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  • Ling Nan University Music Society Orientation – Hong Kong

    Posted by Riz Hardcore on October 6, 2000

    Its 1:35am right now and I just got home from this show. The show was organized by the music club of Ling Nan University called “Sound Garden”. They organized a show to promote music to new students of the freshmen year. We played with 3 school bands and one other guest band. The night was overall pretty relaxed cause everyone was there just to have a good time. We got to play a pretty mellow set so I didn’t lose my voice like I usually do. After we played we managed to sell a bunch of King Ly Chee t-shirts and tickets for our CD release show. OVERALL – it was a really cool and a relaxed night…thanks to Wong and the Sound Garden crew for inviting us to play for them…thanks for your support again and again! (At this show we also met someone that checks our page everyday!!! To this special girl – THANK YOU!!!)

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