Heng and Alex spoke to the little boy and explained to him what Yao Ling Hoi Qi is – hopefully we just got a new person interested in Hong Kong hardcore!!! Great! hahaha…

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  • FEBRUARY 16, 2002

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 16, 2002

    I feel like we haven’t played a show in a really long time! We have a show next Friday at Baptist University – we still don’t have any information about the show. We’ll post it as soon as we get some more information – if any of you reading this website have more information please e-mail it to us!!! E-mail us HERE…thanks – have a nice weekend!

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  • FEBRUARY 14, 2002

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 14, 2002

    HO YEH!!! I am 25 years old and today is the first time in my life that I am actually celebrating Valentines Day with someone unbelievably special and important to me…YEY – she’s amazing…sorry, today being cheesy (corny) is totally acceptable! I hope everyone is having a nice holiday break (Hong Kong is celebrating a 3-day public holiday for Chinese New Year – today’s the last day)!!! Our good friend Billy (vocalist of Auto Puppet) is celebrating his birthday today!!! Happy birthday man and hope to hear the new Auto Puppet soon!!!

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  • FEBRUARY 12, 2002

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 12, 2002

    KUNG HEI FAT CHOY EVERYONE!!! YEY! HO YEH!!! A new year for all!!! Hopefully everyone has a great year installed for them…keep working hard in everything you’re doing!!! Hard work ALWAYS pays off in the end…we have a special message today for our friend SIU PAK!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ITS HER BIRTHDAY TODAY AND WE HOPE SHE HAS A BEAUTIFUL DAY WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!! YEY!!!

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  • FEBRUARY 11, 2002

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 11, 2002

    Tomorrow is Chinese New Years! Ho Yeh…not to dampen the mood but our Feb 28 show has been postponed to a later date…that means 火墳 won’t be playing a show for some time I believe…don’t worry they’ll be playing again soon! We have a show on the 22nd so rearrange your schedule so you can come watch that show! Cool…

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  • FEBRUARY 10, 2002

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on February 10, 2002

    Hello all…we supposedly have a show on 22/2 in Baptist University but once Alex stops being lazy and gives me more information I will post it up on this site. Right now we’re all really busy organizing the charity show for March 9. The posters and ticket designs are finished now and we will go post them up very soon. Please help us promote this show to your friends and in your schools. We hope a lot of people come out and have a good time at the show as well as support a good cause like this…thanks baby! byebye

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