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  • New issue done

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 29, 2001

    The new issue of my magazine is finally finished!!! YEAH?!?!?! I will take it to the printers next Wednesday and 2 weeks after that it should be ready. Articles in this upcoming issue include interviews with: Shai Hulud, Fa Chai (skateboarder) and Red Animal War. Other articles include skate articles about Hong Kong’s very first skateboard video premiere that took place this past July, skateboard article about some Taiwanese skaters coming in to Hong Kong, an article about Fat Job and King Ly Chee’s tour through Taiwan, and a bunch of others…check it out when its out. More information later…

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  • Yesterday’s interview

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 27, 2001

    Yesterday’s live radio interview didn’t go ahead because of some confusion with the show. The interview has been rescheduled for a later date and we’ll keep you posted. Check out the updates for the upcoming show called “Skoolapalooza” above. peace…

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  • Interview tonight

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 26, 2001

    Riz is doing a live interview on the radio today at 2:30pm…we’re updating this now, about half an hour before the interview. Sorry about not getting the information to you earlier…but RTHK never called to confirm the interview and he doesn’t even know who to look for or where to go once he gets to RTHK in about 15 minutes.

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  • Great show for Hardpack!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 24, 2001

    Hardpack were unbelievable at the show on Saturday night! There was another punk rock band that played also and they were great too…it was a great night.

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  • Muslims in the US

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 23, 2001

    I read something amazing in the newspaper a couple days ago regarding the attack on USA last week. Like we’ve been mentioning on our website here, a lot of innocent Muslims, Arabs AND EVEN people WHO LOOK Muslim are being targeted around the US by crazy ignorant angry Americans. Like we mentioned in yesterdays news posting, Americans have actually tried, and succeeded in, killing innocent people – some of those killed are actually American citizens themselves!

    But what I read in the newspaper the other day was beautiful…it was a beautiful display of one group of people trying to help another group. In USA their is an organization that was created by Chinese Americans whose purpose is to assist, serve and protect Chinese Americans or new Chinese immigrants who come over to USA. As anyone that has been paying attention to the news in the past few years will tell you, Chinese are not new to having to deal with racism either. Sometime last year one Chinese scientist was WRONGFULLY charged for spying on USA. As soon as the US INCORRECTLY charged him for spying, angry Americans went crazy shouting NEGATIVE words and phrases at Chinese Americans all over the country. As it turned out, after a lengthy investigation, this Chinese scientist was innocent – he did NOT spy and was NOT spying and is NOT a spy for the Chinese government. America was shamed again of its racist nature. Anyway, last week, the representative of this Chinese organization came out and said that Chinese Americans in America MUST help Arabs and Muslims in this scary period of the USA. The representative said that they, the Chinese, must stand up and help all those Muslims and Arabs who are receiving daily racist threats and are being shot at in public. The reason he said was because Chinese people understand this kind of threat – he said that if the Chinese don’t offer to help the Muslims now then who will help them when it happens to them? This was the most beautiful thing I read in the last 2 weeks of this devastating period…unity between minorities…we hope they bring other minorities closer together with the majority race and help in bringing a clearer understanding of each other.

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  • Sikh killed in the US

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 22, 2001

    What happened this week? In USA an Indian of the Sikh religion was shot dead because some ignorant American thought he was a Muslim. The American assumed that the person was a Muslim just because of the color of his skin and because he was wearing a “turban”. His mourning relatives cried out, “we’re not EVEN Muslim”! Later on a Pakistani who owns a gas station in USA was shot dead by another crazy ignorant angry American. What nationality am I? Pakistani. Would I’ve been shot walking the streets of USA? Probably…would I fear for my life if I was living in USA right now? Yes.

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  • Hardpack’s first show soon!

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 19, 2001

    A few more days until Hardpack play their first show at On Dot in Tsim Sha Tsui!!! Really excited about their songs…if you’re interested in punk rock, especially Hong Kong based punk rock, then don’t miss their first show! Bye bye…

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  • Positive

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 18, 2001

    We want to write something positive for today…the last few news updates have been very sad because of the shock we were in since the attack on innocent civilians last week.

    Just to let everybody know about 2 pretty cool shows this weekend. A brand new punk rock band called Hardpack will play their first show this weekend at On Dot in Tsim Sha Tsui!!! We are SO excited to watch them play their 4 songs…they have one song which is fucking INCREDIBLE…we can’t wait.

    Also, I just got an ICQ message from a friend who plays in a band called Opposition Party in Singapore. They’ll be playing a show in Hong Kong on Friday at the Warehouse Band Competition…so there you go. Some exciting things for this weekend…see you there.

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  • Chinese media

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 16, 2001

    Once again Hong Kong’s Chinese media has left us speechless. My friends ask me daily if the Chinese headlines in the Chinese newspaper are the same as the headlines in Hong Kong’s English media. You want to know what was the headlines in the Chinese newspaper called “Dong Fong” yesterday? Their headline was that America launched their first assault yesterday Saturday the 15th. USA hasn’t even officially named anybody as THE main culprit behind the attacks, so who are they going to attack? Yesterday the only thing that President Bush finally said was that Osama Bin Laden was the primary suspect – that’s ALL he said. He has NOT said he IS the culprit. Chinese media in Hong Kong are shameless about the lies that they spread – on their FRONT PAGE!

    A few days ago another local Chinese newspaper shamelessly tried to promote themselves – they had a close-up picture of people falling out of the World Trade Center as soon as the building started to collapse. The headline for this: “Our own photographer was on the scene first-hand to experience this attack”. Does anyone care if your stupid fucking photographer was on the scene? NO! This is a heartless attempt at trying to profit off of this cold-blooded attack on innocent people. It is hard to believe what the media tells you – but please try to get information from all sorts of media first, including English press and news stations such as CNN or BBC.

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  • US discrimination post 911

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on September 15, 2001

    The discrimination is continuing in USA…in English its called “backlash”. The meaning of this word is, when one incident CAUSES a lot of other negative things to happen. In this case, the terrorist attack against USA is being blamed at Osama Bin Laden who is an Arab Muslim living in Afghanistan. As soon as the US government said this, Americans all over the United States began to send threats to Muslims who live in their own city, street and neighborhood. Mosques have called the Police to stand outside of their house of prayer as security because they have received bomb threats from angry Americans. One sad story is when a 75 year old man tried to kill a Pakistani woman by trying to run her over by his car. The woman got away but the old man chased her into a shop. In the shop he started yelling at her: “I am going to kill people like you for destroying my country”. This kind of shit has to stop and has to be addressed by the US government. I used to live in the USA a few years ago and to tell you the truth, if I was living there now I would be scared. Muslims are not going to work and are not sending their children to school because they are afraid what angry Americans are going to do.

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