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  • NOVEMBER 30, 2001

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 30, 2001

    Sorry that we’ve been so lazy! Just been a strange week for us I think…anyway, we’re playing a great show tonight so come by if you have time. The show is really cheap – just $30. Directions are above…take care.

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  • NOVEMBER 26, 2001

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 26, 2001

    The show last night was amazing…we want to thank EVERYONE that was there who was singing along with us, jumping around, or even just standing and supporting us. It means so much…it is the greatest feeling knowing that there are SO MANY people who support King Ly Chee. We work hard doing what we do and promoting our message – most of the time we don’t know who is listening. Then we have an opportunity to play a show like the one last night where there were at least 1000 people there and it felt like almost everybody knew about us…words cannot express our feelings…since that is the case, we’re writing a song to express our thank you…it’ll be called “¦hÁ Thank You”. See you at the show this Friday…and once again thank you SO MUCH for  your support!!!

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  • NOVEMBER 24, 2001

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 24, 2001

    Our good friend Fefe is starting a band society in her IVE…we want to wish her luck and support and to let her know that doing something like this in Hong Kong is difficult but PLEASE don’t give up!!! You have King Ly Chee’s support from now until forever…good luck – believe in yourself, your heart, your mind, and your life!!! ON A SIDE NOTE: We have a pretty big show tomorrow night with Lam Kei (check out the information above for more details). We are the first band to perform and that will be about 8pm! See you there!

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  • NOVEMBER 21, 2001

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 21, 2001

    Hi…thanks to everyone that wished me (riz) a happy birthday yesterday! It took me almost a full hour to reply to everyone’s ICQ messages!!! Thanks again…I spent the night with a special person watching a movie…

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  • NOVEMBER 18, 2001

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 18, 2001

    We got a really strange telephone call yesterday…some guy from Canada called us and was interested in bringing King Ly Chee out to Canada. I still don’t really believe him but we’ll see what happens. If someone brings us to Canada or the States it would be a dream come true…he has my e-mail address but he still hasn’t e-mailed me yet.

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  • NOVEMBER 14, 2001

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 14, 2001

    We have a lot of shows coming up…we hope at these upcoming shows MORE people will come to the front and sing along with us…that would be a great sign of friendship, love and support…don’t be afraid – Lei Sun Lei Chi Kei…

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  • NOVEMBER 10, 2001

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 10, 2001

    We all bought the Lam Kei CD yesterday…I almost started crying while listening to it…these guys have worked so FUCKING hard at this band. In the beginning people used to say stupid things about them, “aiya, just sound like a copy of LMF…”. People used to say they suck. Then they won a Hong Kong band competition and then were flown to Thailand to take part in an ALL ASIA band competition – and they came back winning that competition!!! Soon after they won Universal started to talk to them, all other Hong Kong bands and people who used to say negative things about them stopped talking shit. They’ve been in an out of the studio for almost 6 months…this CD was supposed to be out in August and it finally came out yesterday. During my lunch break I ran to Hong Kong Records in Gum Zhong…when I saw the Lam Kei CD I was so happy…I couldn’t believe I was holding their hearts in my hands. They’re the best – this CD represents everything the band means – fun, positivity and friendship. Get the CD now and support one of Hong Kong’s greatest bands.

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  • NOVEMBER 9, 2001

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 9, 2001

    Lam Kei’s first CDep will be released today!!! The CD has 5 songs on it and has an incredibly powerful recording (checked it out a long time ago and it sounded amazing then!). Lam Kei have worked hard AS FUCK on this release and in their lives. They play sometimes up to 5 or 6 shows a month AND they STILL come to watch OTHER bandshows to support other bands. They came out to the Chinese University show on Wednesday night to support and check out the hardcore/punk bands that played. Its time now for us to return their support…buy the CD today and support one of Hong Kong’s greatest bands!!!

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  • NOVEMBER 8, 2001

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 8, 2001

    Another great show last night…the only problem was the PA for the vocals. You could barely hear the vocals – and when we turned the microphones up louder, really high-piercing feedback would kill us and the audience. We want to thank EVERY SINGLE person that was in the audience last night. We couldn’t believe how many people traveled ALL THE WAY to Chinese University to watch and PARTICIPATE in last night’s show. We want to thank all those friends (both new and old) who helped each band have a great night. The sound wasn’t perfect – but the mood, atmosphere and the feeling was BETTER then PERFECT. The ONLY reason that the atmosphere was so great was because of the audience. NOT the bands. The audience made last nights show perfect…thank you so much. See you at the next show…

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  • NOVEMBER 7, 2001

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on November 7, 2001

    A brand new hardcore band called “Guan 36″ is playing their first show today at Chinese University…they’ll only be playing 3 songs but will be playing together with Hardpack, Auto Puppet and King Ly Chee. The show is free but its really FAR away…the room that the show is being held in can only hold 70 or 80 people…should be fun!

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