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  • DECEMBER 30, 2001

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 30, 2001

    This year is almost over!!! What an amazing year for Hong Kong in terms of music, bands and hardcore. Who knew that so much would happen and so many people will start to have an interest towards an underground culture like this. Slowly more bands are joining the struggle and soon all 6 of us will be able to play a show together. So we want to say today – GOOD LUCK TO THE FOLLOWING BANDS AND HOPEFULLY YOU GUYS WILL WORK ON YOUR SONGS: Fo Fun (Burning Grave), Trigger and Wai’s band (no name yet) and Auto Puppet!!! We (Hardpack, Guan 36 and King Ly Chee) are all waiting patiently to play a show together!!!

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  • King Ly Chee interview/article in some local newspaper

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 29, 2001

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  • DECEMBER 29, 2001

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 29, 2001

    A really bad show last night…first song I broke a guitar string. Second song Andy broke a guitar string. Fei Hin couldn’t hear anything in the monitors…last song Alex broke a bass string…terrible show. I want to apologize to EVERYONE who paid money especially to come watch us play!!! Sorry – if you still believe in us then please come check out the show tonight. We PROMISE it will be a million times better. The information is above – if you can’t read Chinese just print out the details and show it to people when you get to the Kwun Tong MTR station…

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  • DECEMBER 27, 2001

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 27, 2001

    Life is full of surprises…when you’re looking for someone to be a part of your life, you don’t find it. When you’re looking the other way too busy to care, she comes knocking on your door. Today’s message is dedicated to the one that has turned my negative world around for the past two months and helped me find the beauty again in life…you’re amazing. ON A SIDE NOTE: Peggy has posted a reply!!! Please read her message on the messageboard!!! Her new message is after ALL the beautiful replies she received!!! Please read it…she wants to thank EVERYBODY who posted a positive message!!!

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  • DECEMBER 26, 2001

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 26, 2001

    MERRY X’MAS EVERYONE!!! I hope you all had a beautiful day with family or friends!!! Thanks to everyone that posted a reply to Peggy’s message!!! We feel very special that so many people shared some thoughts and support to a girl that they don’t know!!! That is very special – you showed the world that Hong Kong is NOT full of selfish people!!! You showed the world that Hong Kong has people who have big hearts and REALLY care about others around them!!! Thanks…

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  • DECEMBER 22, 2001

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 22, 2001

    Our friend Peggy is living in Australia studying in college. She posted a really sad and scary message on our messageboard…PLEASE – if you have time, please read the message and post a message so she can see that Hong Kong people still care about her. She is a Hong Kong Chinese and is having difficulty living in Australia because Australians are treating her very badly because of her race. Please read the message and see if you can post some positive words on our messageboard in English OR Chinese…

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  • DECEMBER 18, 2001

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 18, 2001

    Am I on drugs? Our good friend Karen pointed out that I dated yesterday’s news posting as “December 27…”. I’m retarded…Anything exciting to talk about today? Nothing really…have a nice day!

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  • DECEMBER 17, 2001

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 17, 2001

    The shows last weekend were a BIG disappointment…no need to post any thoughts of feelings about them up here. Instead we would rather remember the show that we played at 2 weeks ago at City University…again, if you’d like to see video clips of Guan 36, Hardpack or King Ly Chee please check out this link:

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  • DECEMBER 9, 2001

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 9, 2001

    Lately we have been very lucky at our shows…EVERY TIME we play a show in Hong Kong the audience reaction at our shows get better and better! When the audience reaction gets better and better, then our performance becomes better and better!!! So today – we WANT TO THANK EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO CAME ON STAGE AND DANCED, SANG, and STAGEDIVED (non-stop!!!)!!! You made last night very special for us…also: we want to thank Karen for organizing such a great show with such a beautiful cause. I believe she made a good amount of money to give to the charity organization!!! I’m sure they will appreciate Karen’s hard work!!! See you at the next show!!! (PS: Our good friend Zig Zag (drummer of a punk rock band in Hong Kong called Burning Grave) has video clips of the show on his website!!! CLICK HERE:

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  • DECEMBER 7, 2001

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on December 7, 2001

    A really important show is going on tomorrow night…its a charity show for a homeless organization…hopefully you will all attend even if you do NOT like bandshows…(if you don’t like bandshows I don’t know why you would be checking our site daily anyway! hahaha…). I’m sick as a fucking dog right now – but I have to play in two bands on Saturday…that’s going to be annoying. To make things worst – while I was practicing with one of the 2 bands today I got the most annoying toothache. Oh my god – that fucking shit was killing me. It was this painful mind-numbing pain that would come shooting into my wisdom teeth and it wouldn’t go away. I figured out that it would start to hurt every time I drank some water – what the fuck!?!?!? So annoying…I hope I feel better by tomorrow night or I’m dead…nice knowing you if I do die…byebye.

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